Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas – Decorating an apartment is a fun challenge. Whether you’re moving into your first studio apartment, updating the look of a small living room, or want to refresh your bedroom, you can easily bring your space to life with these apartment ideas. simple.

Adding a few new home decor items and updating some accents you already have can make a big difference in how your home feels when you walk in the door.

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

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A well-placed mirror will make the room look larger and brighter. If you’re stuck somewhere, a mirror might be what you’re looking for. In addition to creating the illusion of space, mirrors can go a long way in hiding imperfections. A long beveled mirror makes a beautiful addition to your bedroom or living room.

Think of your walls as a blank canvas. When you first move in, all the space can be intimidating. Don’t be afraid, there are many ways to fill it! This sweet apartment wall art has a minimalist and elegant style. Available in small, medium and large sizes, it can be hung in a frame or placed on a shelf for a personal touch.

Gallery walls with a combination of art and wall accents will create an impression that people will notice when entering your apartment living room. If you’re looking for simplicity, find an element in a print or piece of art that you like and make it a common theme in your apartment’s decor. (Find this Home Sweet Apartment print for your walls here!)

No matter what type of flooring you have – hardwood, tile or carpet, a rug is a fun way to add depth and character to a room. A light-colored carpet will make the room feel larger. It can also protect your floors from damage. Be bold with patterns and colors – they can easily be changed at any time!

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of a room. This is the element that creates the atmosphere and determines the atmosphere of your home. Lamps are a great way to make your home feel inviting and warm. These mood lights come in many styles – you can choose from table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps (also called sconces) or pendant lamps.

A coffee table can be the perfect stage for your favorite books, candles, and plants. A curated coffee table arrangement will reflect your style and tie the room together. If you’re looking for something unique, vintage chests, barrels, panels, and tree stumps are great options.

Even the best couch in your apartment living room can be made more cozy and comfortable with a carefully curated collection of pillows. Mix and match colors, patterns, textures, even pillows of different shapes and sizes to create an attractive display on your couch. If you have a studio apartment, using similar colors and patterns on throw pillows will create a cohesive look and make the space feel unified. I wrote a post about how to arrange pillows on your bed where I shared the pillow layering formula for you! Choose pillows based on the accent color in your home, or choose accent colors from previous pillows and build color around them.

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

Curtains are the final touch that gives your apartment an elegant look. Not only are they an opportunity to add style and color, but they’re also a very practical accent. Curtains increase privacy, darken the room and also help retain heat. Like rugs and pillows, curtains bring personality to small, one-bedroom apartments where wall color may be limited. If your apartment has glass doors leading to a balcony and floor-to-ceiling curtains, you’ll find that the curtains instantly make the space feel larger.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Living Room — Design By Caitie

How do you create your own space? I’d love to hear it, so please let me know in the comments. Certainly, there are some general best practices when it comes to decorating a stylish, effective living room regardless of size and space, but there are some additional considerations that make decorating an apartment living room a challenge. should stand out. City apartment complexes give “small” a whole new meaning, and they can also require more troubleshooting if the building has certain limitations. So if you live in an apartment and are looking for design ideas, tips and advice from the experts here then you’re in good hands! We highlight 15 apartment living room examples from some of our favorite designers to help you make the most of your own living room.

This Chicago apartment living room by interior designer Devin Kirk is a masterpiece of balance. The marble sectional fits nicely in the corner while the round cushioned coffee table gives it a softer, less boxy look. And instead of adding a side table or console that would look too large here, Kirk chose a low stool. A gorgeous gallery wall is another fun touch (and hanging it on wood trim will help visually open up the room).

David Frazier made the living room in his small NYC apartment formal and elegant, despite the limited space. He divided the main room into two separate areas, one for relaxation and meetings, one for dining and working. Large hanging lamps and antique pieces help personalize the building’s more casual frame.

Bright pink applied to a plaster-like finish creates a focal point in this small New York City living room designed by Sally Kemble. Incorrect finishing will result in the wallpaper structure not being allowed by building regulations. This is a very good solution.

How To Design A Small Space Living Room

If you have an extra closet in your living room but don’t need extra storage, turn it into a bar. It will help you feel more ready to entertain and also add depth and dimension, especially when painted a contrasting color, as seen in this painting by Robert McKinley.

Devin Kirk painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Bird’s Eggs to compliment the sofa, a piece by Jason Home reupholstered in a Robert Allen Schiele fabric (also draped over the curtains). A jute rug brings texture and dimension without overwhelming a small space with too much color.

Designer Sarah Solis created a home office in the living room by installing a floating desk in the corner. The rest of the room is reserved for relaxation and meetings.

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

This small and charming living room was designed by Zia Priven and painted in Farrow Ball’s hard blue. The stacked coffee table is sleek and compact, balancing a plush rug and elegant sectionals.

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For a small city apartment, Liesel McKenna uses soft, colorful shapes but doesn’t shy away from fun contrasting patterns. He also chose a settee next to the Timing dining table so it could serve as extra seating for guests or a cozy place to eat and check email.

If you live in an apartment in the city, you will definitely always crave nature. So why not bring it into your living room for a little everyday greenery? Designer Elizabeth Cooper placed a lush lemon tree in the corner to add life and color, then accented the ornamental plants on the windowsill.

Built-in storage is a godsend in an apartment with a small living room. In this piece, designed by Brooklyn-based firm Shapeless Studio, books stacked on a coffee table enliven the room without feeling cluttered. Everything else is hidden behind closed cabinet doors.

This simple living room designed by Robert McKinley Studio features many textures from the rug to the curtains and sofa. These simple materials offer comfort while remaining fresh and stylish, and although all the furniture is smaller than your typical living room, it looks right at home here.

Apartment Decorating And Small Living Room Ideas

Take every opportunity to add personality and a cozy feel to your apartment living room. In this case, Heidi Callier created a comfortable window seat in the corner.

Don’t let inconvenient sloping roofs keep you from having a perfect apartment. With the right strategy, you can do it! Take this living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors for example. Neutral tones and modern shapes create a more comfortable feel.

“I love the combination of a traditional space and a modern staircase,” says Eliza Crater of Sister Parish Design. “A deep kelly green accent wall and floral curtains bring richness and warmth.” applied to all-white surfaces in her apartment’s living room. help

Simple Apartment Living Room Ideas

A gorgeous houseplant is a pleasant surprise in this sleek, cosmopolitan living room designed by Shawn Henderson. And instead of classic white or warm off-white paint, he chose a cool neutral gray. It’s perfectly suited for pied-à-terre.

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