Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

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Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room – ‘Tis the season to bring out your precious holiday decorations and transform your living room into a magical Christmas space. Year after year, collected family treasures bring back fond memories when you pull them out of their storage boxes. You may want to add new holiday decorations, and mixing the old with the new is a great way to keep things fresh.

Holiday decorations can also be DIY, whether it’s hanging pine cones with ribbon, coloring decorations, cutting snowflakes from craft paper or making your own flowers, the possibilities are endless. The living room is the best place to start decorating, because it is often the most popular place in the home to put the Christmas tree.

Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

You might want to start the holiday season by decorating with your tree, especially if it’s a fake tree. The color scheme will help set the tone for the rest of the website. Some decorators like to start with a Christmas symbol or favorite holiday accessory to use as inspiration for the rest of the room. If you have a fireplace, it can be a great place to decorate it with Christmas decorations, stockings and bells.

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Don’t forget to add some decorative and warm items such as garments, pillows, rugs and other items that will add to your overall decorating theme. Continue below for great ideas on how to update your living room, including more resources and a link to their Instagram accounts for more tutorials on how to get started. So bring your favorite drink and get ready to be inspired!

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1. The streaming Christmas tree. This beautiful living room has an 8 foot @kingofchristmas tree. To decorate this tree, start with the beads, then the ribbon, then it starts with the finishing touches. A white net cloth is wrapped around the tree, with about 2 1/2 rolls. The birds on the coffee table are from @potterybarn. To fill this space is the local rug from @boutiquerugs. (via @blessed_ranch)

2. Winter light. This stunning living room has candlelight and decorative lighting to create a magical atmosphere. For a simple yet elegant look this Christmas, decorate the fireplace with wreaths, stockings, candles and candles decorated with the largest tree ever lit – all from Pottery Barn. (via @potterybarn)

Warm And Cozy Christmas Home Tour

3. Relax in the living room. This warm and cozy living room is perfect for winter with its red and white colors. This page has Christmas trees from @fraserhillfarm. Handmade knitted blanket by @nuzzieco. The fire suit is dressed up with a wreath, large bells and stockings from @vhc_brands. A pile of candles in a fireplace gives off a magical glow, courtesy of @lamp.lust.(via @drivewaytodreams_crystal)

4. Classic red and white Christmas. This lovely red and white arrangement features a sliding tree from Lowes decorated with red and white ornaments and winter berries layered up the top of the tree and branching down to the base of the tree. On top of the dress, a running wreath resembles a tree ornament. A poinsettia wreath decorates the fireplace along with stockings, small trees and reindeer. (via Pinterest)

5. Merry & Bright. This beautiful Christmas room has a classic red, white and green theme that is warm and cosy. Twinkling lights help bring a magical glow to the room. The wreath that adorns the fireplace is from Hobby Lobby. For the bonfire, the basket is filled with greens, white pine twigs, some holly candles and a battery to make it look magical. (via @wowilovethat)

Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

6. The magic of Christmas. A Believe sign inspired the room’s decor, placed above the fireplace. Beautiful flowers, silver trees and candles from @homegoods add an elegant touch. The “Believe” sign and wooden star are from @krumpetshomedecor. Curved glass mirror and background for holiday decor, from @kirklands. The socks are from @potterybarn. In the corner is a large tree decorated with red, white and silver decorations, wooden candies and beautiful ribs. (via @nissalynninteriors)

Cozy Christmas Spaces In Your Home

7. Turn on all the lights. This warm and cozy living room lights up with beautiful Christmas trees from @walmart. “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” brand by @thegrayhousedesignco. The symbol of Santa Claus inspired the design of the place – red and pink. The mirror placed behind the sign is from @target. Santa’s list on the dining table is just a piece of white paper and the list is handwritten with a marker. (via @cherished_treasures_)

8. May your days be happy and bright. This fun and festive place is decorated with garlands, lights and Christmas trees. Add layers of texture with pillows and throws. Similar firehouses can be found at Target. A roaring fire brings the warmth of a cold winter’s day and adds to the magic of this beautiful place. (via @dining_delight)

9. The Christmas tree. The theme of this Christmas tree is blue, green, gold and tartan. Making a beautiful tree starts with ribbon. Adding ribbon to your tree will make it stand out and add a lot of style. The band width is 2.5 inches. Find a video tutorial at the link on how to put this tree together. (via @lifebyleanna)

10. Happy rustic Christmas. This magical and beautiful living room is decorated with fresh holiday leaves on the fireplace. Colorful socks with tags hang from the dress, adding color and style. The two deer on the coffee are from @jcpenney. (via @hipandhumblestyle)

How To Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas

11. Tis the season. This Christmas-decorated living room has a warm, cozy atmosphere with bright and colorful furniture. By the fireplace, the asymmetric garland design brings the most beautiful atmosphere to the place. For the wreath, a cedar-like green string from Pier 1 covered with lots of Christmas leaves/fruit is nailed to the corner. Inspired by the decor of this room, ‘Tis The Season logo from @krumpetshomedecor. Behind the sign is an old 6-route plate from @kirklands. The price tag comes from @target, while the Christmas streaming price tag comes from @kingofchristmas. (via @simple.joy.at.home)

12. It’s starting to look like Christmas. This living room is magical, magical and beautiful. On the wall above the fireplace is a @samsungus Frame TV showing your favorite Christmas scenes, like this cool cabin in the woods. The Christmas tree is from @kingofchristmas, while the rocking horse and Santa mugs are from @anthropologie. “Peace on Earth” pillow by @nestofpetals. Underneath the beautiful wreath are socks with cute stocking tags from @simplyinspireddesignco. (via @velveteenandgrace)

13. The home of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an 8′ King Noble Spruce with 600 warm white LED lights from @kingofchristmas. The collar is from Target. Two different types of wreaths are placed on a scarf from Hobby Lobby. In addition, install cypress trees from Hobby Lobby. (via @simplyinspireddesignco)

Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

14. Darling Holiday Mantel. This beautiful design features gold bells, glitter ribbons and wooden stock from @simplyinspireddesignco. The 60″ asymmetrical cedar flowers are from @nearlynaturalfloral. The storage candles, battery operated lamps, brass candle holders and wooden containers are from Target. (via @blessed_ranch)

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15. A cozy rustic atmosphere. In this cozy living room, stockings from @potterybarn are carefully hung from the chimney. Two 6ft Bristlecone rugs pass through the fireplace and are from @homestead.city.dwelling. Raises the crown, the bells come from @kirklands. Small tree decorated by @michaelsstores. (via @homestead.city.dwelling)

16. Red heritage. A vintage sleigh with skates sets the tone for the living room design. The beautiful tree is decorated with a “Merry Christmas” ribbon, red and white ornaments and white poinsettias and baubles. Around the fireplace, colorful bottle trees and pom pom garlands add to the atmosphere in this cozy space. (via @jodie.thedesigntwins)

17. A good Christmas tree. This wonderful Christmas tree has the color red, white, gold and silver. To create this tree, the ribbon is the first decoration that goes through the branches. Mix the multicolored decorations with the cranberry collection. The inviting red chairs contrast beautifully with the white chairs and decorative garments. (via @homehydrangea)

18. A magical Christmas tree. A beautiful 9ft Fraser Christmas tree from @balsamhill. TIP: If your wooden collar does not match the base, cut it in the back where it is not visible. Samsung Frame TV features artwork from @collectionprints. This Christmas Nest candle on the table has a light red pine scent, from @hiveandhomeshop. (via @thedailynest)

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas That Will Create A Warm And Cosy Interior

19. Christmas room. This cozy room features an ornate fireplace with an asymmetrical wreath from @figandcompany. White knitted socks are hung with Command Hooks, while candlesticks give a magical look when the lights go out. For the Christmas tree, decorate in sections, starting with berry stems, pine cones, wooden beads, large ornaments, snowflakes,

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