Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

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Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior – Choosing colors is HARD! There are a billion possibilities for each shade, and depending on the lighting, it can look VERY different in your space. That being said, we did our research and I’m pretty happy with our conclusions…so I’m here to share them today!

We painted our door “Iron Ore” by Sherwin Williams. It is a true black color with a charcoal finish. I love how dark the matte black color is!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

The gray paint on the outside is “Cityscape” by Sherwin Williams, and like I said before, I feel like it’s a “real” gray. Not too blue, not too purple, not too brown, not too green…just right! Seeing it here in full sun…

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Now it’s a beautiful chameleon color… depending on the light, this gray can look very green or blue, a . We went with a dangerous matte color for the kitchen 😬 but we love how it absorbs the light!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

We came up with these three methods. Our best friend went with “Rare Grey” on the right, so we knew we loved this color. “Retreat” was also good, but maybe too dark/gritty. So “Evergreen Fog” proved to be the perfect formula and still dangerous for us! I’m so glad we went, we love it!

Our entire house… including the walls, ceiling and ceiling… are all painted “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore. I did a lot of research on this color…like I said, there are a billion white options! But I like how it turned out. And while I was worried about how the upper cabinets would look, they seem to go together well.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

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I ended up choosing different wall colors for the boys’ rooms. Wyatt’s room is “Greyhound” by Benjamin Moore. The lighting was not good in these pictures, but this gray has a blue tint in real life, very nice, but still men. We went with “Light French Gray” by Sherwin Williams in Wyatt’s nursery, so I liked having something different in this house.

Sorry again for the bad lighting, but this was a really nice color for Ethan’s room. It’s called “Narragansett Green” by Benjamin Moore and it’s so rich and stunning in person! We went with dark gray in Ethan’s bedroom in our last house and loved the dark color there. This room is big, so we knew it could handle the dark color.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

So there you have it! I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section! This post may contain affiliate links. If you make purchases through links on our site, we may receive a commission.

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors For Exterior

Are you looking for the perfect blue color for your cabinets, walls or exterior? You have come to the right blog! Today we explore the Dark Side of things with Sherwin William’s popular charcoal colors. But before we get started, we need to chat a bit (as usual).

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Warm blues can contain purple or green undertones, while cool grays can contain BLUE, purple or green (often a combination). If you want to learn MORE, I highly recommend READING THIS.

And while these low-level methods often don’t work at the end of things, when we get to the dark side, they don’t hide. This means that if you’re one of those people who want to experience as low a sound as is humanly possible, there are often HUGE “neutral” options to choose from.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

The 9 Best Gray Exterior Paint Colors Of 2021

Remember, you can’t completely avoid undertones, so you have to choose what works best when finishing your house!

BTW, You will find that ALL of these colors have an LRV of less than 30. Not sure what an LRV is? It can save your PAINT LOVIN’ LIFE – read all about it HERE.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

With its LRV 26, the Dovetail is not one of the DARKER gray, but still has a lot of meat on the bones (or tail feathers may be the point).

Sherwin Williams Unusual Gray (sw 7059) Paint Color Codes, Similar Paints And Colors

Dovetail has an even temperature, and you’d be hard-pressed to EVER see it shine like a cool gray paint color. It also has subtle undertones, which you can read about in its full color review.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

If you ask me, a color called “Classic French Grey” should have a purple tone, don’t you think? Or am I just making a weird mental connection with something from my childhood? However. Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray has a very subtle green (in some lights it has a light blue and slightly green). However, it is so subtle that I consider it one of the BEST blue paint colors, I know all grays have undertones.

If you’re a fan of the dark end of things, welcome to the club. Not only do I have Amazing Urbane Bronze in my house, but I also have Roycroft Pewter – not only on the inside, but the LOOK!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

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When we bought our house it wasn’t BAD… it just wasn’t pretty (look how the sun turns the almond windows a soft greenish yellow shade…

Then, with a little KLC, Roycroft Pewter plays with blue-green tones in K2 slate stone and makes our home more present…

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Roycroft Pewter is LESS toned than dark blue, but it is NOT on the color end of things. Although he cares about the color blue, he is dipping his toes in green as well. With LRV 13, Roycroft Pewter is definitely on the VERY dark side.

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No doubt you’ll be painting swatches soon – wait! I want you to look at the SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE, EASY, and ECO-FRIENDLY than traditional pots. Here are a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Give me a shizzle grizzle! Sorry, I’m channeling my inner criminal. Grizzle Gray has an LRV of 13, which means it has good meat on its bones but won’t look dark. And if you ask me, while Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray is known for its green, Grizzle Gray puts it to SHAME for green and a slightly cooler style.

I’m throwing down the gloves with this gray ENA. However, even with LRV 17, Gauntlet Gray is not the darkest charcoal gray, but it certainly has some depth.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

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In this next image, Gauntlet Gray has a subtle purple undertone. And while it’s one of the things under the Gauntlet, it’s often unclear…

When it comes to undertones, it’s hard to beat the subtle style of Westchester Gray. That doesn’t mean it’s completely neutral, but it’s not as exciting as some of the dark colors on this page.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

The sun took this picture out a bit, but thanks for all the pictures my E-design clients send me!

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray Sw 7019: Paint Color Review

Although the Westchester Gray may look like a small blue mouse, it is actually green, small and beautiful, and given the right exposure, indoor lighting and surroundings, it can give a nod to some cool ones.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

If you choose Peppercorn, you will ride one word WILD. Not that it is defeated in any way, it is NOT expected. Like the color above the fan stand, Grizzle Grey, Peppercorn has a green undertone. However, in the right situation, don’t be surprised to see the green disappear and be replaced by blue and purple!

In this next bathroom, you’ll see a glimpse of Peppercorn as a feature wall featuring Benjamin Moore Collingwood.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Color Review

Spice has an LRV of 10, so it has more depth than most colors on this page. But it’s not dark enough to blink at the end of things. If I get more photos from my E-Design clients showing this color, I will include it. At that time…

I love Web Grey. Its LRV 13 is a great way to make a statement on a kitchen island, door or wall, but it’s not so dark that it overwhelms the space. But when it comes to undertones, it’s great!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

Web Gray loves the undertone of blue, no doubt about it. However, depending on the situation, he can rely on blue-violet or blue-green. For example, put it against a strong purple tone like Sherwin Williams Wall Street and you will DEFINITELY see the green pop. But put it next to Grizzle Gray and it looks blue-purple again. Comparing Traveler.

Serious Gray Interior & Exterior Paint

And as you know, this review is just the beginning. So, if you don’t love this polish color yet, I have HUNDREDS to choose from!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray Exterior

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