Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

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I’m sure you already know that I’m a loyal girl when it comes to painting and I have a long relationship with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams (Ben Wesher personally) over the years. However, when Lowes came to town, I was very impressed with Valspar and its range of colors. I ordered a fan deck and a week later Val and I were officially engaged.

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

And hopefully: no pictures – that’s right. I am committed to my site only featuring pictures of my E-Design clients’ homes and no one has used Valspar yet – but the INFO is still in the works so keep reading! If you are into pictures, you can check out the blog posts listed at the end of this post.

A Colorful Perspective For Pros Who Paint In 2022

Now, I’m still learning a lot about these colors (really, the learning never stops), but I wanted to share my four favorite grays when I first introduced this color line to my blog…

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

This is probably my favorite gray in the Valspar range. Notre Dame is the perfect depth – not too light, not too dark and very noticeable, subtle, soft, just a cool gray green tone with a little wink. Not cold and icy, just cool.

Gravity is a gorgeous cool gray with a cool purple undertone and is definitely the newest of the bunch. A warm purple can lean on the pink side, a cool purple can lean on the blue side – it’s cool. Compare this bad boy to Notre Dame and you’ll see that tone. That doesn’t mean you’ll have “purple” walls, no, but like a lot of gray, you will.

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Warming Up Our Guest Bathroom W/valspar

Tempered Gray is a cool gray with a subtle stone look (not pottery…stone) that gives it a more earthy look compared to the new clean look of Gravity.

This is my favorite (but is there really one I don’t like? The filtered shade is a lovely light gray with a slightly warm feel (without looking remotely grey). Out of the 4, it’s the feminine complex and the UBER slightly “pretty” mauve/brown shade) .

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

And I would appreciate it if you could keep my love affair with Valspar a secret. Ben and Sherm can be touchy about these things, so I’ll shut up now. Just kidding – they don’t really know I exist (like most teenage pretenders) and I don’t understand anything about their brand of sound – I just love them!

Valspar’s 2021 Colors Of The Year Inspired By Mindfulness And Wellbeing


Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Paint Colors: Our Whole Home Palette |

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

01. ColorOnline Color Course School Want to learn more about color, whether in your home or your clients’ homes? Whether you’re new to the world of color or an expert, these fun online courses will take your color education to the next level! View courses 02. E-books at reasonable prices and in demand Are you a serious reader? Want to learn more about the fun side of designing and coloring? These eBooks cover a wide range of topics and are sure to update your space and rethink the way you live in your home! Check out the e-books Secret, I Love the Color Gray and Valspar. I didn’t think I had a favorite brand of paint, but over the years I’ve always bought Valspar. It is affordable and looks great in our home and on our framed walls. After updating the color scheme in our home, I tested several Valspar grays before settling on the perfect shade, Seashell Grey.

The Best Valspar Neutral Paint Colors — Jen Naye Herrmann

Among the multitude of gray examples, a few stood out as favorites. Gray is a hard color to find and each color is very different from individual houses. Examples are key! I loved how the muted gray looked in the store and on Pinterest, but it was too purple in our house.

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Some grays can look too purple or too blue. So you should use these examples to find the best one! And if you find the perfect one for your home, you can use the same colors on the same clock. Our wall colors (Shell Gray) and the interior door color (solid shade) are the same. And when I built our DIY center, I planned to paint it Rocky Bluffs because I knew it would look great in our house. It’s also in the same program. So I know all three colors look good together. It no longer supports older versions of your browser to keep user data safe. Please update to the latest version.

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Favorite Valspar Grays

Take the guesswork out of paint colors with a limited color palette from an experienced and professional interior designer.

Want expert help choosing the best palette for your project? Take my free quick quiz at the link below and I’ll send you some board suggestions.

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

This prepackaged color chart features 9 Valspar paint colors that complement each other and work in a cohesive color palette.

Top 10 Grays For Your Walls

The color scheme shown in the listing is the palette you will receive, and the color details (name and color number) are shown at checkout.

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

💕 Want to see paint colors in your real room before painting? Please see my interior paint consultation and list of suggestions!

💕 Looking to add some new paint colors while working with the existing color in the house? Is there a pre-made palette I’ve designed that you’d like to modify to suit your needs? This custom chart option may be just what you need!

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Valspar Satin Light French Gray Sw0055 Cabinet & Furniture Paint Enamel (1 Gallon) In The Cabinet & Furniture Paint Department At

💕 Want a color consultation for the whole house? Please check out my other listings.

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

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Favorite Interior Paint Colors

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

The painters arrived the next day and I still haven’t decided what colors I want. He dropped everything to help me figure it out. I love how it turned out. Note that the colors on your phone will look completely different than on your walls. So it’s hard to judge this part. When I looked at his first color suggestion, I quickly said no. It was just like what I had on the walls. That is why he recommended it to others. I got samples of all of them and used his first choice. It was like I had nothing anymore. he was right!

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

Best White Paint Colors: Expert Share The Top Options

I asked for an Edwardian modern palette inspired by Victorian and mid-century modern palettes. It turned out great and I’m excited to start painting my apartment.

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Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

My intention is not to insult the owner of this shop. It’s my fault. I lost the process. My takeaway was $15 for a free color swatch.

Antique Paint Colors For Historic Houses

In the mountain

Valspar Warm Gray Paint Colors

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