Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

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Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas – Do you live in a small apartment and need small living room decorating ideas? If you’ve seen my full studio apartment walkthrough video, you know I’m ready to share studio apartment decor, apartment living, and some rustic decorating ideas. It’s time for my rustic living room decorating tour!

Join me in my living room video for small apartment tips, studio apartment inspiration, and advice on how to style your home decor to fit your unique personality. Let’s relax a little in my living room, shall we?

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

I made some minor edits to the transcript below to make it more meaningful in text form. But usually he dictates what I say almost word for word

Ideas For Decorating A Small Living Room

What do Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Garbage and Legend of Zelda have in common? Here they are all with me, in the living room of my 500-square-foot studio apartment.

In this video, I show you the living room of my studio apartment, and you’ll see how I mix the beautiful with the unexpected to create a space that not only oozes serious style, but also sparks conversation.

Isn’t it great when people are around and someone notices a piece of your decor and says, “Oh great, I love Fleetwood Mac” or “Oh great, I played Legend of Zelda as a kid! You’re all grown up”? The woman who has Legend of Zelda items in her apartment… You’re obviously very cool and our friendship has now solidified.” 🙃

This is what I like to do with my decor. I love being beautiful, but I also love saying things about myself.

Creating A Cozy Haven: Small Apartment Décor Ideas

You may have seen my studio apartment promotional video which takes you on a tour of my entire studio apartment. Now in this video, I’m going to dive deeper into the little style details of my living room that I couldn’t fit into the larger apartment trailer.

You’ll see how to create a clean living space in a studio and incorporate your personal interests and passions into the space without sacrificing style.

Also, if you live in a studio apartment and need a resource to help you make your studio feel more comfortable, download my Studio Styling 101 workbook!

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

This is my little living room, right next to my bedroom, as is often the case in studios. Very comfortable and really stylish. I swear, this is not the goal of minimalists, I’ll tell you that much.

Apartment Living Room & Tiny Space Ideas

But besides being very stylized, it immediately reflects my personality. So, as soon as I enter, I feel embraced by a friend who knows me very well, and isn’t this probably the best feeling a room can give a person?

So let me get into the details of how I did this; create a space that is not only beautiful, but also very expressive of who I am as a person. And I hope you get some new ideas on how to do this with your decor.

So let’s start with this side table, which I think is a follow-up to my TV stand. Both are sourced from World Market and really bring home the rustic feel of this space.

Just like my console table (which you can see in this video!) I feel a kind of witchy, apothecary vibe on the side table. The tall vase is from Pottery Barn and the small vase is from TJ Maxx. You’d almost think I bought them together, right? Not at all.

Space Saving Small Apartment Living Room Ideas In 2023

Downstairs, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Garbage hang out with the Legend of Zelda.

This is my first tip for creating a space that reflects your personality, and probably the easiest! And in my particular case, there’s kind of a formula that I recommend here that makes things interesting. You know, that keeps people on their toes?

There’s an obvious theme here – rock and roll – and then there’s something unexpected: Zelda’s book. So my two cents here are to have fun with a coffee table book theme to highlight something you really like (rock and roll in my case) but then throw a wrench into a completely off-topic book. This allows you to show more sides of yourself and creates more opportunities for conversation.

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

A few months ago, my friend and I were walking in one of Seattle’s trendiest neighborhoods and came across a group of poets on a street corner using typewriters, writing poetry for passersby. . My friend and I were eager with excitement, of course.

Designer Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

The result is this typed poem that I’ve framed here, which our chosen poet—the hand-rolled smoking wizard—wrote for us in a matter of minutes, based on the few details we gave him about our meeting.

I found a frame for this little treasure and it turned into a decoration that no other home has anymore.

Think about what text you can frame that is meaningful to you. Whatever text enlightens you, consider printing it and framing it. Not only does it look beautiful, it’s also completely unique to you.

Moving on, I have my TV area with Fleetwood Mac lyrics that I purchased from Stay Classic Blog and these beautiful wood ring prints from Neptune Art Prints on Etsy. I’ve linked all of this to the description of this YouTube video if you want to watch it there!

Red And Brown Tones In A Small Apartment With A Kitchen Inside A Niche Space

Now I will say that I’m not one of those people who thinks you should hide your TV or put it in an inconspicuous place that makes you turn your neck awkwardly. a way to watch a show.

Even though most of us watch TV, I don’t think TVs are some dirty little secret we should keep from each other. In fact, television is a place where people come together and experience stories together. Can we stop making television a completely valid part of the human experience?

I’m sorry, but as a TV addict and lover of the art of TV shows, I’m exhausted.

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

As a result, you don’t need to hide the TV. You might even think of it as a valuable piece of decor that transports you to faraway places, offering experiences and perspectives you might not otherwise be exposed to, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Tip 4: Cute storage containers can be purely decorative. and when you need storage they will be there!

Anyway, now that I have the TV out of my system, here are some storage containers. One even says it has storage space, in case I get confused. But what can only be considered a pointless challenge on my part, I’m actually not holding anything back.

Admittedly, other than a few extra tealights, candle burners, Nintendo Switch controller holder stuff, and a lone Mario game, I don’t really use these holders for storage. These are mostly just accessories, they support the rustic atmosphere I want.

If you don’t have room for a full coffee table, look for an accent table, usually designed for the side of the sofa.

Ideas For Small Living Rooms With Tv

And of course, here’s one of my Death Note manga books, another personality moment in my decor. Death Note is one of my favorite anime, and this collection of books is purely aesthetic, so of course I’ll use it as decoration.

If there’s anything to take away from this video, it’s that my biggest piece of interior design advice is to let the geek flag fly. The sweet spot is to find items that represent something you’re passionate about while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of fandom, this brings me to my bulletin board, which features one of my favorite Garbage songs, “I’m Only Happy When It Rains.” Fun fact: Trash reposted this photo entirely on Instagram and I literally died and went to fangirl heaven. This has been the pinnacle of my Instagram experience so far.

Tiny Apartment Living Room Ideas

There are just a few nice things around the litter box—a bottle of air freshener my boyfriend bought me, a vintage-style whiskey bottle from TJ Maxx, an Antica Farmacista candle (watch this video for my home scent recommendations), a card my friend bought me, my cat Helo, who plays with the moon. A cat that looks like a slightly fatter version of , and an empty Antica Farmacista reed diffuser bottle that doubles as a vase for a faux-sweet performance.

A Studio Apartment With Light Gray Walls

These are beautiful somber pieces

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