Small Apartments Living Room Designs

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As anyone who lives in a small space knows, giving up square footage can require some sacrifices in terms of decoration. Of course, you may not be able to splurge on the extra large piece, or your dream of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase may have to come true for now, but the good news is that a small living room can be just the thing. as inviting as the greatest. In fact, decorating a small apartment is easier than filling a large room (not to mention, it’s much cheaper).

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

The first step in decorating a small apartment is to discard the “rules” you live by – yes, you can use dark colors in a small room, and no, you don’t need minimalism. Design While there are tips and tricks to maximizing your square footage, there are some hard and fast rules you shouldn’t break.

Minimalist Living Room Ideas To Simplify Your Life

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite small apartment ideas to inspire you, even if you’re short on square footage.

Essentials like a linen wardrobe, for example, but adding a buffet or a wardrobe in the corner of your room can help keep your small space free of clutter.

One of the best ways to make sure your small space doesn’t feel sterile is to add something alive. A bouquet of fresh flowers is every designer’s trick to complete a room, but plants in pots or in the air are also a great idea.

It may seem counterintuitive, but a large rug can really make a smaller living room feel larger. A well-placed rug not only adds a lot of texture and warmth to a room, but a small living room can feel larger and larger with the right size rug.

Interior Designing Techniques To Optimize Space In Small Apartments

The carpet should be large enough to fit all the furniture, or at least two meters long. Read more about how to choose the right size rug before you buy.

The last thing you want in a small apartment is stuff. And this can be difficult, especially if your small space does not have a storage cabinet. But before you fill your bookcase, remember to keep it elegant and minimalist so it doesn’t overwhelm your small space.

A small living room can make entertaining difficult, especially if you can’t fit a large sofa. Consider floor seating to add extra seating for your guests when they arrive, but they can easily be put away when not in use.

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

Rich, natural materials can add depth to any room, but are especially effective in smaller rooms. Deep, soft leather or accents with materials like burlap can add a lot of texture to a vintage room.

Design Of The Kitchen Living Room In A Small Apartment: 5 Layouts

Keeping your small living room light and airy is the best designer when it comes to opening up tight spaces. While muted colors are not out of the question (we’ll get to that later), bright and fresh colors, such as fresh white, blue, or gray, can make a room feel more open and spacious.

A “wow” piece can completely transform a small living room. A simple little room hack to make your living room feel bigger and more meaningful. Here, large artworks on fabric give the room a textured and eclectic feel.

Hanging the curtains the right way is definitely a step in the right direction, but why not leave the curtains altogether? If you have enough privacy not to use heavy curtains, choose wooden blinds or blinds to let more sunlight into your room every day.

Few materials are as unique and versatile as Lucite, especially when it comes to decorating small spaces. Lucite is perfect for modern spaces because it’s sleek and slim, but reduces visual clutter so your space feels more open.

Small Living Room Ideas For Maximum Space And Style

In a small room, you cannot have items that serve only one function. your couch? It’s your Netflix place

Your table. Your ottoman? Coffee table and place to rest your feet. Choose items that serve multiple purposes to get the most out of every centimeter.

There are many living room decorating mistakes that are easy to avoid. One of them is neglecting to buy the right artwork for your room. If you have a unique room, you really need to think big – bigger statements will draw attention and make your room look bigger than it is.

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

Whether fake or real, large plants are a great way to add comfort and warmth to your small living room. Bringing the outdoors in will brighten up your home and give it a fresh feel.

Luxury Small Studio Apartment Design Combined Modern And Minimalist Style Decor Looks Stunning

Floor lamps can add a lot of unnecessary clutter and take up more space than you have. Instead, consider choosing a wall lamp or pendant lamp. If you’re renting, you can recreate this look with wired lights—just choose wires that match your wall color.

The key to a great little room is a great layout. If you have an open plan, creating a layout that consists of spaces and dedicated areas, each room will feel more real and specific.

While elegant and modern furniture can definitely help keep your small space free of visual surprises, it can sometimes make an apartment look dated without being finished or just temporary. To add some warmth, consider a more “lived-in” look with materials like linen or cotton.

Poufs are one of those magical decorations that can be used in any small room. It is compact, expensive and can function as a pouf, table and seat for friends. Some can also be filled when needed and folded when not in use.

Beautiful Studio Apartment Ideas That Will Make You Want To Go Tiny

While neutral colors certainly attract light, don’t be afraid of strong colors. That said, there are some tricks to using bright colors in small spaces, such as incorporating the color into furniture or artwork rather than the walls, which can sometimes close the effect of a small space.

Do you think small rooms should be minimalist? Think again. Sometimes, filling more empty space can make a room clearer and also beyond its limits. If you decide to go big, choose a simple color palette so you’re not too busy.

Moody, dark colors can actually add a lot of depth to a small room. Deep colors can expand your depth and hide the fact that your apartment lacks square footage. We love hunter greens, rich navy blues, and even cool black.

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

Instead of hanging the curtains at the base of the window, make sure they reach the floor. Better yet, move the curtain rod to ceiling height to make your ceiling higher and give your small space a sense of luxury.

Modern And Small Apartment Design Ideas

No matter how big or small your apartment is, you want to create a space that you really enjoy relaxing in. Make your small living room more inviting by adding layers of textiles such as rugs or pillows. Choose different types of fabrics to make your room more attractive.

Lighting can make the difference between a beautiful room and an ordinary one. Layered lighting is key, especially in small spaces. Mix floor lamps with overhead lights and table lamps, but choose a hanging lamp in the center to create a focal point.

Mirrors reflect natural light into your room and can open up even the smallest space. Hang a mirror above your fireplace or incorporate it into your gallery wall to expand the depth and feel of any room.

So, you already know that clutter makes a small room even smaller, but even the best storage is only as effective as the person using it. If you’re someone who’s more likely to throw things away than store them carefully (no judgment here!), strategically placed baskets can be a great place to stash the kids’ toys, books, and more.

Small Dining Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

If you want to add more storage in a very small space, consider adding a legless wall unit. Keeping the floor area clear can give you more visual space to add units without it being too cluttered.

Not all small living rooms are perfectly square or rectangular. If your house is oddly shaped, consider creating several living spaces. You don’t need a sofa and a seat facing each other – you can dedicate a corner to reading or working just to make better use of your space.

An integrated unit is every apartment dweller’s dream, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, consider painting it a darker color than the rest of the room. This not only adds a focal point to your room, but can also create the illusion of more depth

Small Apartments Living Room Designs

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