White With Grey Trim House

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White With Grey Trim House – Peachtree Residential recently spoke with Tracy Smith, owner of Rachel Remington Design and a frequent consultant on our award-winning homes. We spoke to Tracey about the changes she’s seeing in outdoor home design right now.

Trends seem to change every six or seven years. In 2013, when I started focusing on exterior design, we saw a lot of gray houses with white trim. It became neutral – yellowish brown, balanced by beige without much yellowness. In 2019 and 2020, this will finally begin to change.

White With Grey Trim House

White With Grey Trim House

White houses with white trim and white houses with black shutters and doors. In some houses, people remove the shutters and choose one color, usually white.

Gorgeous White House Paint Colors And Curb Appeal Ideas

White houses with black areas painted with colors are also popular. In fact, colored block houses are large in size. We can have a white house and then paint a faded or stale part of it black.

White With Grey Trim House

Secondary trends are green and blue, but not bright colors, more blue-gray or green-gray. Some homeowners are also turning to gold, but this time it’s real gold, not wheat gold.

The dark house trend is also coming to Atlanta, so you may see a black house with green shutters in the near future.

White With Grey Trim House

Modern Gray House Exterior Color Schemes

We used to use four colors 80% of the time – trim, panels, shutters and doors. Today there may be four, but there may be only one or somewhere in between!

One of the places where I add color to some homes is the window frames. I could paint them light gray and the rest of the trim white. It looks good on a house with stucco and resembles the way French houses are painted.

White With Grey Trim House

The color of your front door is probably one of the most important colors in your home, as it often makes the first impression on a visitor. They can be dark or colored – about 50-60% of cases are dark.

How To Pick The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home’s Style

Sometimes the upholstery and the front door are painted in the same color. It looks great in a brick house. Another impressive option is to put a yellow, orange or rust-colored door in a gray house, depending on whether it is light, dark or blue-gray.

White With Grey Trim House

Wooden or wood-imitating doors are currently in trend. And my personal favorite is the Sherwin Williams sealskin for the front door.

Metal residential roofs are huge today, whether they cover the entire house or just over a porch or portico. Gutters are usually painted to match the finish, although dark gutters are now popular in European style homes or black and white farmhouses. They also look good in cottages or dark houses. For European-style homes, copper or bronze gutters are another good choice.

White With Grey Trim House

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Absolutely! I can actually tell what someone does and where they come from by the colors they choose for their home. Whenever I work with an IT professional, he prefers gray. Engineers love the color blue. Lawyers like white trim, black shutters and red or black doors. Sellers usually prefer lighter colors. Midwesterners like white or brown, while buffalo tend to include red, white, and blue in their exterior colors. These are common things, but I see them quite often!

People are taking old colonial houses and siding them with horizontal stain and two other colors, maybe dark horizontal siding and then light board and batten. I have seen this often in the Virginia Highlands and Dunwood.

White With Grey Trim House

Especially among millennials, there is a tendency to whitewash bricks or stones. Lime penetrates the brick and preserves its natural texture, unlike conventional paints that level the surface. For new homes, we can even source painted or limestone bricks directly from the manufacturer. The most popular are Grand Bay, La Costa and Bradford Hall Tutor from North Georgia Brick. What can Peachtree homebuyers expect in 2022?

Paint Colors For Your White Brick House

You will definitely see black and white houses. You’ll also see blue on shutters, front doors, or siding. I hope this trend will continue.

White With Grey Trim House

Rachel Remington Design is a full-service interior design firm that handles both new home construction and renovations. Tracy comments, “Color is my niche and I work with it a lot at Peachtree Residential and Exovations. As a company, we are engaged in processing windows and blinds, selling carpets and lamps. I help many homeowners rearrange their furniture; tile selection; placement of switches, sockets, etc.; and overall design. We have a store in Dahloneza and serve the entire metro area.

09/20/2021 : Posted in Atlanta Communities , Charlotte Communities , News , Peachtree Design Center and tagged Atlanta New Homes , Charlotte New Homes , Current Design Trends , Peachtree Design Center . Beautiful White Houses + White Exterior Paint Colors Share a collection of beautiful traditional sports house facades. My favorite color. (You’ll find my house with paint color suggestions at the end.) In some cases I’ll share the exact names of white paint colors, and in others I’ll give you a suggestion, if you need one, of where to start.

White With Grey Trim House

The Best Exterior White Paint Colors

Paint color questions arrive in my inbox all the time, and I’ve been helping people choose interior and exterior paint colors for over a decade, and certainly since this blog started.

TMD Landscaping – Try BM White Dove or Chantilly Lace if you’re into this type of white.

White With Grey Trim House

When choosing exterior colors, it is necessary to take into account the quality of lighting in the living area and understand how the warmth of sunlight affects the color.

White House, Black Trim: A Combination We Love

If our sources are correct, the exact white used on this brick is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist (for another option, see also Benjamin Moore Linen White)… see

White With Grey Trim House

On the shutters above? We think it’s Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (it has a natural linen look, but gray), and another option, although a bit cooler, is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (a neutral and versatile gray that works in many situations).

It’s always nice to have a designer name the paint color and designer Sherri Hart picks the best exterior colors!

White With Grey Trim House

Grey House White Trim Red Door Stock Photos

Ladisic Fine Homes / Sherry Hart – The brick is painted Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist 1549 and the trim is SW Amazing Grey.

The easiest way to check if the paint color will work? Order samples from Samplize and have them delivered straight to your door.

White With Grey Trim House

In the case of the white clapboard and clapboard house pictured below, the exact color Benjamin Moore White OC-151 (minimum shades and a bright, modern white) was used.

Gray House With White Trim!

See more of this board and battens from Lisa Fourie. The paint color is BENJAMIN MOORE White OC-151… definitely white.

White With Grey Trim House

What to pay attention to when choosing white color? Is it tasteful and timeless? Does it have longevity? Does it amplify light and interact with light?

Remember, there are great options out there that don’t have the word “white” in the paint color name. Also note that if the swatch color is not white, it may be the best white for your project.

White With Grey Trim House

Stucco House Painting

Sherry Hart (photo: Rustic White Interiors; developer: Ladisic Fine Homes); Brick Color: BENJAMIN MOORE Balboa Mist / Finish Color: Gorgeous Gray

Our previous house color was a 50/50 mix of Farrow & Ball Cornforth White and Hardwick White. If you look at a color chart or online swatches, they can look completely white!

White With Grey Trim House

If you fall in love with an exterior color in a house photo, study it to determine what you like.

White Brick House Ideas

Heart Felt Home – a white house and several off-white exterior paint colors. Try Farrow & Ball Strong White for an off-white, and All White no. in 2005, cold white without blue shades.

White With Grey Trim House

In the houses above and below you can see how a charming little contrast of white with antique stone works beautifully…

It is very difficult to guess white paint colors from an online photo. After all, there are often all kinds of corrections. The time of day when a photo is taken also affects how it looks, and even the quality of the light at a certain time of year has an effect.

White With Grey Trim House

White Houses With Black Trim Inspiration

Look for clues in the surrounding accent colors. Note that the body of the house above is a warmer, creamy white than the trim. Modern white upholstered armchairs also show a contrast. For a similar effect, you can look at BM Edgecomb Gray.

It may also be helpful to view the image online on a large screen or zoom in to see the details.

White With Grey Trim House

From Tara Shaw’s THE SOUL OF THE HOME (Abrams, 2020)…a truly unforgettable home (try a dazzling white like Benjamin Moore White OC-151) in New Orleans.

The Painted Trim

The white paint color you choose for the exterior should blend in with the surrounding nature. Imagine how out of place the white color of the houses above and below (with lush greenery and greenery) would look in a desert mountain house.

White With Grey Trim House

– White houses and some light white exterior paint colors (try Benjamin Moore White Dove for a similar effect)


White With Grey Trim House

Modern House With Gray Exterior, And Blue White Trim. Stock Photo By ©iriana88w 80167630

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