Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

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Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022 – , it’s smart to keep an eye on what’s trending. After all, the colors that homeowners choose at any given time parallel cultural patterns, values, and consciousness. The soothing earth colors still seem to bloom. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite neutral colors in the book Paint Color Ideas: Which Neutral Colors Are Trending in 2022?

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Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

Paint Color Ideas: Which Understated Neutrals Are Popular? Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year: October Mist 1495

Behr 2022 Color Of The Year And Trends Palette Announced

I’m dying to try it. I haven’t lived in green since 2004, when I painted our bedroom a slightly gray shade and an October fog floor. After a few years I was ready to move on from it, but it was very reassuring.

It reminds me of a Glidden color called Nurture that I used quite a bit in the early 2000s. Is it too pastel for your space? The only way to find out is to pick it up and stare at it all day.

How many shades of khaki are there in the world of neutral paint colors? Too much, but I like the name chosen from the colors of 2022:

Sometimes a room needs a warm embrace of cream stone/stucco/linen and it looks amazing in navy blue.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Picked By The Pros

The three eyeshadows above were my favorites from the 2022 collection, and here are some from last year’s collection that are timeless:

The easiest way to know if a paint color is working? Order samples with Sampliz and have them delivered directly to your door.

Have you tried any of the colors above that made the cut last year? I think it is better if the name of the color does not have a word like “grey” or “green” because it can be very misleading. Gray cashmere looks green and moody to me!

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

I can call it “fun cashmere” so as not to scare those who think that gray is too cool or boring.

No Fail Neutral Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

A touch of pink is beautiful in white paint colors, and here you can see it as the color under Misty Dawn.

“Smoky, light and tender, a misty morning suggests a walk through dew-covered woods.”

It has a very atmospheric blue-green gray tone, inspired by Europe. BM calls Aegean Teal 2136-40 an interesting midtone that creates a natural harmony.

BENJAMIN MOORE Aegean Tea – If you’re wondering about the colors of 2022: What understated neutrals are trending right now?

A Word About Neutrals

Row 1: Smoke White|Almond Whisk|Villa by the Sea|Row 2: Sierra|Cellini Gold|Canyon Dust|Row 3: Modern Mocha|Maple Glaze|Kalahari Sunset|Row 4: Saffron Thread|Barn Tree Gray | Euphoric magenta| Row 5: Desire Green|Dayflower|Travel| Row 6: Jojoba|Blue Blue Jacket| Caribbean| Line 7: Royal Orchard| Nocturne Blue| Broadway

Left to Right: Row 1: Stone Island, Developing Taupe, Aleutian, Slate Tile, Alabaster; Row 2: Black Fox, Whole Grain, Tan Canvas, Retreat, Perfect Gray

Rosemary showed us how chic and neutral you can live with a 50% mix like her son’s bedroom.

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

The French seem to know their way around big, sophisticated neutrals, and since we don’t often find shows of chic suburban apartments outside of Paris, this one caught my eye. Let me know what you think!

Are White Walls, Cabinets & Exteriors Still Trendy For 2024?

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They didn’t JUST pick the color for 2022 (click to read that post) or my deep dive into 2022 cabinet color trends.

A background in textile color matching, 5 years in the color industry and the color gift of color memory are my experience.

Sherwin Williams Says These Colors Will Rule Interiors In 2023

Over the years, I’ve shared my annual top picks of the best, and these are my most popular blog posts:

Not only will I share my top 28 paint colors, but I’ll also narrow down trendy color palettes to bring you the BEST:

Of the 5 color brands I will cover, how many have chosen green as their color of the year?

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

Valspar doesn’t choose a color, but you can bet they have it in the trendy palette too!

Jrl Interiors — Paint Pairings For Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2022: October Mist

“Make room for creativity. By evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, the October mist creates a canvas for other colors and your imagination to flourish.” Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year

“Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a versatile and soothing shade, a chameleon color, a stunning green-grey with a hint of blue. It’s a simple yet sophisticated blend of beautiful, organic colors for spaces that crave subtle yet dramatic hues.” Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2022

Breezeway “Relaxing and uplifting green sea glass that represents calm and tranquility for forward movement.” Ber is the color of the year 2022

“The olive branch is a mid-tone green undertone, neutral, lush, organic. It’s the perfect color for any interior.” PPG Color of the Year 2022

Best Greige Paint Colors

Now let’s take a deep look into the trending paint colors of 2022 from the leading paint companies.

In my analysis of color trends last year, I called the new hot pink pink, blue and green based on gray and yellow tones.

“As trends change, paint is truly the most affordable way to update your home and freshen up the look.” Porch Daydreamer

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

This is great news for all of us as we look for new colors to decorate our homes.

Top 10 Neutral Paint Colors

After reviewing 127 colors, here are my picks for the best colors for your home.

1. Highly reflective white | 2. Steam | 3. Morning Dew | 4. White Shoji | 5. October fog | 6. Evergreen Mist | 7. Rosemary | 8. Castle Stone | 9. Lullaby 10. Moments of quiet | 11. Moody Blue | 12. Vining Ivy | 13. Orchid ash | 14. Aleut | 15. Bergälv | 16. Mysterious | 17. Light lavender | 18. Hint of Violet | 19. Gooseberry | 20. Blackberry | 21. Pink Shade | 22. Sunset veils | 23. Lingonberry Punch | 24. Kyzyl Bai | 25. Acceptable gray | 26. Loggia | 27. Oyster shell | 28. Iron ores

To help you, I narrowed it down to specific groups of neutrals, greens, blues, pinks, reds and purples.

1. White Shoji | 2. Collection | 3. Alabaster | 4. Steam | 5. Morning Dew | 6. Acceptable gray | 7. Beige Available | 8. Loggia | 9. Oyster shell | 10. Intrigue | 11. World of fire | 12. Iron ores

Best Neutral Paint Colors In 2024

1. Winter fan 2. Lullaby 3. A quiet moment | 4. Moody Blue | 5. Vining Ivy | 6. Ocean Abyss | 7. Orchid ash | 8. Mountain river | 9. Mysterious | 10. After the rain | 11. Dark Cobalt Blue | 12. Frank Blue

I haven’t listed it in my patterns because it’s subtle, but there are other blues that appear without green.

1. Breezeway | 2. High Park | 3. Rosemary | 4. October fog | 5. Evergreen Mist | 6. Castle Stone | 7. Whitened thyme | 8. Fixed | 9. Gloucester Sage | 10. Cucuzza Verde | 11. Guacamole | 12. Green basque

Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

1. Pink shade | 2. Wild Flower | 3. Sunset veils | 4. Lingonberry Punch 5. Sun-washed bricks | 6. Sierra Redwood | 7. Rose Tan 8. Red Beach

Trends: The New Neutral Paint Colors

1. A little lavender | 2. Hint of Violet | 3. Remains from the ancestors | 4. Blackberry | 5. Tea time | 6. Gooseberry | 7. Rose | 8. Dynamo

The pastel colors are so beautiful in this group and I can see them being used in bedrooms as they are very calming.

The last two colors shown are cold and light in nature, they are not suitable for the whole room, but instead only the wall.

“My hope is that you will be well informed about all the 2022 paint colors that are trending in the coming year.” Porch Daydreamer

Popular Charcoal Paint Colors For A Moody Aesthetic

Here are some color spots to help you once you’ve made your decision or if you haven’t found the perfect shade in your annual picks:

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Trending Neutral Paint Colors 2022

In 2022, our interior design clients want spaces that reflect their lives, the places they’ve traveled and the memories they’ve made over the years. They also want rooms with a very inspiring personality

Coastal Paint Colors To Try In 2022

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