Skincare For Uneven Skin Tone

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Julia A. Siegel, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

Skincare For Uneven Skin Tone

Skincare For Uneven Skin Tone

Many factors affect the condition of your skin, from genetics to how often you apply SPF. And with common issues like acne and melasma, sometimes the skin tone on your face may not be the best. This is normal and nothing to worry about, but if uneven skin tone bothers you, you have options.

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According to New York-based dermatologist Neil Schultz, MD, two main categories make skin tone uneven: texture and color. “For a successful treatment, we need to smooth the texture, reduce dark spots and reduce redness,” he explains. He says that because the body can produce too much color faster than it can be removed, we also need to protect the skin we have so it doesn’t come back as quickly. So what exactly can you do to get a more even skin tone? Three dermatologists lay it all out front.

Exfoliation will make your skin texture smoother. If your skin texture seems like an odd thing to mention when you think about skin

Let us explain. If your texture is uneven due to large pores or fine lines, this texture will not only prevent your products from applying evenly, but can also cause shadows and darkness. “Skin tone is 75 percent dependent on how the light hits it and what the light does when it hits it,” Schultz explains. “Does it rebound or crumble? When the surface is smooth and light is reflected, your skin tone looks more even because it becomes lighter and dark spots are less obvious.” In other words, the first step to an even skin tone is smoother skin, whether it removes dead skin cells, minimizing pores or exfoliating wrinkles Well, the most effective way to do this is through proper exfoliation.

Most dermatologists agree that chemical exfoliants like AHAs, BHAs, and retinoids are more effective than physical ones, and Schultz recommends using a gentle glycolic acid treatment as a chemical exfoliant to exfoliate pore-clogging cells and stimulate collagen production.

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Schultz also recommends trying glycolic acid peels for an instant glow, but cautions that not all peels are a safe route for people with hyperpigmentation. “The problem with many glycolic peels is that if they’re not gentle enough, they cause breakouts, irritation and redness,” he says. “The skin on the face should be very delicate. Any skin on your face that leaves you with no time, bleeding, or redness is going to cause a lot of inflammation, and inflammation drives these hyperactive, hypersensitive pigment cells.”

Vitamin C can brighten your skin, giving you that often elusive glow. Nazarian believes in the power of glycolic acid, but says there’s one key step to keep in mind: “An easy way to get fairer skin is to use wipes or cleansers that contain glycolic acid or topical vitamins C and E, which reduce melanin production. , a substance that causes darkening and even toning of the skin,” she says. One of the drawbacks of vitamin C serums is how quickly they can turn over, oxidize, and eventually lose their effectiveness. Schultz also says that ascorbic acid dissolves in water and may not penetrate deep into the pores that are surrounded by oil. , which contains two types of vitamin C.

Hydroquinone is a controversial ingredient, but it can be very effective in lightening freckles, dark spots, and melasma (when used under the close supervision of a dermatologist). According to Schultz, dark spots are caused by an excess of the melanin pigment that is produced in the skin and stored there. “If you don’t exfoliate, you’ll have layer upon layer of dead skin cells, and you’ll have additional hyperpigmentation within each layer,” he says. “It builds up and gets thicker.” Hydroquinone can help combat this effect, but you need to see a dermatologist to get a prescription and monitor your treatment. You may be advised to use the hydroquinone formula for three months straight, then take a break to avoid unwanted side effects.

Skincare For Uneven Skin Tone

If you’re concerned about skin redness, you have a few topical remedies to soothe the blemishes. To get rid of pesky red spots from broken capillaries, King recommends getting a prescription. “There’s a prescription cream called Mirvaso that works the same way as Visine—it relieves redness by temporarily constricting the blood vessels that cause the redness. It’s temporary, but the results can be amazing,” she says. Schultz agrees that prescriptions like Rhofade or Mirvaso can be good for a specific case, but cautions that those who use them will experience recovery longer. bad effects after use.after eight to 12 hours.

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For other causes of redness, such as rosacea and eczema, consult a dermatologist about the right solutions for you.

For a more permanent solution to skin redness, you’ll likely need an in-office treatment, such as IPL (intense pulsed light laser), according to King and Schultz. “The red is because the blood vessels have dilated and increased in diameter,” Schultz explains. “They actually destroy the dilated blood vessels that cause the redness. “

IPL and Fraxel 1927 also work on skin discoloration, and if you need to smooth the texture of fine lines and pores, Schultz recommends Fraxel 1550 or Vivace. “These are all different medical devices and lasers that cause the skin to smooth out or reduce hyperpigmentation,” he says.

However, it should be noted that if melasma is the main cause of your skin discoloration, lasers are not the solution for you. According to Schultz, even if you notice an improvement after laser treatment, this complex pigmented condition is likely to return in a few months.

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Both Nazarian and Schultz emphasize the importance of adequate sun protection to stop uneven skin tone from worsening or to prevent re-discoloration. Ultimately, any sunscreen is better than none, but if you have melasma, it’s recommended that you use a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen made up of minerals like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. .

Here’s why: “Melasma has to stimulate melanin, which is normally controlled by female hormones, so any trauma causes darkness, the most common trauma being UV light,” Schultz explains. “Chemical sunscreen works by absorbing harmful light and turning it into heat. Well, the skin can be determined by heat, which turns into trauma and can stimulate your color.” , what you want.

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Skincare For Uneven Skin Tone

You can screw it up until you’ve got the right foundation, good lighting, and convenient concealer, but it’s important to put your skin care first when it comes to treating uneven skin tone. Whether you try a high-tech laser or a lo-fi topical cream, with the right plan, you can erase pigmentation and make coverage optional. The first step? Identify the source of your pigmentation: “Diagnosis is key,” says New York City dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. “The key is not only the right treatment, but the wrong treatment can make your complexion darker.” Coming soon, Dr. Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist in Gross and San Francisco, shares tips and tricks on how to even out your skin tone.

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All dark spots are not the same: they come from three sources. Exposure to UV rays can cause the growth of extra skin cells known as solar lentigo, also known as sun spots, liver spots, or age spots. Melanin-colored cells stick together, creating a round mark several shades deeper than your skin color. Estrogen fluctuations due to pregnancy or birth control pills stimulate melanocyte cells to work prematurely and create melasma, unpleasant accumulations of melanin in the skin; unlike sunspots, these spots don’t stay in a nice circle. And such injuries as a burn with a curling iron or a

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