What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

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In the beauty world, a big red lipstick equals the perfect LBD. Throwing on a bright shade (or two) will give you more confidence, pull your look together and attract some attention. However, just like fashion, cosmetics are not for everyone, especially for women of color.

What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

Fortunately, the industry is moving more toward inclusion, but that doesn’t make your search for the perfect shade any easier. According to Sir John, a famous make-up artist at Laurel Paris, women of color should avoid pink shades and choose orange or blue shades. “An orange-toned red will make the skin darker and add a little glow to the skin, while a blue-toned red will help highlight the white teeth and put the smile on the proverbial pedestal,” she said.

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In addition to light tones, women of color cannot ignore the importance of color quality. The cost of bad color can be minimal – liquids and creams last a long time. “On myself I apply straight from the tube, but on clients I always use a brush or my finger,” says makeup artist Lavon Anthony. “After application, I want to take the concealer and define the bottom and the corner correctly. This will prevent bleeding and the nose will look defined.”

Of course, we want to see how many shades look IRL on real women. So we reached out to various beauty bloggers, makeup artists and tastemakers to find and photograph the perfect shade of red! Keep scrolling to see your favorites.

“Growing up, I’ve always heard that black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick. Wearing this bright red helps me visually define society’s standards of what’s beautiful and who wears what! I wear what I wear, and you feel good too! – Avi Amore, @aviamor

“I’ve always struggled with the idea of ​​wearing red lipstick. The thing that stuck with me the most was [darkness] because I’ve seen every skin tone slay a red lip, but I’ve never seen the perfect shade of red on darker skin tones. Finally [to start hunting] I watched more videos about sounds and colors. M.A.C Cosmetic’s Ruby Woo was the perfect shade – it wasn’t too orange or too dark red, it was a perfectly cool undertone blue-red. (The shade) compliments everyone I see wearing it.” – Destiny Matuet, @callherdestinyy

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“If it’s a red lip, it’s bright! My favorite for olive skin is Smashbox Always Liquid Lipstick in Bang-Bang. It’s a great red lip and goes well with my dark hair.” – Teni Panosian, @tenipanosian

“[I love the color of this lipstick, especially with casual wear. It gives me an instant bold look. I love a good red color on my lips – every girl looks powerful and confident when she wears it.” – Sally Ashur, @salyomo

“As a woman of color, I like to play with dark reds and burgundy, but you can never go wrong with a classic red color like this. Here is my favorite Dr. Hauschka Lipliner #02 and 100% pure lipstick in Nopal. The brand has non-toxic ingredients! ” – Alba Ramos, @sunkissalba

What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

“Finding ‘your red’ is so important when it comes to the perfect red lip. MAC Ruby Woo takes the guesswork out of it because it looks good on literally everyone. That’s why it’s always been my true choice and true choice.” – Blake Von D, @blakevond

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“I found my perfect red lipstick six years ago and it’s still my favorite: Stila Liquid Lipstick is the best! It goes on like a liquid and text dries up. It lasts all day and is a perfect cherry red color. ” – Gracie Mercedes, @grasiemercedes

“My favorite red lipstick is Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint. It’s the perfect neutral, medium red for my olive skin, and not to mention very wearable.” – Paloma Cordova, @palomaxcordova

“Lip Maestro in shade 407 by Armani is one of my favorite red lipsticks! The shade has a velvety matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips and lasts all day. It’s definitely a must-have beauty.” – Pam Hetlinger, @pamhetlinger

“[MAC] Ruby Woo is my ultimate red lipstick! I love the retro feel and like a lot of black women, I love the matte! I already have thick lips, so I’m very careful. A big bright red mouth, so Ruby Woo is my go-to. It is! – Freddie Harrel, @freddieharrel

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“I die for the perfect red lip! My lips are very full and I love how red accentuates my fullness and adds an extra pop to any outfit. Bold, timeless, sensual and always feels like it all goes together.” – DJ Kitty Cash, @kittycash

“I’m a red lipstick girl and I always turn heads wearing my Fenty Beauty Stunna lipstick. This is the ultimate red and lasts all day without drying out your lips.” – Mattie James, @thematiejames

One of the juiciest red lips I’ve ever worn is Covergirl Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick in Tan-Gel-O! This lippie gives me the best of both worlds: high-performance color that shines like a lipstick and shines like a gloss.” -Jade Kendle, @LipsticknCurls

What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

“I’m in love with every Pat McGrath product and this red lipstick is no exception! It’s so flattering and best of all, it’s hydrating so I can easily wear it all day.” – Coco Bassey, @cocobassey

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“It’s so hard to find an orange-red lipstick that complements dark. There are so many blue-toned red lipsticks out there, but this orange-red lip balm warms up my skin tone. I love how it complements my golden undertones. Plus, it’s vegan. And you can use it as a concealer!” ” – Temi Marie, @herday.ca

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Not to be dramatic, but finding the perfect shade of lipstick for my skin tone has changed my life. For most of my beauty-obsessed life as a nude woman, I avoided lipstick for fear of “doing too much.” As a teenager, I was told that wearing thick lipstick made me look too old. When I was younger, I was sold the myth that bright lip colors don’t look good on black women (FALSE!). Now loving and celebrating the beauty of being a dark-skinned black woman is more fun than exploring the endless shades of lipstick on the market. With the help of a few makeup artists and inspiration from famous beauties like Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Campbell and Jackie Aina, I found lipstick choices that complimented my skin tone. Stay all day and let me show you my beauty and confidence. Since I broke the code, it’s only right that I share it. Here are 11 lipstick shades every dark-skinned woman should rock.

The name of this shade describes how I feel about most NYX lip products. I am a die hard NYX fan. I started with my favorite buttery gloss and once I felt confident enough to explore bolder lipsticks, this would be my introduction to a unique lippie. The soft matte formula doubles as a primer and lipstick, and this brown shade is perfect for black women for a dramatic lip look. For bold and rich brown lips, go one step further after covering and plumping.

Pink has never been my go to lipstick, but this warm pink shade from Nars has changed that. It’s glossy and highly pigmented, but the soft matte finish makes it subtle and oh-so-pretty – a must-have for spring.

What Color Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

This bright orange color is perfect when you need a bright pop of color to brighten up your look. It looks more red before application but it leaves a bright orange color without any irritation.

Lipstick Shades That Are Perfect For Dark Skin Tones 2021

Rihanna and Fenty Beauty never disappoint and this lip color is no different. It opened with one of the prettiest shades of pink you’ve ever worn. The depth of this shade makes it great on dark tones and compliments cool tones.

You can never go wrong with a deep red lip on dark skin. Some minor things

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