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Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile – Before installing the cabinets, we want to paint the kitchen and bathroom tile. We didn’t like the color of the red/rust/orange tile that was already installed, but we knew that replacing that tile would be a bigger project than usual. Undoubtedly, the subfloor needs to be replaced, etc. After a lot of research, we tried to paint the tile. Now, I’m sure you’re all thinking something you’ve heard from almost everyone by now: “Wait, what? Can you paint tile? Won’t it break?” NO!! All the tutorials we read said to use a high quality epoxy to avoid breakage. The process will be long and difficult. First we have to aggressively clean and rough and clean the tile. Then we had to fill it with paint and then some paint and epoxy. Not only is it a lot of work, but you also have to wait for drying time between coats. Some of you may be wondering why we go through so much work instead of replacing the tile. We figured we could save about $1,000 in time and materials by painting it. That’s reason enough to spend some time and elbow grease painting your floor!

Fortunately, Michael was able to talk to guys like Sherwin Williams before we started the process and we were introduced to the “Boarded” product.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

This product is AWESOME. It can be painted on the floor any color you want (“universal khaki”) and requires a good clean and ONE layer of tile. That’s how it’s done. Do not walk on the floor for 72 hours after installation. If anyone uses it, make sure you have good ventilation. According to Michael (I was at work when I used it) it is very powerful and makes you feel better. You’ll also need a roller pad for high solvent products so they don’t come off during application. The only downside is that our Sherwin Williams product is only available in semi-gloss. The floor looked better than before, but it was always wet. So, while we were in Minneapolis today, we went to Sherwin Williams and picked up some shell products. This weekend (while I’m at work…) Michael will repaint the floor with shellac. Another great thing about this product? Can be used on wood! Our laundry room, connected to the kitchen, has a pine floor. We have been planning to paint the wood for a long time and are very excited to use such a strong wood product. Here are pictures before and after applying the Khaki Universal Semi Gloss Plate Coat. I have a beautiful colored Spotlight for you today, which is also a great example of how a dark accent color can affect a home. It’s an easy way to add a bit of drama to your home.

Tips For Painting With Dark Colors

Today’s color focus is Sherwin Williams Slate Tile, which is one of the best deep blue/gray paint colors because the color is so deep. I think this is one of the most versatile matte colors and a great color for a strategic focus in the home.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

One of my favorite homes in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes is #26, a beautiful home designed by Allison Campbell Design and built by Patterson Elite Builders. By the way, if you live in Utah Valley, this house is for sale!

The design and construction of this house is amazing and I especially like how they used one black color to run the house instead of choosing many different bold colors, as stated I used to have a good method. adding drama throughout the home.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

Ai Generated Image Of A Global Style Dining Room Using Sherwin Williams “slate Tile Paint Color.

This area below (where I took this photo) is a good example of why it’s better to choose a dull black than to use different accent colors. Using only one accent color not only complements each other, but the impact and harmony of both colors is high.

Now imagine this space (above) in two different shades of dark black. It will not have the same good effect. Remember that you can paint a focal door, such as a sliding barn door, a bold color and keep the other doors white. Because a barn door is different from other doors, it works.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

The builder used SW Slate in several focal points throughout the home, including the accent wall in the ship’s living room:

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Tile is also used on the accent wall of the nursery. Note that the ship is vertical at the bottom, which I have seen several times in several homes this year.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

The modern sliding barn door to the upstairs bathroom is a great focal point as you walk up the stairs and round the corner.

One of the coolest things he did in this house was painting 3/4 of the kids room with SW Slate. It was a great idea and I enjoyed the drama it brought.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (sw 6204) Paint Color Spotlight

This is a very easy painting that you can do in your space with tape and a level.

This home has more SW Slate tile in the basement, including another sliding barn door.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

As you head into the basement, I love this accent wall design with…, you guessed it.. SW Slate Tile.

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Accent walls and doors aren’t the only places where dark accent colors are combined with humor, as you can see below, tile was also used in the walk-in closet bathroom. Very nice!

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

I really like how Lauren from Blesser House (awesome blog!) used Slate Tile as an entire room color in her beautiful laundry room. The color will be cooler because of the full penetration of natural light.

I always say that the sign of a great versatile color is that it looks good in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Here is a great example of SW Slate tiles on an exterior.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

How To Choose The Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors

So if you’re looking for a way to add some drama throughout your home, strategically bringing bold accent colors to focal points in your home is a great way to do it. If you’d like to see another example of this, I shared a post here showing how Benjamin Moore Trout Gray was made completely in-house.

Also, if you want to see more of this home I’ve featured here, you can check out my UV Homes Parade here. If you live in the Utah Valley and are looking for a new home, I highly recommend looking at this home in the American Fork area. Amazing! Please let me know if you would like contact information to learn more from Patterson. Most people don’t know that painting your floor tiles is a great way to liven up the tile you have, even if it’s a color you don’t like.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

This is what the entrance looked like when we moved into our house. Isn’t this pink tile gorgeous? Well, I didn’t think so – you may disagree. But we weren’t ready to replace the floors, so I had to come up with a plan to make it work for now.

Sherwin Williams Creamy 7012: Paint Color Review

I’m glad to have a “real” login and can’t wait to update it. Over the past year I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I want the house to go, so it’s taken a few turns.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

One of the first things we did was paint the inside of the front doors black. I loved how it added some drama to the entrance. Soon we tried six different shades of gray for the walls, like …

Funny thing about the paint chip, it’s the grayest gray I’ve ever seen. As soon as I put it on the wall it looked like lilac. In the end, we decided to paint the walls Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and the trim in Sherwin Williams Snowbound. This gray is perfect!

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams (hgsw1472) Slate Tile Interior Satin Paint Sample (actual Net Contents: 8 Fl Oz) At

It is the perfect shade for the house – a grey, but not a blue grey, but a creamy grey. Notice the brown round table and short umbrella in the photo above? It has also changed…

A gray/black/white Ikea rug was placed there to cover the pink details. I can paint walls, doors and trim. I can move the furniture. But I couldn’t remove these tiles without tearing up the whole floor, and we couldn’t do that because the whole house – except for the rooms – was out of tile. So we covered it with carpet.

Sherwin Williams Paint For Tile

The only problem

Sherwin Williams Color Palette: Slate Tile, 12 Transitional Sherwin Williams Paint Hues For The Whole Home, Neutral Modern Interior Design

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