Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss – Choosing an upholstery color can be difficult, but I’m here to help you find the best sherwin williams white paint color for your interior.

As you already know, not all white people are created equal. The fact that it has ‘white’ in the name does not make it a good decorative color.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Some whites have too much color and don’t give the fresh, bright look you want. Even if you want to avoid getting it

Professional Review Of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint

To make your search easier, I’ve put together this guide to choosing a trim paint that includes four of the most popular whites available from Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

We’ll also look at some whites to avoid, some tips to help you decide which white works best in your home, and then I’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

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Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Best Sherwin Williams White For Cabinets

A white border gives your space a clean, modern look and goes well with almost any color. Of course, before you paint your trim white, you’ll want to get some samples to see how it will look in your space, because white just isn’t.

There are different shades of white paint (but since you’re reading this article, you should already know that!).

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

In a moment, we’ll look at the best Sherwin Williams white paint colors for interior decorating, as well as some colors to avoid.

Learn About Sherwin Williams Proclassic Trim Paint

If your upholstery looks old and you don’t want to replace everything, you have a few options:

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

The latter simply means changing the color of the wall to complement the wood tone, update the furniture or draw attention away from the decor and towards a focal point such as a larger piece of art.

However, this requires a certain skill, and for many it is easier to paint it with a fresh white color. There is nothing wrong with that!

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Semi Gloss Ultra White Acrylic Interior/exterior Door And Trim Paint (1 Quart) In The Door & Trim Paint Department At

Use this handy chart to keep track of important paint information for every room in your home. (And print as many copies as you need!)

Next to each of the white Sherwin Williams colors you’ll see, I’ve added links to Samples where you can order a sample with two coats of real paint so you can (instead) test it in your home’s lighting. relying on your device’s screen is unfortunately disappointing).

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Now we will take a closer look at each of these paint colors. (Be sure to stick around to find out which Sherwin Williams whites to avoid while painting!)

The 4 Best White Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams

Quick Note: LRV = Light Reflectance Value (measures the percentage of light a paint reflects; a higher LRV reflects more light)

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

High Reflective White SW 7757 with an LRV of 93 is the whitest white in the Sherwin Williams collection. However, it gives it a slight warmth without looking yellow.

All this together makes it a great color not only for decoration but also for kitchen cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

My Review Of Shoji White By Sherwin Williams

It’s a beautiful bright white that, although a bit warmer, pairs well with cooler colors and gray fabrics. Keep in mind that it can pick up the colors around it and it can look too harsh against a wall or floor, which is gold.

If you are looking for an off-white color, Alabaster SW 7008 is another beautiful finish color from Sherwin Williams with LRV 82. It is a softer white with a light cream/pale green tint.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Beyond decoration, alabaster looks beautiful on walls (alabaster painted shiplap can make a nice accent wall). It usually works well with other colors that have warm undertones.

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It looks beautiful in both north and south facing rooms, although it looks warmer in the evening light facing south or west.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Snowbound SW 7004 with LRV 83 now falls into the white category. It is a softer white with pink undertones. It would go well with cooler colors, but I would stay away from white or yellow colors.

If you plan to paint the walls and trim in white, Snowbound can be a good choice for both (choose the finish for some depth and the semi-gloss paint for the satin).

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

The 7 Best Brands Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Of 2023

Snowbound is a very popular color, albeit quite subtle. So keep wall colors and other materials in mind if you use them as upholstery or cabinet paint!

Pure White SW 7005 is a wonderfully versatile soft white that is neither stiff nor creamy. It has a slight touch of black and yellow, which softens it without leaning completely towards white.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

It chooses the color of its surroundings and can look very different depending on the environment, the time of day and even the type of light it reflects.

A Pro Painter’s Favorite Products: Major League Painting

If you are considering any of these colors for decoration, whites like creamy and even the popular Extra White may be difficult to combine with wall colors. Because of their shades, they don’t have a nice, pure white like the four recommendations above.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Now that we’ve covered four great options for your white Sherwin Williams interior, you’re wondering, “How can I narrow it down to just one?!” you might wonder.

First, I’ll get a clean swatch of each white you review (you’ll find direct links to each color above). I promise you that this way is much more economical than buying all the paint and painting supplies, and it also saves you a trip to the store.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Paint Sheen Guide

Once you have your samples, move them from room to room and expose each one to different types of light. Be sure to do this several times a day, as your lighting will change significantly as the sun moves from east to west.

Look at it from different angles and place it next to all the materials in your home, the ones you don’t plan to replace. If you don’t want to repaint the walls, make sure your white complements the color of the wall.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you may still want to start with one can of paint and test it on an additional decorative piece or in an inconspicuous area. Apply a few coats, let it dry and then check again to make sure you want it all over your home.

Learn About Sherwin Williams Emerald Trim Paint

As a general rule, any trim you plan to paint should be painted the same white for a consistent look. You will also want to paint all the doors and cabinets white.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Of course, this is a huge generalization. Maybe you have certain areas of the house where you want to keep the decor dark, or maybe you want to paint your cabinets dark blue.

However, when choosing a finish color, consider your home’s main white color and make sure it goes well with existing materials and paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors

You may want to change it in private areas like bedrooms and get a completely different look – that’s totally fine. Or maybe you want to create two completely different looks on two different levels of the house.

The idea of ​​choosing one white color for all trims is to keep things simple and cohesive and not worry about whether or not two different white trim colors will work together.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Semi-gloss is our recommendation for painting the upholstery. It is durable but not too shiny and moisture resistant.

The Best White Paint Colors For Trim

Satin is slightly less shiny, but not as durable or washable, and high gloss tends to be too shiny for most people’s tastes.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

BUT, the reflection of the semi-gloss finish really pops on a satin or eggshell wall! The only downside is that high gloss can accentuate minor imperfections more than a less glossy paint.

Now that you know which four Sherwin Williams white paint colors are best for decorating, which one will you choose? Looking for wall colors to match your white decor? Then you will want to check out this article on Sherwin Williams Whole Home Color Palette Ideas.

Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

Greek Villa Sw 7551 By Sherwin Williams

(FYI, each of the five color palettes contains ONE of the whites in this article and four coordinating paint colors from Sherwin Williams!)

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Sherwin Williams Trim Paint Semi Gloss

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The Best White Paint: Sherwin Williams First Star

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