Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer

Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer – Check out my honest review of Valspar One Coat Exterior Letter and Sealer. I used it to cover an outdoor three tier planter project and it worked great!

You know, I like to test different painting products. I’m always looking for a good exterior paint and stain! How do you know how to choose the right paint? Today I hope to shed some light on Valspar One Coat Exterior Stains and Sealants with an honest review.

Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer

Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer

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You may notice that the product is slightly different from the photo. I added a beaded strip to make it look like a planter inside a planter.

My goal with this seeder is to cover the old helicopter pump. Remember how I added an outdoor table earlier to cover the ugly grinder pump? Well, I got bored of it and wanted something new.

After tidying up the garden bed I made an important decision; What color or stain to use.

I researched many products and found this one for the perfect stain for your deck or outdoors.

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I decided to buy Valspar exterior paint because it provides one coat coverage. Lazy? Maybe, but I wanted to find out.

As I said, I was always disappointed with “covering one layer”. We will discuss this issue in a later post.

When I went to the hardware store to buy stains, I asked for a color chart. The salesperson pulled out a card for another Valspar product and said any of these specific colors would match the stain. There were about 25 different variations on the chart. I chose the color “Driftwood”.

Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer

If you look on their website under the Single Coat Paint and Single Coat Sealer sections, you will find 63 available colors of “hard” stains.

Thomspon’s® Waterseal® Chestnut Brown Semi Transparent Deck & Siding Wood Sealer

I’m sure the sales lady was right and you can mix multiple colors into the stain, but the color I picked on the paper didn’t look like it when I opened the box.

I was looking for a very neutral color that would go with everything. After all, the exterior color of my house is bright green.

When I first opened the box, I was amazed at the thick consistency! No joke, when I dipped my brush into it, it felt like I was releasing jelly (maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but not terrible).

All this means is that Valspar deck stains are thick paint. It has to be thick to be a single coat, right?

Valspar One Coat Exterior Stain And Sealer Review: Is This Valspar Deck Stain A Good Buy?

It goes on smoothly and has good coverage. I immediately understood why it only needed one coat.

This is a subjective question. I think one coat of this product is easy to apply.

I painted the sides of the pot with one coat of paint, but I applied two coats to the top of the coral shape. Can I leave a layer on top and it will look good? Yes, but there were some very visible blemishes and I wanted full, solid coverage.

Valspar Deck Stain And Sealer

I also found that if it was transparent now, it would get easier over time (with all the elements).

Valspar Pinebark Semi Transparent Exterior Wood Stain And Sealer (1 Gallon) In The Exterior Stains Department At

I used 1/2 can (1 quart can) for a full coat of stain and 2 coats per stain.

Valspar One Coat Exterior Hard Stain and Sealant is an excellent product with good coverage. They have a wide range of colors to choose from and are priced similarly to other hard stains and sealants.

I will do a review in about six months to show how the scar is doing. So far, I’ve rated this product twice!

I’d love to hear from you in six months. My big deck looked good when I finished it with Valspar in October. It broke in April. The entire deck was left with a white coat as the paint chipped and fell off. It destroyed the entire deck.

Valspar Pre Tinted Cedar Naturaltone Transparent Exterior Wood Stain And Sealer (5 Gallon) In The Exterior Stains Department At

In fact, it’s been over a year and it still looks great! With that in mind, I applied it to bare wood. Is your face pre-treated? It didn’t seem to stick properly at first.

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