Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

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Do you have gray walls and want to warm things up a little? Or maybe you have a BEIGE-BEEZE home (hello Tuscan trend) and want to add a nice balance with shades of grey, grey, or brown. In both cases, it is difficult to combine warm and cool colors.

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

The above doesn’t mean you’ll like what I’m saying, but just because it hurts doesn’t mean it’s untrue (like when Tim says wine isn’t a breakfast drink). So here it is…

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First, when I say beige, you might also assume I’m talking about cream tones. It’s easier said than done saying “beige and cream” every time, although I really like hearing myself talk.

Second, when I say “cool colors,” I’m not just talking about grey; I’m talking about any color other than beige (or cream) — that’s a lot of colors when it comes to neutrals. And trust me when I tell you about this next part…

When combining cool colors with warm colors (or finishes), the cool color should be darker than the warm color (or at least the same depth).

When working with warm colors and cool colors (or finishes), the warm color should be lighter (or at least as deep) as the cool color.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

I want you to read the above again and sit with it for a while; Think about how it relates to what you are trying to do. Does this explain a lot? Despite some of the same depths, the partnership is cold and warm

You have to tread carefully, which most of us don’t do when we have a vision of what we want.

Forefront. The ship’s gray wall is darker than the creamy beige wall (as it should be) = the cool color is darker than the light warm color.

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Like a beige sofa. However, if the gray ship is lighter, the painting will look unbalanced, as the warm color will be the stronger of the two.

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The cool color (Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue) is darker than the warm color (Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray) and beige tiles.

Remember that although Edgecomb Gray is neither beige nor cream, it is warmer than the light it is paired with, so your tea should be darker than that.

This is where it gets a little difficult. Although I previously alluded to the following general guide, I want to go into it a little deeper. And seriously, once you understand this general guideline, it will make your color selection life much easier.

The information above does not necessarily mean warm and cool colors (i.e. beige or grey), but also refers to the “cool or warm” colors you are trying to match.

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This is correct; The above does not apply to traditional “warm or cool colors”; This also applies to any neutral color, including grey, beige, grey, brown, cream, tan or white. The idea is…

Any color or finish (no matter how neutral) can be sensitive to cooler and lighter or warmer and darker*.

*Remember there are always exceptions, so don’t wear your pants if your home is one of them.

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Crushed snow barely penetrates the room above. In fact, fortunately, it is as deep as beige stone. If it is lighter, the combo will be off. Of course, this room favored warm beige and off-white, but sometimes there’s a happy medium between what works for the home and what the homeowner wants.

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Check out this next room. Do you think the color palette in the dining room and foyer is well balanced?

Notice how the dark beige color in the hallway looks heavy and heavy compared to the light and cool color in the dining room; They are not happy together. To be honest, even the dining chairs are a bit uncomfortable with the wall colour.

There are cases when the warm and cold mixture works from the same depth. There are much fewer cases where color

“It works. If I had their photos, I would show them to you (since I only use my clients’ photos in online color consultations).

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When it comes to true colors, you have much more flexibility than when working with neutral colors. However, this adjacent room sings because the brown is darker than the beige chairs; It’s cooler.

I know this is going to be long to process. But the dots should come together when you sit down and think about how to apply this advice to your area.

1. Perhaps you did not choose the right color to finish your room (its own blog post).

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

2. You don’t have decor and furnishings that support your chosen color direction (another blog post).

Warm Grays Benjamin Moore Paint Palette

3. While you may be ready to change the color, your home’s finish may vary. Some homes can’t handle a hotter/cooler exchange, or at least can’t be happy with it.

…You need to adjust the depth of the color you are viewing. It can be that simple.

This is correct. The grey, grey, or brown color you’re trying to match can work with a beige or cream color if it’s a little darker. This is true whether you are creating a color palette or combining colors with other fabrics or finishes.

In this next family room, if the sofa is a little darker, you’ll be happier with Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream walls. As it is, they fight each other because they are similar in depth. Alternatively, the walls can be a lighter shade, such as Navajo White or Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

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I realize that if the above information does not confirm the transaction, this is a complex topic. We take the steps one step at a time.

Although you can’t put a number (it’s all about depth) on beige carpets, tiles or furniture (although you can with paint), it’s a matter of looking at and figuring out which finish you coordinate with. Total depth. . Is it light, medium, dark depth or somewhere in between?

This may be due to the previous information about warm colors and the preference for cool colors that are not lighter.

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

2. Look for a gray, grey, or taupe color that is as deep as the beige/cream color

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You will likely start your journey with lighter colors. But since you’ve seen that it doesn’t always work, going a little darker might be your best bet.

In this next photo, the palette works because the light walls (Benjamin Moore Light Pewter) are lighter and warmer than the gray in the dining room (Sherwin Williams Eli Gray)…

Note that the gray in the dining room is cooler and darker than the area rug—perfect! If it were the other way around, the carpet wouldn’t look good.

A) Maybe you’re looking for the wrong subtone to complement you. For example, some shades of beige do not look great with some shades of blue and some do not. Some beiges don’t go well with green and others do. There are many factors at play.

Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

B) Your room may not look good in any color cooler than the current finish; Its original design was not intended for cooler colors.

Did you know that Samplize offers portable paint samples that are cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly than traditional paint pots?

Cream cabinets and trim are perfect examples for finishes that don’t like colors that are cooler and lighter than they are. I’ve had dozens of online color consulting clients looking to update their cream-inspired homes with cooler colors, and we face the same challenge every time. They want something lighter and cooler than they can use at home.

Warm Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Sometimes they have to see it to believe it, as shown in the following image…

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This particular shade of blue is not only more gorgeous than the creams, but it looks extremely clean.

The above combination is better than the previous one. However, if you ask me, the cool color contrasts too much with the warmth of the cabinets, making them look warm/creamy the first time (which isn’t usually the goal). However, I’m often happy to joke with clients when they want to explore a colour, that even if I don’t recommend it, sometimes they have to see it to believe it.

Remember, this is all a general guide. There are exceptions and deviations. If the colors you see don’t work, it may be for the reasons mentioned above.

Yes, you can mix warm and cool colors in your home as long as the gray (cool color) is darker than the beige (warm color) it is paired with.

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Beige should be lighter than the gray combined with it. I will cover this in a future blog post.

Unless your finishes (such as tiles, carpets or furniture) are a very light beige (lighter than classic grey), they usually aren’t. The two don’t go together. Go to Benjamin Moore Collingwood and see if it’s a better fit.

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