Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

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Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones – Looking for the perfect gray color but don’t know where to start? This post examines the most popular gray colors chosen by designers, homeowners, and two leading paint companies: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

I’ve scoured the web to find the best real examples of each color in different rooms to help you narrow down your search. Paint colors may look different on screen and in person, at different times of day, in different rooms/angles, in different cameras/edits, etc. So I have included several photos to provide the most accurate representation.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

As always, it’s important to try swatches in person before choosing a color to see how it will look in your space. Let’s cover the basics first:

The 15 Best Greige Paint Colors (with Real Photos!)

Gray is defined as a color ranging from gray to beige. Any warm gray or cool beige can be called gray. Often taupe and mushroom are used interchangeably with gray, although taupe often has a purple/brown undertone.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

LRV, or light reflectance value, measures how light or dark a paint color appears on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (white). The darker the paint color, the lower the LRV number. The lighter the paint color, the higher the LRV number. This number is useful when comparing paint colors because photos can be misleading.

Here are the most popular gray paint colors you’ll find today from top paint brands: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Most Popular Gray Shades From Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has the largest range of popular shades of gray and took 11 of the top 15 spots on this list. Here’s what you need to know about each of the most popular gray colors:

This very popular paint color is classified as beige, but it actually straddles the line between gray and beige. It deserves a spot on this list because it is a Sherwin Williams bestseller and one of the most frequently used paint colors by designers and homeowners.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

It has enough warmth to keep it out of drab territory, and the neutral tones make it a versatile and safe choice for any room. It is also one of my favorite paint colors of all time and is the color of choice for trim, doors and custom furniture in our home.

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray Sw 6071: Quick Paint Color Review

In warm indoor lighting it becomes more beige, while in cooler daylight you will notice more gray tones. However, it is one of the warmest colors on this list.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Agreeable Gray ranks as Sherwin Williams’ best-selling paint color in recent years. It leans more towards gray in the gray tones and is a great choice if you are looking for a really warm gray.

With an LRV of 60, it’s a medium to light shade that works well in many rooms and lighting conditions.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Top Designers Share Their Favorite Beige Paint Colors

One of the reasons this color is so popular is its versatility. Agreeable Gray has a very neutral shade, making it compatible and complementary with most flooring, trim colors and decor.

A true middle ground between gray and beige, Sherwin Williams describes Amazing Gray as “impressively versatile. This light shade with warm grey-green tones suits almost any setting. A popular choice for indoor and outdoor spaces.”

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

With an LRV of 47, it is considered a mid-range color and one of the darkest grays on this list. It is a popular choice for many rooms, including walls, moldings and cabinets.

Mega Greige Sw 7031 Paint Color By Sherwin Williams

With an LRV of 47, Anew Gray is considered a darker version of Agreeable Gray and is another popular choice for a versatile neutral warm gray.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Sherwin Williams describes it as “a soft mid-tone gray that suits any room. Its warm stone tone exudes a calm energy even in low light.”

If you want a warmer gray, Anew Gray will look very cool in most lighting conditions. It definitely leans more towards gray than beige.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Versatile Gray Sw 6072

Colonnade Gray made this list because I personally think of it as more of a gray color, but it’s often classified as gray. Here it is on the fireplace and living room walls with a mix of natural and artificial lighting:

I tend to rely more on raw phone photos when looking for the most accurate rendering. Here’s how gray it looks in natural light:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Modern gray is another color that I would call more gray than gray or beige. This is the lighter sibling of the Colonnade Gray with the LRV 62.

The 10 Must Have Sherwin Williams Colors For North Facing Rooms

If you search the web for pictures of Modern Gray, you’ll find that many of them look quite grey, like this one:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Here’s another unedited photo of the phone in a room with minimal natural light. You can see the tonal range from dark to light and there’s definitely still some warmth to it.

If you’re looking for a light, warm gray color, it’s definitely worth trying this option to see how it would look in your space.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

The Most Popular Colors From Sherwin Williams

Although this color is technically in the coffee family, don’t let the name fool you as it can be very harsh in certain lighting conditions. I recently chose this color for the doors and trim throughout the Hacienda Hideaway and had to include it in this list after trying it in person.

A warmer version of Accessible Beige. It also works nicely in subtle contrast to the SO’s alabaster walls.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Natural tanning is also a great option for outdoor tanning. You can see what it looks like painted on brick below:

Agreeable Gray Color Review: Simple Yet Awesome

With an LRV of 42, Perfect Greige is the darkest color on this list. Sherwin Williams calls it a medium gray with a red tint, although many online examples show it as more beige.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

This color can also be classified as a gray with a very brown tint. This is definitely one of the most popular colors that can still be considered gray.

If you’re looking for a mid-range beige or a beige that’s not too warm, I suggest trying Perfect Greige.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Sherwin Williams Twilight Gray Vs Popular Gray Side By Side Comparison

The popular grey, described as a light gray with a “clay tone”, is a lighter color that is right at the intersection of gray and beige.

You’ll see it vary between gray and beige in various photos online, depending on the lighting. See the combination of natural and aerial lighting below compared to the natural light in the last photo:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

This color has a noticeable rose-purple hue in certain lighting, so it’s especially important to test a swatch to see how it looks in your room before you start.

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray Vs Agreeable Gray: Which To Choose?

As the name suggests, utility gray is a really versatile color that works well in a variety of spaces. This is a mid-range color with an LRV of 48 and can appear either gray or beige depending on the room and lighting.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Due to its rose-mauve hue, it can be classified as a “taupe”, so you’ll definitely want to try swatches in person to see how it will look in your space.

Versatile gray is also a popular choice for outdoor spaces as it is neither too dark nor too light and is a happy medium between gray and brown.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Perfect Greige Color Review

Worldly Grey, a fan shade lighter than Amazing Grey, is a soft neutral gray that leans more towards grey.

It’s a great choice for everything from cabinets to walls to outdoor spaces. I chose this for exterior window and door trim (paired with Sherwin Williams Oyster White):

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

If you’re looking for a lighter, softer gray that’s not too warm, I recommend picking up a sample of Worldly Gray to try out in your space.

Svelte Sage Sw 6164 Paint Color By Sherwin Williams

While Benjamin Moore doesn’t have as wide a variety of popular gray colors as Sherwin Williams, there are some that are very popular and widely used by designers, bloggers and homeowners. Let’s dive in!

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Edgecomb Gray (aka Baby Fawn) comes in second behind Benjamin Moore’s most popular gray on the fan platform, Revere Pewter. This is a great choice for a subtler, softer gray that looks good in any space. You’ll find examples online where it’s more gray and others where it’s more beige, but this is a really happy medium.

It has minimal tint, making it one of the most neutral and safe gray colors for any room.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

The 17 Best Sherwin Williams Warm Gray Colors

If you’re looking for a safe, tried-and-true gray in a lighter shade, pick up a sample of Edgecomb Gray and try it out in your home.

Despite the fact that natural cream is cream, it has a light gray background. It’s also one of Studio McGee’s tried and true paint colors, as seen well on the McGee Home ceiling below:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Natural Cream is one of the lighter colors on this list and in certain lighting conditions it can even pass for ivory:

Sherwin Williams Warm Gray Paint Colors: 15 Best Options To Renew Your Home

This is also one of the colors I considered for our Hacienda Hideaway kitchen island, although in the end I settled on a creamy white:

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

After personally ordering samples, I believe the photo below more accurately represents real life. You can see that it looks a little darker compared to the first two photos, as seen on the lower cabinets in this kitchen:

The variations you see on display are another reason to order samples before choosing a paint color. Personally, I find Samplize to be the easiest and cheapest way to test colors.

Sw 6071 Popular Gray Undertones

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray

The lightest color on this list is Pale Oak.

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