Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

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Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens – As the seasons come and go, trends are always changing: millennial pink is turning green, and gold and bronze accessories are overtaking silver. Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to go with what’s new right now—in fact, it’s best to go with what your heart really wants, especially if you’re considering a major renovation. , but trends are a great way to help you figure out what you like in your personal space. Although 2022 is (surprisingly) a few months away, we already have a pretty good idea of ​​the kitchen paint colors that will dominate the year, and they’re really inspiring.

If you’ve started planning your renovation, you’ve probably checked out many color charts, but you may not have picked the perfect color yet. Now, maybe lean towards a warm ice cream instead of a classic white, or step out of your comfort zone with a bold blue. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but you can let these 2022 kitchen color trends give you some ideas.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Blue kitchen cabinets almost always create a relaxing atmosphere, like Brenner’s Brown County Beer rental property in Nashville, Indiana. Keep it simple when it comes to the headboard and backsplash so the color doesn’t overwhelm the space. Here, classic subway tile and butcher block allow Sherwin Williams Rainstorm handcrafted Shaker cabinets to take center stage. The continuation of the color in the open front shelf makes the room even more harmonious.

Of The Best Kitchen Paint Colors To Rev Up Your Walls

It’s not as classic as a plain white kitchen, but here designer Krista Martin has put a twist; Cream-colored walls and cream-colored paneling in the island provide a subtle contrast to the plain white cabinetry fronts of the Sandpiper Project in Palm Springs. Especially with the white ceramic floor on a large scale, this decision makes the room even more dynamic.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Following a paint color trend doesn’t mean you have to redo all of your cabinets. Take this Oaxaca-inspired space by Claire Thomas: an arched floor painted in a warm clay tone enhances the wood tones of the kitchen’s Taho Semihandmade countertops and creates a focal point in the dining area.

Committing to color isn’t scary, especially if you choose an ultra-light color like the green-gray in Shane Murphy’s Brooklyn home. The silver cabinets almost blend into the background for a seamless look, and the white marble tops and backs allow the cabinets to shine without competing.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

The Top 12 Most Popular Kitchen Colours Of 2024

Your wall color can make a big difference in your space, even if you leave your cabinets alone. In this breakfast nook by designer Zoe Feldman, pastel pink makes the seating area lively and welcoming. The edge of the curtain wall and dark cushions keep it from looking too saccharine. In the kitchen, “Love and Happiness by Benjamin Moore” covers the walls above the cabinets and relaxes by drawing the eye upward.

Contrast cabinets are a great way to try a more modern color. New York Reserve Home’s kitchen features plywood upper cabinets and semi-gloss Supermatte Slab surfaces in Agave. The soft blue color is striking enough to feel special, but subtle enough to not feel too round. Crescent cabinets add an extra touch of sweetness to the cabinets (with a nice copper bulb). The right colors can completely transform your kitchen, whether it’s a bright color (think white, gray or powder blue) or a moody shade (for example). brown or dark green). It’s important to consider trendy paint colors, but when choosing the best color scheme for your kitchen, you want to find combinations that feel endless. To help you find your favorite shade, we’ve rounded up the best kitchen color ideas for 2024 and beyond.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

If you’re updating your current space, consider surrounding elements such as the kitchen floor, lighting, countertop style, and backsplash design. Also consider the size and number of windows in your layout. Lighter colors such as off-whites or cool grays work best in small kitchens or interiors with natural light. Saturated shades, such as emerald green or navy blue, can also be expressed in small spaces.

Kitchen Paint Color Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Choose to focus on one color for a monochrome moment or experiment with timeless color combinations – you can’t go wrong with black and white kitchens. Along with kitchen trends in 2024, green kitchens are still popular, from bright cabinets to forest green. This year we’re loving deep reds, sunny yellows and even barbie pinks. Whether your kitchen design is modern, country, rustic or maximalist, we have a beautiful color to inspire your space.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Painting your cabinets black—a popular color in 2024—is an easy way to create contrast and add drama. Here, Woodland Road Design combines a dark color with white tiling.

Light up your face with a powder blue that creates a calm and cool feeling. The pale color chosen by Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors looks amazing with walnut wood and gold.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Best White Kitchen Ideas

Instead of sticking to one color scheme, the design company Forge & Bow chooses a nature-inspired green for the lower cabinets and bright white for the upper ones.

From burgundy and fall to rich colors, warm russet reds are popular this year. Here, Kelsey McGregor, founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co., uses wine-inspired colors on walls, cabinets, and window treatments to create a monochromatic moment.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Contrast the silky blue cabinets with the pale white walls and dark wood ceiling. According to Anna Popova of Popov Interiors, dark wood creates drama and warmth, as well as a connection with nature.

Warm Paint Colors For Kitchens: Pictures & Ideas From Hgtv

This cool green is dark yet soothing, full of gray tones that make it almost neutral. The modern shade goes well with natural wood floors and marble surfaces.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Light, warm and welcoming, this shade of white looks elegant with gold fixtures and marble surfaces. We also love that Alan Hutton of BarnesVanze Architects replaced the upper cabinets with a wall of windows.

Blue and yellow are on opposite sides of the color wheel, meaning these sunny yellow cabinets work well with a blue tile backsplash.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Soothing Paint Colors To Try

Light gray kitchens are endless. Here, designer Kate Lester chooses neutral tones that look elegant and help reflect natural light, making the room feel larger.

Regardless of your decor style, deep blue cabinets are popular. The dark shade looks bold, but still feels timeless. Look to Karen Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group, and opt for a blue patterned backsplash as well.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Experiment with a dramatic color combination, as designer Michel Bordeaux does here with dark green cabinets and terracotta upper walls.

Kitchen Color Trends 2023: The Only 6 Colors To Consider

Twenty-four is all about warm earth tones, and designers like Emily Ruff of Cohesively Curated Interiors love the warmth. These deep tones create a sense of mood without making the interior too dark thanks to the increase in natural light.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

After years of Barbiecore home decorating, hot pink looks great on kitchen cabinets. Combine it with white walls and chrome materials.

Instead of choosing a classic white kitchen, interior designer Emily Henderson creates intrigue with natural wood accents, from the wooden ceiling to the base of the kitchen island.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Top 8 Paint Color Trends Of 2022

Gray doesn’t have to be boring. Gray wall paneling tones down the dark gray cabinets in this kitchen design scheme.

White is an endless choice. It helps to brighten up your workstation and gives you the opportunity to decorate with bold accents. In her home, Shelby Girard — Heavenly’s vice president of creative and design — contrasts white countertops with gold hardware and raw wood bar stools.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Capture the beauty of nature with calming shades of green, as Karen Rideau of The Kitchen Design Group did here. It adds style with a wooden cutting board display.

Paint Color Trends To Say Goodbye To In 2023

Create a modern and uplifting aesthetic with rich blue. Here, interior designer Kelsey McGregor uses the same deep tones for cabinets, walls and trim.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Refresh your retro kitchen with a sweet light green color. Paint the outside and inside and back of the cabinets for a uniform look.

Get a soothing shade of blue that will add color to your kitchen without overwhelming the space. Take a cue from Mendelssohn’s group and find a light blue color that feels light, fresh and welcoming.

Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

Experts Reveal The Best Paint Colors To Splash Up Your Kitchen Or Bath

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Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

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Trending Paint Colors For Kitchens

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