Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

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When washing, there are many steps involved: separating the white from the dark, loading and unloading the machine, folding everything and putting it away. Unfortunately, it’s a responsibility that some of us dread—especially because time-consuming, repetitive work quickly becomes boring. However, what if we told you that a well-designed and organized laundry room can make the job more enjoyable?

Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

This collection of laundry room ideas includes ideas that help with storage and many design details, such as the best paint colors, the best wallpaper designs, and the best flooring ideas. Since the laundry room is a small space, it offers a great opportunity to express your personal style, whether it’s upgrading the cabinets, installing tiles or tackling a new design style. As you browse, you’ll also find lots of organizing ideas, like hiding laundry hampers and drawers, organizing wardrobes and creating multi-purpose rooms.

Small Laundry Room Makeover

If you don’t have a large laundry room, don’t worry. We have included smart devices that use more space and less storage space. While the most important thing in any laundry room is a good washer and dryer, don’t forget to include plenty of baskets and storage containers to store dry paper towels, cleaning supplies, and cleaning supplies. Remember: When your clothes arrive, the laundry process can be painless.

To simplify the furniture, professional planners by Design bring rattan baskets, woven baskets and gold bars. For a pop of color, blue, gray and white wallpaper is added to the dry background to contrast with the white walls.

If you plan to do most of your laundry in the laundry room, install the rack at a comfortable height above the front of the washer and dryer. Here, Sarah & Sons Interiors placed the machine in front of the window, so the homeowner can watch as it sorts and folds.

Turn a hallway closet into a small laundry room by swapping standard sliding doors for storage so the space feels less cramped. For this modest space, designer Nellie Howard Ossey used beautiful paintings to enhance and enhance the floating storage shed.

The Best Small Laundry Room Ideas

To get more storage in the laundry room, build from floor to ceiling. Then take a note from designer Emily Henderson and add a rotating layer to keep everything in place.

Especially if your kitchen is completely neutral, consider a deep, unobtrusive counter in the laundry room. Black cabinets sit on white walls and white furniture under the light. Design by Becky Alexander of Haven + Home, LLC.

When removing wet clothes from the laundry, dry them quickly on delicate clothes. Blythe Interiors chose an industrial channel look to match the dark gray cabinets and black cabinets.

Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

You can dare to try the wallpaper in the bedroom or the dining room, so trying it with a small space, like the bathroom, is a good solution. Gray Walker’s design combines this Pierre Frey print with all-white cabinets on the walls and ceiling.

Laundry Room Designs Archives

For this laundry room off the kitchen, it’s important to create the same style. Alexander Scott, project manager for Nugent Design Build, used different floors for isolation, but painted the cabinets and walls the same color to make them flow.

If you don’t have a laundry room, hide your machine in plain sight. Take a note from Sarah & Sons Interiors and put it in a tall cabinet, which can be anything: trousers, coats or extra storage.

If you have a favorite drawing style or like a certain animal, the laundry room is a great place to try it out. Here, designer Elizabeth Drake chose a chicken coop wall with a hint of red, which was then incorporated into the design.

When you find this perfect spot, laundry will be your favorite job. From vaulted ceilings and floral arrangements to pale blues and farmhouse interiors, Ashley Davenport of Sweet Southern Home & Design doesn’t skimp on style.

Brilliant Laundry Room Ideas For Small Spaces Practical And Efficient

Make room for laundry and choose a rolling basket, so you can easily move it around the laundry room or throughout the house. This laundry basket easily sits under the counter to save space on the floor and you can even label it – one light, dark, fabric, etc.

If you have a large family and feel like you’re always shuffling a load, consider decluttering your second wash and dry cleaning. Here, designer Maggie Griffin sets up the machine and builds green grass around it, which takes less time than expected.

To clean furniture, clothes or other storage that you don’t use every day, put dishes under the house. To make the most of the spacious closet that doubles as a closet, LH Interiors added plenty of cabinets.

Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

One side for organizing, washing and laundry, the other for art, design and craft projects. With large windows and lots of light, it would be a crime not to maximize this spacious room designed by Elizabeth Drake.

Beautiful Small Laundry Room Ideas

Doing laundry can be tiring and time-consuming, so why not sit on the couch nearby while you do it? In addition to ample cabinet space for the laundry room, designer Maggie Griffin saved two built-in spaces to accommodate a small bench.

In this living room-meets-laundry room, Juniper Interiors installed two rows of black cabinets – perfect for air-drying bags, coats and clothes.

There is no reason not to be brave on the field. Try a patterned design to enhance the look, as designer Amy Peltier did here.

Instead of stacking clothes on the counter, keep open space in your closet to store them, like this design from designer Erin Myers. Especially when combined with cheerful wallpaper and bright orange colors, this well-kept laundry basket is understated, but still accessible.

Small Laundry Room Makeover

Don’t forget your favorite friends! Place your pet to clean, making sure it fits the width and height of the litter box. Add a hanging rod to the wall and use it as a drip dryer between washes.

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Designs For Small Laundry Rooms

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To help you make your work easier, we have collected ideas for a large laundry room in style from designer projects. Next, you will find the perfect small laundry room in the corner of a studio apartment or in an unused hallway closet. Gone are the days of scrambling to figure out what brand of clothes to use in your laundry room or feeling confused about where to store your clothes, towels and bedding. Each of these projects is full of small-scale ideas and ventilation designs to support (or hide) washing and drying. Your laundry room may be behind your creative ideas, such as built-in storage, colorful wallpaper or a tile pattern you’ve been eyeing. If you live with more than one family, we’ve included common sense tips to help set boundaries.

Modern Small Laundry Room Ideas And Photos

Some people like to do laundry. Even if you’re not one of them, these little laundry ideas will make the chore feel like less chore. Continue to adjust solutions to what is missing from your laundry routine. Good cleaning!

This marigold utility room designed by Stephanie Sabe for the 2021 Full House interior has a corner washer and several washer-dryers from LG. All controls for drying and drying are visible

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