Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

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I was looking at our place recently and realized that we have upgraded light fixtures in (almost) every room in the house! The bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, and even the entrance have been updated. Although most lighting is added only for function, there are many accessories that also enhance the style and atmosphere of a room.

Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

When we bought this house, we loved it for its character. But the character can also be a number for OLD. The house was built in 1903 and renovated in 2003. However, the people who renovated this place chose to ignore the light on the top floor of the bug house – which is our living room and dining room. We are on a corner lot with large bay windows, so lots of natural light during the day. In the evening, we were confined to our upstairs area with only table lamps. Let me tell you – it’s very dark.

Hw Should I Orient Recessed Lighting Around My Fan. Room Is 18×20 Sqft, Vaulted Ceiling

So what started out as a few decorative light fixtures, quickly became a complete upgrade to most of the previous lighting in the house, especially on the floor.

I haven’t done a good job of taking pictures of our place before. These are on the list. The previous owners used this room mostly as a living room (or maybe they designed it that way). In fact, they have a bookcase and a bedroom. We like to make the most of the space, so we use it as our main living room.

The wall with the red rug is currently our gray couch. As you can see, there are no lights or anything on this wall. You can still get a small view of the ceiling fan, but the next picture shows it better. You will also notice how light and bright the room is in these pictures. They pulled all the blinders and could make some adjustments. The room felt dark 90% of the time until I improved the lighting.

Downstairs is the wall opposite our gray couch. I don’t have a good picture of this place in our house. But as you can see again, there are no visible lights. Blinds are drawn for maximum light. And you can see the “boob” light fan in this picture.

Recessed Lighting Ideas For A Low Ceiling Living Room

Let me tell you: this room is not good in my opinion. It is well decorated and very beautiful. However, we need more light for our daily life. That’s what worked for us. So let’s see what we did!

Like I said, we have to deal with the light in the living room. We wanted something next to our bed, but the bed was so big, the lamp felt awkward. We don’t even have a desk/table lamp. That’s when we decided on a wall sconce.

At first he assumed (wrongly) that we had to cut in the wall and run the wires for the sconces. But then I found out that there are many options of wallpaper that fits the wall. The wires are exposed, but it looks very good and industrial. We bought the wallpaper (pictured below) from Pottery Barn on sale (they were a return/open item). I am very happy with them and they provide enough light for evening reading.

Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

Full Disclosure: Since our rugs are sold as unpackaged items, the linen drum is missing. We actually went and bought two pendant lights from Target that were a little narrower and fit our space perfectly. Sometimes, you have to be smart!

Sunco 10 Pack Retrofit Led Recessed Lighting 4 Inch, 5000k Daylight, Dimmable Ca

Next on the list is the old “boob” light/ceiling fan combo hanging in the living room. In my opinion, nothing dates a room like these ceiling fans. I can find a ton of options on Amazon. Finally, we go with the Black Matte Hunter Cassius Ceiling Fan. Most of the ceiling lights in our house are black, so it was a natural choice to keep this theme. I also like the clean look of the fan only (no light). I hardly noticed the ceiling fan, which I love!

But I soon realized that we needed to add some more powerful lights to make the room work in the evening. For us, this means light. We already have lighting in our living room, so I have an idea of ​​how many lights I need in each room (6 lights) and how many bulbs I want (65 watt / soft white / LED). We measured the room and determined the proper distance between each light fixture and decided that a 6″ wall panel would work for the space. We hired someone to do the electrical work, but we purchased the equipment ourselves from Lowe’s. LED lights means I didn’t. We had to worry about changing the bulbs, we went with the non-removable lights and added a switch to ours Once we moved in, we also decided to add lighting to the room eat food

The two photos below were taken during installation. You can tell in this picture above that the room is still dark and shadowy. The second picture shows the distance between each light bar.

I honestly didn’t realize how dark it was until the new lights were installed! especially in the evening. Imagine a brightly lit restaurant on a date night, with only one candle burning at your table – it’s dark in our house. I don’t like you

Benefits Of Upgrading To Led Recessed Lights

One of the photos below was taken from the same location. But you can see that the saved lights are installed now. This is a really big difference for us and we are very happy with the update. I also used recessed lights from Lowe’s and found them on Amazon.

If you don’t want to go to the hardware store, I found the same set of lights on Amazon.

Buy Utilitech 2-Pack 65-Watt Equal White Dimmable LED Retrofit Downlights (Fits Housing Diameter: 5-in or 6-in) at Amazon

Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

So I updated the lighting in our living room. It’s very simple, but having the right level of light is very effective. I hope this helps you decide on lighting in your space. Finally, there is light in the studio!! There is no light in this area since it was in the garage about two years ago. All the lighting went out before the garage to studio conversion, and has had no light (or electricity) since. Every time I need to use tools or lights there, I have to run a long cord through the breakfast room.

Recessed Lighting In Living Room

These lights hang from the ceiling (requires cutting a 4.5-inch hole in the drywall) and looks like a hanging light. They are rated for contact with the shutter, so you don’t have to worry about touching your shutter.

Each light has a small setting control so you can choose the color/light you want. I also use these in food, and here I set them to 3500K, but for the studio, I set them to 5000K, which is the brightest / whitest.

These things are amazing and easy to install. Now that these are available, I don’t know why anyone would use some of the big, bulky lights that require these big metal housings that have to go up to the ceiling.

These components are only 1/2-inch thick, and have a separate metal box that houses the wires. Once the wiring is done (which uses simple connectors that are already attached to the lightning wire – so easy!!), just slide the metal box over the plafond above the drywall and connect the light. Because they are very thin, you can easily use them on the roof.

Recessed Lighting Installation Near You + Cost In Maryland

I forgot to change the color/brightness on the main lights in the picture below and you can see how yellow they are.

To change it, just move the light a little and adjust the setting on the metal box.

Now with the new light you can see the color of the ceiling and the wall a little. In the image below, everything is painted except for the wall on the right side of the window which is still white.

Small Living Room Recessed Lighting

I don’t hate real fans. There is no choice of large fans for rooms of this size available at home. (Yes, I realized I could order online, but I forgot, and I need the fan ASAP. 😀 ) So the fan itself is not good. I mean, I don’t like fans at all, but I live in Texas and this is great

Recessed Lighting Design And Installation

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