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What Color Goes With Grey – Gray is one of the most popular colors in interior design due to its versatility and wide range of shades. Pale lilac grays are used in cool Scandinavian homes, deep graphite grays can create a moody and romantic feel in traditional settings, and beige grays are the perfect shade for minimalists. Whether you are decorating your living room or renovating your bathroom, gray is always a safe choice.

Due to the versatility of gray, choosing the right color combination can be difficult. There are few colors that go well with gray. Sunny Mediterranean tones warm up cool tones, classic crisp whites work wonders in gray bathrooms, and soft pink tones offset the harshness of graphite.

What Color Goes With Grey

What Color Goes With Grey

“While the general trend of gray home decor may be a little minimalist these days, adding a little color can definitely give it a modern update,” says Tracey Haig, director of Where the Saints Go. “A rule of thumb is to combine cool grays with other ‘cool’ colors such as blue, light green or cool white. Then pair dark grays with warm tones such as burnt orange, mustard and turquoise.”

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We asked interior designers and design experts to share their tips on the best colors to go with gray. Read on for 20 ideas to try at home…

What Color Goes With Grey

Soft gray colors work well in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where a crisp and clean design is desired. “You can’t compare crisp and glossy white with neutral gray. It has a fresh appeal, exudes sophistication, and combined with pale blond wood (as in the picture) produces great results,” says interior designer Sophie Warren-Smith.

This living room is a great example of using pastel colors to soften the harshness of the taupe. “You’re right to think that graphic shapes and bronzed gray are the quintessential masculine look, so soften the look and keep the beauty alive by adding curves to your walls with blush pink or plaster pink. “I do,” he says.

What Color Goes With Grey

Shades Of Blue And Grey Living Room

When designing a calm space like a bedroom, use similar colors like pale gray or chartreuse. “Get into the trend and combine yellow with soft gray,” says Sophie. “This yellow is a light shade that ‘calms down’ the gray in the rest of the room. Add contrast by adding rustic wood and white accessories.”

“Grey fades just like any neutral color, so it’s a great choice if you have lots of accessories and bright patterns. In fact, treat your gray room like a blank art canvas. Add a pop of color. , it really pops,” says interior designer Amy Wilson of 247 curtains. “Don’t be afraid to be bold with your palette. Don’t be afraid to mix blues, pinks and yellows. If you’re a fan of the dopamine design trend, this is the way to achieve that unusual aesthetic. This is a great opportunity to start slowing down.”

What Color Goes With Grey

“These beautiful colors work well together because they’re all the same shade. The rail breaks up the gray space and is great for hanging mirrors and towels. A pretty pale mint bath adds another dimension. Combined with accessories, it creates a charmingly calming room,” says Sophie.

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“You might think that blue is too cool a color to use in a bedroom, but you’ll be surprised. Combining silver tones with chalky cornflour blue creates a beautiful, dreamy look,” says Sarah. This combination creates the perfect background of light wood and straw.

What Color Goes With Grey

“Dark gray tones look amazing with muted, dirty pale accents, and undertones of pink and brown really warm up a dark gray room,” says Amy. “For a quick and easy pop, consider painting a contrasting ceiling or adding upholstery like pillows and throws in your favorite color.”

“Yellow accents give this shade and lilac combination a spring feel, creating the perfect look that’s not too boring and not too bright,” says Sophie. “Choose pillows that combine gray and yellow to create a cohesive look.” This dark gray is perfect for a lilac room. Lighter shades can look washed out and don’t provide enough contrast to make the yellow stand out.

What Color Goes With Grey

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When designing with pale colors, it’s tempting to go for warm tones with brass or gold, but we love this fresh combination of silver and mint green. “This program is perfect for spring and summer and brings natural color into the house,” says Sophie. “The key is to create a balanced look, which is achieved by maintaining a color tone.”

This living room is decorated in soothing neutral colors throughout. “Texture is the key to adding warmth to the neutral interior. Woven rugs, plush pillows and ceramic accessories add depth and interest to the space, making it cozy and inviting for the evening. And I’m ready to settle in,” says Sarah.

What Color Goes With Grey

“If you like two shades of gray but can’t decide which one you like best, playing with these shades might be a good option,” says Sophie. Here, charcoal gray door and window frames support a pale design that’s easy to replicate at home.

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“For a completely different look, choose deeper color combinations,” says Sophie. “Here, not only are the chimney walls painted chalky matte gray, but so are the fireplace surround and baseboards. Turquoise is a secondary color, creating a beautiful contrast while adding depth to the scheme. Use dark wood furniture to complete this dramatic look.”

What Color Goes With Grey

“Terracotta goes well with our favorite grays,” says Yvonne Keel, Senior Product Manager at Hillarys. Add terracotta to your home decor items, such as cabinets and pillows. A pop of terracotta adds visual interest to a room, warms the space and creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for incoming guests.

“For those who prefer a monochrome theme, combining different shades of gray along with white and black accents is an effective way to create depth and visual interest in a room,” says Jen, director of design quality at Magnet.・Nash says.

What Color Goes With Grey

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“Grey can be perceived as a cold color, so it combines well with warmer shades like burnt orange,” says Sophie. “In this living room, solid, patterned pillows blend perfectly with the color palette.” To soften the look, choose natural wood accents and rich greenery.

“Right now, green and gray are a powerful combination that creates a subtle yet modern look,” says interior designer Vicki Foster of SCS. “Both light and brown can be combined with different shades of green, which makes them particularly flexible. From the bright and edgy combination of light gray and neon green to the more sophisticated combination of brown and forest. You can create a variety of eye-catching mirrors, up to the shades, and the combination of these two colors .”

What Color Goes With Grey

Gray is an excellent combination with the popular gray-beige shade. “Choosing a gray color for your bedroom is a great option to create a relaxing environment to wind down in each night,” says Sarah Lloyd, interior and color specialist at Valspar Paint. “Beige tones in a bedroom give a warm tone to the classic gray color, but gray elements give it something more modern and fresh than classic beige.”

Creative Gray Color Combinations And Photos

“Medium and understated grays and blues make a room feel more modern and clean, while darker shades (like navy) add depth to a room,” says Vicky. “The choice of gray instead of white as a combination also eliminates marine tones, and allows the blue to stand out against a neutral background while avoiding a sullen style.”

What Color Goes With Grey

“By choosing gold or brushed brass, metal can add a touch of understated luxury to a space,” says Lena Gierasinska, head of product and display at Barker and Stonehouse. “Matte finishes add elegance and pair well with muted tones like sandy neutrals and organic materials like linen, adding the perfect finishing touch to minimalist schemes.”

“At first glance, these two colors seem more like a clash than a combination, but this combination makes an immediate impact and creates a refreshing burst of energy,” says Vicky. “A dark sofa with light gray walls and red accessories will blend in harmoniously. You can also place works of art, pillows, plants or pots in bright red next to the light sofa. In a combination of gray and red with bright white, you can add freshness to the design. Space.”

What Color Goes With Grey

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What Color Goes With Grey

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