Wood Flooring In Living Room

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Wood Flooring In Living Room – Wooden floors are a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms, their warmth and natural charm make them very attractive from a design perspective. Whether your wood floors are traditional or modern, new or old, they provide the perfect foundation for a variety of interior designs and styles.

Yes, wooden floors in the living room and bedroom are always a good idea. They are timeless and beautiful and can match almost any decor. Our extensive collection of oak flooring, for example, offers a range of carefully selected designs, patterns and tones, from natural browns to whites and greys, allowing you to find a floor that Find one that matches your lifestyle and interior choices.

Wood Flooring In Living Room

Wood Flooring In Living Room

Rest is also important. We spend a lot of time in the living room and bedroom, so you want a wood floor that’s comfortable and warm underfoot. With good insulation, wood floors feel warm and cozy. This is especially important in the bedroom, which is a very personal space where you are often barefoot and where you want to feel home and warm. Another way to create extra warmth is to choose wood flooring that is compatible with underfloor heating. Carpets are another option. Carpets not only add softness and warmth to the feet but also enhance the style and design of living room and bedroom.

Light Wood Floor For Living Rooms: Designs & Ideas

With so many options, including wood type, finish, grain pattern and board width, we know choosing the right wood flooring for your living room and bedroom can be a daunting task. To make the right choice, we have carefully organized our product range into eight different collections: Grace, Heritage, Noble, Prestige, Pure, Shade, Signo and Viva. Each collection offers a unique selection of designs, patterns, colors and finishes to help create the mood and aesthetic you desire.

Whether you want to create a comfortable and elegant living space or a sophisticated yet functional one, our wooden floors beautifully complement and bring out the best in any interior.

If you want rustic oak authenticity, choose from our Heritage Collection. Natural heritage properties give the wood a century-old patina, while skillful brushing and painting reveal details that make each board unique and give the wood its unique look.

Or if you feel inspired to bring the style of the fifties, sixties and seventies into your home, choose from our Noble Collection instead. Treated with a hard wax oil to highlight each plank’s unique grain and texture, with a natural matte finish, Noble Wood flooring offers a modern twist to the long tradition of classic parquet.

Guide To Choosing Hardwood Floor Colors

Whatever your unique needs, our hardwood floors combine style, beauty and durability to enhance any room.

Yes, engineered wood flooring is suitable for most rooms in the living room and bedroom. The only rooms where wood flooring is not recommended are wet rooms, including bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms.

There are two main types of wood flooring: solid and synthetic. Engineered wood flooring is primarily designed to overcome some of the weaknesses found in solid wood.

Wood Flooring In Living Room

Solid wood floors are made from solid natural hardwood, while engineered wood floors are made from multiple layers of wood with a layer of solid wood. At Tarkett, our engineered wood floors are made entirely of high-quality real wood with a hardwood top layer in a variety of species and finishes, including stain treatments, and cross-grained. A strong and supportive middle layer of wood that contributes to stability. from the boards, and a balanced layer that stabilizes the board and guarantees dimensional stability.

What’s The Best Living Room Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is almost indistinguishable from solid wood because it has a layer of solid wood on top. This makes it a very sustainable solution, as the amount of hardwood required is significantly less than that of solid wood flooring. It is also less expensive.

Because engineered wood is made from different layers of wood glued together, it is less likely to shrink and expand, making it stronger and more resistant to warping than solid wood flooring. It is resistant. This also means that they can also be used with underfloor heating systems. This durability makes engineered flooring particularly suitable for high-traffic areas such as living rooms. Practical and easy to clean, hardwood floors are also a great choice for children’s rooms.

For example, Viva is a collection of modern wooden floors that are practical, durable and affordable, making them a great choice for children’s rooms. They are easy to install and maintain without compromising aesthetics. They are available in a variety of classic oak and walnut woods as well as a modern gray finish.

Engineered wood flooring is extremely versatile and comes in a wide variety of plank sizes, stains and textures. This makes it easier than ever to find living room and bedroom flooring that perfectly matches your design style and lifestyle.

V4 Wood Flooring

Wood floors are available in many different finishes that enhance and protect the floor. As with wood flooring, the finish you choose should complement your design style and lifestyle.

Most of our wood floors are treated with Protico, one of the strongest surface protections on the market. Protico is available in four versions, each of which gives the floor a different feel and finish, from semi-gloss to extra matte.

Applying a surface effect also changes the appearance of the wood floor. By using different brushing methods, for example, the beautiful, natural texture of the wood can be reinforced. Crafted from truly rustic oak, the Heritage Collection captures nature’s style at its best with natural details that give the floor a centuries-old patina.

Wood Flooring In Living Room

Using Proteco, one of the strongest surface protections on the market, we have developed a range of pre-fabricated floor coverings that are both stylish and durable. Browse our collections to get inspiration for the perfect wood paneling for your living room and bedroom.

How To Clean Engineered Wood Floors

When using wood flooring, you are primarily wearing the surface treatment, not the wood itself. So your wooden floor needs good protection against wear, scratches and stains to keep it looking good for a long time.

To properly maintain your hardwood floor, you need to know how it is constructed. Wood floors treated with Protico, the strongest surface protector on the market, are available in three versions. Each gives the floor a different feel and finish, from semi-gloss to matte.

We have some products that protect and strengthen floor surfaces from wear and tear and prevent micro-scratching – polishes for lacquered floors and polishes for hardwax oil-treated floors. Whether you’re hosting guests or hosting a family game night, the living room sets the tone—and you want your flooring to reflect the character of your home. They are the center of entertainment in your home. By choosing the right floor covering, you can easily liven up your room and bring out your personality. We offer a wide selection of living room floor coverings in a variety of colors and textures. Whether you’re leaning toward classic hardwood, versatile laminate, or waterproof tile, we’ve got ideas to help you find a living room floor that matches your decor and lifestyle.

Hardwood floors are a timeless design choice. Each species has its own character – with color variations, grains, knots and other unique features that capture the beauty of nature. It offers many options, whether you want to create a cozy farmhouse look or a modern industrial feel. Available in a variety of styles and colors, vinyl and laminate flooring can be great choices for an eclectic aesthetic. Tiles can convey grandeur, a bohemian atmosphere, or even the countryside of Provence.

Best Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Home

If you want a more traditional look, tiles are always an elegant but practical choice. If your taste is more contemporary or modern, vinyl flooring gives you the flexibility to add unique colors and patterns to your bathroom. Waterproof laminate or wood bathroom floors work well with a transitional or farmhouse look and blend well with other wood floors throughout the room.

Hardwood floors give your living room a timeless appeal. It is elegant, wear-resistant and compatible with any aesthetic. Well-maintained solid wood can last for decades.

Vinyl flooring offers wear resistance and waterproof technology on a budget. It comes in a variety of styles, including wood and stone, and is extremely easy to maintain. The high dent resistance of these boards makes them a popular choice for busy family spaces as well as their versatility – you can place them around your home for a cohesive interior design.

Wood Flooring In Living Room

Laminate flooring is highly durable, making it a great choice for busy family living rooms. We have a full range of colors and finishes available, including many wood planks that give the look of wood at a fraction of the cost.

Rustic Wood Flooring, Rustic Oak Engineered Flooring

Tile floors are a great choice for easy maintenance and longevity. It is one of the most versatile floor surfaces.

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