Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors – Tudor style houses have a unique and specific type of architecture. For this reason, you may be afraid to update it externally. Certain color palettes and finishes are not available in Tudor style homes. But there are ways to feel modern without losing the Tudor character! This post will show you our favorite ways to renovate this type of home.

If you have a Tudor style home and don’t know where to start with your exterior renovation, our designers at Brick & Batten can help! Check out our exterior design services page to learn more about what we do.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

The Tudor-style homes you see in the United States were popular in the early 20th century until World War II. According to House Beautiful, the hard materials that Tudors used in colder climates were expensive to manufacture. As a result, the architectural style fell out of favor in that period in favor of more practical options.

Take A Look At A Tudor Style Home In University Park From 1931 With Classic Details, Pops Of Color

The modern Tudor-style house is based on England’s original Medieval and Renaissance style residences in the 15th and 16th centuries. This period coincided with the reign of the British monarchs of the House of Tudor, after whom the style was named. As Bob Villa’s website explains, these original Tudor houses were built with wooden beams, with poles called pau-a-pique. Gaps are filled with a mixture of clay, sand and manure. Then they painted it white with lime. This building technique is known as half-timbering and gives the Tudor home a unique and familiar design.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Are you ready to learn how to update the exterior of a Tudor home? Let’s take a look at some examples from our Brick and Batten designers.

With the exception of the half-timbered structure that distinguishes Tudor houses, external wooden details are generally sparse. Instead of the traditional use of brick or stone, this exterior design uses modern wood siding to create texture and contrast.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Exterior Paint Color Design: Cheerful Tudor

Our designers reduced the exterior contrast of this grand Tudor home by painting the brickwork the same color as the stucco. Benjamin Moore’s Sipearl gains a modern appeal. The only difference today is the wooden middle frame, the beautiful copper cover and the unique structure.

The second floor of this traditional two-story brick home has Tudor details. To update the home’s exterior, our designers used Benjamin Moore’s graphite-painted wide plank. Removing half of the wood frame and replacing it with color blocking panels gives it a modern update.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Most of the Tudors around you are off-white and creamy. This color is reminiscent of the lime used in original medieval and Renaissance houses. This Tudor received a modern makeover from our designers using Sherwin Williams’ deep iron ore in the stucco and Benjamin Moore’s reversible pewter in the center wood.

Buying And Remodeling A Tudor Style House: What To Know

Brass accents were not often used in Renaissance-era housing. This is why copper is not found in traditional Tudor homes. However, using brass accents is a great way to give a modern twist to this style of home, like the one above, while still looking timeless. Painting this home in Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain and Revere Pewter also updates the look.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Some small modern Tudor-style houses do not feature the iconic half-timbering. Instead, they have a prominent chimney and an arched front door. Our designers updated this home’s exterior with a new paint color, black windows, and copper gutters to reveal the chimney and porch.

If you’re wondering how to update the exterior of a Tudor-style home in a monochromatic way, here’s a great example. Half of the wood is painted the same color as the stucco. In this case, we used Benjamin Moore’s Cloud Cover. The trim and windows are black (also from Benjamin Moore) for a little contrast that doesn’t overpower the design.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

House Tour: Modern Tudor

Nothing makes a home more modern than a black and white color scheme. If you want to update the exterior of a Tudor-style home, this example shows one of the easiest ways to do so. Paint the brick or stucco a calming white, like Origami White by Sherwin Williams, or whitewash it. Trim the house and windows in a black or nearly black color, such as Dragon’s Breath by Benjamin Moore.

Tudor-style homes are different. They have historical value with the ability to remain in the original design. This list includes many beautiful virtual renderings that transform this classic style of home. Whether you’re looking for contrast or a sleek monochromatic look, the modern Tudor-style home of your dreams awaits!

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

If you are looking to update the exterior of a Tudor style home, we can help bring your dream home to life. Start now! Historic Tudor-style homes (or in our case, a vintage 1970s Tudor) are not easy to update! You definitely want to preserve the charm of your home but give it a new look with the perfect Tudor paint color.

Old Meets New In This Charming 1920s Dallas Tudor

Discover how to bring old world style into the modern world with fresh, subtle and unique colors on your Tudor home exterior!

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Take a photo tour of our English Tudor exterior home updated with a new soft exterior paint color palette.

I’m behind all of this. I admit…I’m not always right and, in fact, I’m always learning. When we painted our colonial, it completely changed my perspective of the entire house. It’s great to build a house we’re so proud of.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

What Is A Tudor Style House?

We waited more than two years to paint it, focusing first on the interior. I don’t regret doing it, as we spent countless hours within the walls, but I always felt apologetic outside.

At our St. Louis home, we want to try the opposite: painting the exterior before doing interior renovations.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

In fact, if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve probably already noticed that we’re repainting the exterior of the house. Thanks to wood rot and wall damage, we opted for the new Tudor paint colors – and we’re totally in love.

Tudor Style Homes & Mansions (historic And Contemporary Photo Examples)

This post will cover a variety of topics, including photos of our house in all stages – before we bought it, when we first painted it, initial Tudor paint color choices, and our exterior color today.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

I hope this information gives you confidence in choosing your own Tudor paint colors as you tackle this project too!

When we bought our yellow and brown Tudor, I was amazed. Seeing the exterior in need of a lot of work worries me every time I enter our home.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

White House Black Trim

Taking care of external issues and painting them with a clean, neutral color palette sets the tone for the interior of our home – like an invitation. It lets visitors know what to expect inside and creates calm outside.

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Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Yes, we are painting this house. In fact, we’re still painting the bricks – and we’re glad we won! Here is our current exterior color palette.

This Modern Tudor Style Home In Charlotte Has Stunning Curb Appeal

Note that we chose Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee for the body and Benjamin Moore Pale Oak for the finish.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

To make Tudor a little more timeless and attractive, we chose slightly different base colors and finishes. We followed the same path the first time we painted and here are the colors.

For our first exterior painting project, we chose Sherwin Williams Everyday White and Sherwin Williams Realist Beige. You can see some photos of this color combination at the end of this post!

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

What Is A Tudor Home?

Historically, English Tudor traditionally features a light and dark contrast, with dark woods and light, neutral-colored paneling or stucco.

With dramatic gable roofs, asymmetrical styles, diamond windows, and half beams as distinguishing features, Tudor-style homes often feature a combination of brick or stone with stucco and wood trim.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Tudor houses built during the Tudor period in England (generally considered to be between 1485 and 1603) were traditionally black and white. In the 1970s, the Tudor style was reborn in the United States, and the color is usually yellow cream with brown wood.

What Is A Tudor Style Home?

Exterior paint colors change drastically with the time of day, depending on how the light hits it. It’s important to test your samples at different times of the day!

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Below, please note that the next three photos show the previous exterior color combination of our Tudor home.

It is often the dated look of very dark wood that brings back the Tudor home. While these cottage-style homes can exude character, they are in need of a fresh color palette in modern times. Consider a soft, subtle palette of beiges or greens for a subtle contrast to your Tudor home’s stucco panelling.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

Paint Schemes For Your Home’s Exterior

Alternatively, many have brought their Tudor homes into the modern era with a bold black and white look! It’s an exterior color palette that feels fresh and contemporary – a departure from the original style, as the bold finishes are concentrated in different areas.

If you are ready to paint your home for sale, you want to attract more buyers.

Tudor Style Home Exterior Colors

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