Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams – So you want to know how to pack your air. Block your ceiling…all over your house…when you have a thousand other tasks to tackle in time for your family to finish because you drive 45 minutes to school every morning…

Have kids, but I’ve survived three pregnancies and never slept on the couch, so that counts, right?

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

Now we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We woke up in the morning to golden sunlight

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Sparkling through the stained glass windows. We walked barefoot and took deep breaths as we enjoyed our coffee and the morning quiet. Then we sigh to ourselves with things like “Isn’t it beautiful?” and “It’s worth it” and “It’s everything we’ve ever wanted,” all while staring at our ceiling.

It was over 2 months ago, when we started this not so small project… we thought we were going to DIE.

Our calves get hurt. Our deltoids scream. We said bad things under our breath and honestly…out loud.

And I needed about 10 epidurals. Just enough to keep me unconscious until it was all over. I’ve never had one, but I had one of those leg caps when I fell over the ceramic chair and if they were anything like that… I digress.

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If I’m painting you a not-so-pretty picture, remember we shot the whole house at once, then patched all the holes. All of them. Then cut it out. Then paint it. Paint aaaallllll everything. Then install the hardwood.

Add in other things like running a business and taking care of a family…things that normal people do…and we’re done. We signed.

We always say it’s worth it. In the end, it all comes out the same. Now I clearly think so.

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

So today we want to talk about how we deal with these ceilings…and two different types of ceilings.

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We were amazed at the change it made to our whole home and if we did it our way,

Nail gun (I recommend a 16 ga nailer that uses a compressor. My experience with battery powered machines is that they don’t nail well.)

Tip: buy more than you think you need and then buy another box. (we used 16 ga nails)

The first step is to decide how many frames you need and what materials you want to use. Material choices can vary from tongue and groove boards to plain boards and MDF boards. Some people even choose to use beadboard – .You can even buy MDF boards and cut them into strips of the size you want.

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In fact, everything is money: how much do you want to spend and do you dye or paint?

If you want color, you’ll want to use solid wood like tongue-and-groove or plain board, but if you want to show color like we did with our gorgeous blue ceiling (HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Swimming ( HGSW1327 )) then MDF be your best choice. We also didn’t want any breaks in our airline, so a shorter tongue and groove or regular beam didn’t work for us. You can get strips of MDF 16 feet long, which is long enough to allow us to run without interference.

To find out how much you need, simply measure the length and width of the room in inches.

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

So I divided 3.5 by 160 to get 45.71. I know I need 46 table rows. The length of our room is 13 1/2 feet. Since I wanted to run a full run, that part was easy: my 16-foot frame covered every run. So I need 46 panels to cover the room and I also want 4 more panels for decoration.

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If you plan to line the boards in your room, you want to multiply the length of the room by the number of rows divided by the length of the boards. So we should be 46 x 13.5 / 16 = 38.81 pounds. With this method I will need 39 pallets and I will add extra pallets to avoid waste for a total of 40 pallets.

Helpful tip: Check out local woodworking shops. You have a wider selection of products and often better prices than what you’ll find at your local hardware store.

Once you have your materials ready, the first thing you need to do is mark your rafters. If you don’t nail the rafters, your frames won’t hold. You drive the nails perpendicular to the rafters. So if you want your boards to run parallel to the rafters, you need to consider cutting your ceiling first. (We’ll discuss that in a minute.)

You can search for studded rafters or do it the old fashioned way and measure from the known 16 inch convo to the nearest rafter.

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Recommend driving a test nail into each end of the rafters in the room, then run a chalk line from one nail to the other to create your lines. This is where you will nail the frames.

If you need to trim the room so that your framing is parallel to the rafters, you can simply nail the stud strips to the rafters in a perpendicular pattern about 16 inches apart.

First you will measure and cut the boards. For us it’s the length of the room that leaves us feeling wasted but we like the cuter look. If you are arranging the board, determine your length in advance or cut as you go, but it is best to make sure you start and stop the board on rafters or trim strips.

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

If you’re not using tongue-and-groove boards, you’ll also want to decide if you want a small gap between the boards or if you want them all together. For the upper floor we worked together. I will explain how to find the perfect space below.

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You will want to measure both ends of the room from one side to the other to make sure they are the same distance or square. If not, you can fix this with extended gaps.

Regardless of whether the room is square or not, you need 1/8-1/4 inch of space between the wall and the first board. If the room is not square, you can fix it by making the opening a little bigger. We simply use the rest of the frame to create pieces with large open spaces. You place the pieces you cut next to the wall you’re starting with, and the pieces you cut between the wall and the table to save space. You’ll want one on each end of the table.

When you’re ready to hang the boards, apply a few strands of glue up and down the board on the side that will be attached to the ceiling.

Once you’ve filled the frames, you’ll want to fill those nail holes. There are various products you can use, but painter’s putty is our favorite and seems to work best. We got our paint from the paint section while we got our paint from Lowe’s.

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We developed a plan early in the project using colors from the Sherwin-Williams Perfect Polish Collection HGTV HOME, because they worked well together to help us create a cohesive look throughout the home, but as you can see, we got lost overall . . things like slow shovels. And we love the HGTV HOME Sherwin Williams Swim (HGSW1327). This blue is the perfect color to add some color to the room.

Once you’ve finished painting the panels, you’ll want to trim the room to finish it off better and hide those open spaces. Simply cut the boards to length and trim the ends to make a smooth transition.

If you’re lucky, you’re working with a square or rectangular room and can cut everything at a 45-degree angle.

Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

We have older homes so not all of our homes are perfect. The walls of some rooms are different. We just are

White Beams On Vaulted Shiplap Ceiling

Once we finished cutting the ceiling, we painted the interior a different way to give it a little pop. A little extra work but well worth it.

For this room we chose to use a larger frame (12 inch frame), because the room is very spacious and we wanted a simpler look.

Once we reached this point of recovery, we were successful and really enjoyed it.

We knew we wanted beams, one running down the center and some running up the center beam.

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We also knew we didn’t want to mess up the tables but we wanted it to look permanent. So we cut our boards (again with MDF) to start and stop below where we would hang the beam later.

Here you will follow the same process with one exception: to find the perfect space, you place a coin in the center of each card – one at each end. We found that wider planks have the potential to give a more modern look,

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