Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes – You’ve always dreamed of owning a brick colony until you bump into a brick house. Can you have the best of both worlds? By combining brick and stone, you can add two different styles and end up with a refined, classic and maintainable look, which is one of the biggest advantages of brick and stone exteriors.

But designing these products together can be difficult. Each brings color, style and style to the table and can clash when paired incorrectly. Read on for tips on how to make them complement each other and stand out, so your neighbors will consider a similar design.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Because brick and stone don’t have the same shape, play with the differences instead of trying to mix them. Don’t try to match colors. It will be obvious that they are not the same, so trying to match the colors will look rushed and forced.

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Instead, choose different colors of brick and stone. If your bricks are dark, go for a lighter stone. If your bricks are white, consider slate or other gray or black stone. If one item has a lot of color, choose a solid color for the other. Although the contrast is meant to make your face look unified, you might want to choose two colors like sandstone and light brick brown.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

First, choose a stone or brick that will make up the majority of your space (50% or more). Then rate the different colors of this product. For this, take paint colors near the brick or stone. Or take a digital photo and then use the Color Selection tool to define specific colors.

Use one of the colors found in other categories. For example, if the exterior of the stone you choose is white, go with that color when choosing a brick paint color.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Stone And Brick Exteriors Done Right

The stone and brick you install aren’t the only part of the facade that colors it. You can mix and match different mortar colors.

You can also choose to match the look a bit by using a different type of brick and mortar. If you want them to stand out, make sure each one is a different color. However, you can combine mortar with brick or stone and other natural materials.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

After choosing a brick and stone mix, plan your roof and garden accordingly. Since you are using two different materials for the exterior of the house, minimize the addition of materials for a sophisticated look. If you can, use as much stone or brick as you can for your house and garden beds, and tie it all together. The color of your roof should also blend in. Otherwise, it competes with bricks and stones.

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Cover with brick or stone. These structural elements are natural transition points for different materials, allowing for objective and neat comparisons.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Brick and stone may be combined in Tudor, Craftsman, French Country, and Colonial homes. In Craftsman homes, brick and stone are often seen in porch columns, walkways, and stairs. At auctions, they are found in fireplaces, porches and planters, docks and parking lots. French country houses combine brick and stone with plaster, and barns have wood or composite shades.

It’s hard to imagine what your home will look like – it’s no longer easy to make a decision, so you want to get it right. Ask your construction contractor to make a 4-foot-by-4-foot sample so you can get a visual estimate. With builders charging between $70 and $110 an hour, the project can cost hundreds of dollars. Still, getting a sample will help you feel more confident about how the combination of stone and brick will work, especially if you carefully choose two materials to compare.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Charcoal Stone Mid Century Modern Home

Let’s say you have brick throughout your home and you want to add some contrast and drama. Have a professional builder install brick over brick (they must not crack, chip or break). If you need repairs before installing the facade, you can ask a construction company near you. To prevent water damage, professionals should apply a waterproofing membrane before adding mortar, grout and stone.

It’s an easy way to add some contrast and detail without the expense of a major renovation, though not always possible. You can ask your real estate agent if this is an option.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Dan is a writer and property manager who can be found sharing his home improvement tips on websites such as EcoWatch and Homeowner Today. She shares her years of hands-on experience and love of DIY to help homeowners bring their imaginations to life. Choosing the right brick and stone mix for your home can be a daunting process. There are so many colors of brick and stone that the combinations seem endless. This handy three-step guide will walk you through the process of choosing the right stone for your home.

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The first step to choosing the right brick and stone mix is ​​to understand the differences between the main stone types. There are many types of stone, but this article covers Ledgestone, Fieldstone, and Ashlar Stone.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

Pebbles look like pieces of rock stuck together and symmetrical. There are usually long rectangular pieces of rock that create the most vertical look of common rocks. Each stone has a flat square face, natural cut for a smooth look and a rough face cut look. Ledgestone is usually laid without mortar joints to create a dry look and allow the color of the stone to dominate the appearance of the wall.

Fieldstone is designed to mimic natural stones found, collected and installed naturally. It consists of large sections and irregular positions. Because the stones are random in size and shape, they are often placed in place with a 1/2″ visible mortar joint give or take. Stone.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

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Ashlar stone is a large building stone. They decorate the hand-hewn stones that the mashers have used for centuries to build their famous stone buildings. These stones have edges and faces that look like they were cut by hand. They are larger than Ledgestone and offer a weight comparable to brick. Ashlar stone is usually laid with 1/2 “mortar”, which can be attached to the mortar used for brickwork.

First understand the use of stone for the exterior of the house. Common applications of brick and stone are foundations, walls, entrances and window details. Once you know where you want to place the stone in your home, ask your design manager to help you choose the right type of stone and the right weight.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

1) The stone used under the brick (eg foundation) must be larger than the brick. These stones support the bricks, so harder stone forms such as ashlars, fieldstones, or larger Ledgestone forms set in mortar joints are the best choices.

Stone And Brick French Country Home Plan

2) Stone is a heavier material than brick and is not used above brick. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use the stone itself along with the bricks from the base of the roof. An exception is the stone arch above the window.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

3) Stones used for large areas such as walls or fireplaces work best with large visible stones. Fieldstone and Ashlar Stone sizes are the best choice for covering such large areas. A dry, dry look should be avoided when working on programs with many feet in the air.

4) Small Scale Stones More elaborate applications lend themselves to the use of small scale stones. Ledgestone allows for multiple uses and exhibits better color and grain than larger boulders and ashlars.

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

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We spoke to Wendy Yeakley and Britannia Rains of Interior Design Studio, who are experts in matching the right exterior materials for a home, to offer advice on choosing the right combination of brick and stone for your home.

5) If you want a more even look, mix closely related bricks and stones

Stone And Brick Exterior Homes

This Chesapeake Pearl Brick Home is a stunning combination of brick and stone. Chesapeake pearl brick and white clay look white and flat. A slab of gray stone and white mortar connects the two

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