Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

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Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest – Explore our creative living room decorating ideas, including gallery walls, wallpaper tiles, eclectic objects, tapestry, found art, and more.

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Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

Wake up a dull living room wall with creative decorating ideas. Transform a plain and sterile space by adding warm and inviting accents that make the living room the most visually appealing space in the house. Line the gallery walls with thrift store finds, cover the walls with patterned paper, or display a collection of antiques; There are countless ways to show your personality and bring life to a dull living room. Here are our top 20 types of decoration to make the living room the most popular gathering place in the house.

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In our 2016 Idea Home, decorator Lauren Liess hangs a gallery wall above a blue sofa to add interest to a quiet living space. He collected all the framed pieces from local antique centers. “I want everyone to understand that you can make something interesting out of imperfect artifacts,” he said.

A vibrant painting emerges from the pastel blue walls of a pool house in Lexington, Kentucky. Artwork depicting horse pastures around the property complements the striking color scheme of the interior. A large painting makes a statement and takes its place under a stunning chandelier.

Her favorite wallpaper became the starting point for Whitney McGregor’s bright living room. To bring the space to life, she covered the blue and white wall coverings with colorful artwork that added color. Coordinated colors make the space more harmonious.

Designer Margaret Kirkland added pieces from the homeowner’s antique collection to this formal living room, dominated by greens and golds. Framed pictures are mounted on either side of the bay window. A large and elegant mirror reflects light and makes a room appear larger.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas That Make A Statement

In the living room of her riverside home in Jacksonville, Fla., designer Stephanie Jarvis has hung three copper planters found at the Marburger Farm Antiques Show in Texas. The botanical theme is repeated in the throw pillows.

Storage becomes the decoration of this mid-century modern house; Stored firewood turns into luxurious style in the living room. Stacking the wood on its side artistically displays the multi-colored grain on each log.

Richmond-based designer Jeni Molster used the stunning Suzani to decorate the wooden walls of her Nags Head vacation home. Hanging fabric curtains with a beautiful design defines the seating area and breaks the long and vertical lines of the walls. It also adds a pop of color to a monochromatic space.

Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

Whimsical taxidermy fake heads add playful personality to the white walls of Holly Williams’ playroom in her Tennessee home. A gallery hanging on the side wall has a collection of family photos and pictures, while the wallpaper on the ceiling gives us an idea of ​​shapes in the clouds.

Style Modern Living Room Ideas To Try In 2023

Covering an entire living room with luxurious wallpaper can be expensive. In her San Antonio home, designer Nicola McLaughlin fashioned two panels in de Gourney’s badminton style, adding subtle accents. The gold and black frame contrasts with the blue in this area.

Building on the neutral palette of his living room in his Birmingham bungalow, architect James Laughlin drew six sketches of his university thesis and hung them on a grid. A personal touch that you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

Graphic designer Hannah Seabrook chose a collection of botanically themed accessories to evoke the feel of an English garden in her living room in Louisville, Kentucky. Creating a large wall of gallery images allows their subtle tones to shine through.

Richmond-based artist Dana Gibson couldn’t stand plain walls in her living room, so she covered the boring drywall with tiles. “I’m not a fan of drywall, and I’ll do anything to make it more interesting,” he said. The top five of the wall was covered in an impressive bright yellow (Bing Bong by Bridget Beari Colors).

Top 8 Diy Wall Decor Ideas

On the dusty pink walls of Brittney Forrister’s Nashville bungalow is a whimsical pattern of a woman in a red and yellow hat. Britney loves prints, but isn’t so keen on color schemes. “Even things you don’t like can work in the right space,” he says.

Every inch of this living space is functional, with open shelving to display a bookworm collection and a comfortable bench lined with new books. Task lights and plush cushions make the space more attractive.

Garden designer P. Allen Smith’s country home in Little Rock hangs a personal arrangement. He placed several old farm tools on the mantel. The idea is affordable, and says, “An original piece of art adds a lot of soul to a home.”

Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

Built-in and floating shelves display pottery, pottery, sculpture and basketry. Repeated shapes and motifs, such as the birds shown here, unite the eclectic collection.

Wall Decor Ideas To Transform Every Room In The House

The living room of this New Orleans shotgun house plays with a variety of neutral wall colors and a striking royal blue. The old plaster structure is marked rather than hidden by the partly exposed bricks of the chimney. Interesting architectural features can become independent wall decorations.

This chalet fireplace makes a great statement in a wood paneled room. The chimney and surrounding walls were covered with stone from floor to ceiling, which became a central feature of the living room. Cowhide rugs create a luxurious feel.

Birmingham-based decorator Fran Keenan painted this large-scale Greek key pattern in a repeating pattern that mimics the original wallpaper. She was thinking of reupholstering her sister’s old zebra print sofa, but the more she looked at it, the more she realized it could work. “It’s fun not to think too much,” he added.

Holly Williams displays a photo of her father’s beloved dog on the living room sofa of her home in Nashville, Tennessee. “It’s literally a family home,” he said. “I have liked this piece since I was a child.” Other significant items on display include a duck hunting scene painted by his maternal great-grandmother.

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room In 2023

“When William and I started dating, we decided to buy art together every year. “It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it has to be something that we both love,” Henderson said. JAMES RANDOM

This charming living room is full of meaning. The story is told through artwork collected by owner Dorothy Shane Henderson and her husband William. “When William and I started dating, we decided to buy art together every year. It didn’t have to be fancy, it just had to be something we liked,” Henderson said.

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Wall Decor For Living Room Pinterest

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New Wall Decor Ideas

Do you have a big blank wall in your living room like mine? I don’t think it’s necessary to decorate every blank wall, but I feel I need something. I’m not sure what happened! After searching for inspiration, I put together six of my favorite living room wall decor ideas to share!

To the right of the blank wall in the photo above, you can see the solution we used to decorate the art gallery wall, the largest of the four walls in the living room ours! I used ten framed art pictures in a grid pattern spaced evenly around our media console and TV:

Source: TV Console (similar)  | Candlestick (satin bronze)  | Raw white pillowcase | False fiddle leaf fig tree | Carpet | Double Floor Bag | Painting (details | Acrylic Coffee Table (similar) | Coffee Stand (28″ square) | Black and White Striped Box (on Coffee Table) | Gray Flat Throw (similar)

My art prints are an 18″ x 24″ matte copper framed art print from Minted; You cannot buy my exact product

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Wake Up Blank Walls

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