What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

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What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms – A few years ago I shared Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors, according to Benjamin Moore. Now it’s time for me to update the list of best-selling shades and I’m excited to finally update the list of shades today!

Last year, Benjamin Moore stopped updating the best-selling paint colors section on their site, which was really disappointing. But last week they finally updated it (probably in the new year) and I’m always interested to see what Benjamin Moore’s best-selling and most popular colors are.

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Although I’m not one to choose a paint color just because it’s popular or trendy, I always choose the colors that sell best, because the paint color looks good and reliable compared to the hundreds of other colors from Benjamin Moore. Should be. This is one of the tools I use when I’m looking for new colors to add to my radar for my clients and blogs.

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Benjamin Moore truly has some of the most beautiful shades of blue of any paint company. Smoke and Hail Navy are two star colors that have been on the bestseller lists for years because these colors are simply stunning and always look good in different lighting conditions.

Benjamin Moore Smoke is a light blue color that is bright and visible in space. We recently used Smoke in a boys’ room on a client project and it looks great.

Van Cortlandt Blue has been a popular blue for years and I love it on shelves! In fact, Stephanie Gamble Interiors recently painted these laundry cabinets Van Cortlandt Blue, and it’s a really nice color for this space.

I would venture to guess that Benjamin Moore’s most popular blue color is Hell Navy. Hale Navy is the perfect navy blue and is a favorite among designers, builders and home owners because it always looks great! In my opinion, there is nothing that can be compared to Hell Navy.

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I am not surprised that Shades of Gray is listed as one of Benjamin Moore’s best sellers, as these are the best and most trusted shades of Benjamin Moore’s Shades of Grey. Collingwood is a new color to me that I wasn’t familiar with, but I fell in love with this color when I toured this French modern home during the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes a few months ago.

Collingwood is a little warmer than the traditional warm brown. Nothing yellow, just a little warmth. I really enjoyed this personally, but keep in mind this house was filled with lots of natural light!

Stonington has been popular for the past few years, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it on a bestseller list. The Stonington is warmer gray (more pigmented) than the gray owl. However, the gray selected may also be too cold in some lighting conditions.

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

It’s no surprise to see the Gray Owl and the Edgecombe Gray on this list. These stellar warm browns have been bestsellers for years because they’re colorful and reliable.

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Edgecombe Gray is a light warm gray that I love and use a lot. In fact I featured Edgecombe Gray here in Color Spotlight last year and shared several spaces painted in this versatile color.

Owl Gray is probably Benjamin Moore’s most popular warm gray at the moment. If not #1, I’m sure it’s close to 2.

Many of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greens are actually green/green/gray, which is no surprise to me. Apart from white and grey, these beautiful shades of green/blue/grey are the biggest color trends right now. I would venture to guess that Woodlawn Blue (actually classified as a green by Benjamin Moore) is Benjamin Moore’s most popular green color because I’ve seen it used a lot by designers, builders, and homeowners . And one of my favorite colors!

Benjamin Moore with Blue is another green/blue/gray color that has been very popular since I’ve been blogging! This is another great color.

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I’ve seen in paint manufacturers’ 2018 paint color predictions that green is the projected big color trend for 2018. I think we’ll move towards more muted greens, like most soft sages, but still with that blue/grey hue. ,

On the other hand, I was surprised to see that Benjamin Moore Wedgwood Gray was not on the list as it has been on the list for years. It is one of the most popular and beautiful vegetables out there!

If you want to see more of this versatile and lovely color I featured Wedgwood Gray here in Color Spotlight a few months ago.

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

As far as the most popular whites go there were quite a few surprises on this list, but I have to tell you that I’m surprised Benjamin Moore Decorator White didn’t make the list! This would be a mistake because Decorators White is probably one of the most popular paint colors in the world. I’m just assuming this is a mistake and will tell you that if you don’t know about Decorator White, definitely put it on your radar!

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After Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is on my “go-to” list of colors and is the color I most recommend to my clients. Excellent cabin, trim and interior door color. However, I highly recommend Decorator’s White for cabinets, trim, and interior doors in areas where there is not a lot of natural light, as this white will quickly brighten the space and not warm colors at night or in artificial light. will be. , ,

Benjamin Moore Simply White has really evolved over the years and is still one of the most popular whites. However, I would only recommend it for locations with a lot of natural light as it produces very little heat.

Picking out white is very challenging, but I have a very simple little trick I use to instantly see the nuances of white. You can read how I did it here.

There are several popular Benjamin Moore colors that I haven’t covered today, but if you want to see some of those colors, you can check out Benjamin Moore’s website.

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Also, if you want to know what colors are predicted by paint manufacturers for 2018, check out my 2018 color forecast roundup to learn more. to rebuild

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Can we start by saying that choosing your favorite paint colors for 2021 was a simple but challenging task at the same time! We have lots of new favorite paint colors we love, but the five colors we picked are beautiful and timeless colors you can’t go wrong with. From white to blue and all the neutrals in between, we’ve found these are the favorite colors we’re recommending most in 2021. Scroll through our picks below and let us know if any shades are your favorite. You can’t fail to try!

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors For Living Rooms

At the top of our list and probably the most used is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. This soft white has a slight warm undertone but doesn’t look like yellow. It’s so white and bright we can’t stay away!

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For us, classic gray is the chameleon of neutrals. We love using it as a soft neutral that serves as a base for any decor style. Although it’s a versatile shade, it still provides the right amount of contrast against the white trim. We’ve used it in #thetonkahouse, #raspberryhillhouse, and #thetreehousereno and we love how versatile it is!

We’re always asked what color we used in #thelakeloft kitchen, to which our answer was a more affordable beige than we thought this year. This shade is one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular paint colors due to its versatility both indoors and outdoors. Accessible Beige is a light warm gray that we recommend to almost all of our customers!

We may be biased, but Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon Shade is our favorite grey-green color. This shade evokes cozy and gentle feelings and is named after the color of the pigeon bird. It brings out the vibrancy of brass utensils and matches well with zinc and grey. If you want to bring a touch of green to your home, then this shade is for you.

If you are looking for a classic and beautiful shade of blue, Iced Marble is it! As part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Color collection, this shade ensures a beautiful, wearable color every time. We highly recommend Icy Marble as a pop of light color

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