How To Decorate Your Walls With Art

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How To Decorate Your Walls With Art – Have you ever walked into a gallery and started to melt like a Dali clock? Dance like Keith Haring’s idol? Do you think like Rodin the thinker? Grab your face and drop your jaw, like in Munch’s “The Scream”? Like many, we love art in our home. This is a great way to show off your individuality and creativity and express yourself on your wall with paint, unique artwork, wall art that matches your favorite furniture, and accessories.

So what’s the problem? A poorly hung piece of art looks like a ruined hat…it’s impossible to take care of, but you want to fix it. That’s why we wrote this article as an answer to many questions about how to hang wall art… including:

How To Decorate Your Walls With Art

How To Decorate Your Walls With Art

Many people have a tendency to over-hang art. If we take one fact from this article, let it be this: 57″ center. This means the center of your design (not the hook) should be 57 inches off the floor. This 57-inch standard represents the height of the human eye and is often used as a standard in many theaters and museums. It also creates uniformity throughout the home because all of your artwork will have a common visual border.

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There are a few exceptions to this rule: If you have very low ceilings (less than 8 to 9 feet), divide the vertical length of the wall into sections and hang the art a third of the way up from the floor. And if you’re hanging art above a sofa, leave a height of 8 to 10 inches above the back of the sofa, even if it breaks the 57-inch rule. Also remember that there should be some distance between your artwork and where the wall meets the ceiling.

If you’re working with an art collection, it’s important to view the collection or gallery as a whole to achieve a balanced look. First, make sure your collection is neither too large nor too small compared to your sofa or sideboard. What we’re looking for here is the perfect Goldilocks effect: the image should be two-thirds the size of the sofa or sideboard. If you are hanging more than one piece in a group, make sure the heavier pieces are in the bottom left corner and the lighter pieces are in the top right corner, positioned in the middle of the medium size (see image above).

Or, if you have a large piece and several pieces, hang the large piece in the center as a focal point and move on from there. Leave 2-5 inches between each frame to ensure proper spacing. Insider Tip: Use duct tape to keep the space between frames consistent. And if all of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry! We can help you create the perfect gallery wall when you sign up for our KKH design services.

Salon style wall art could be one of the most popular and loved pieces of indoor art…if only it weren’t so scary! How to create the look you want without punching too many holes in the wall? The fit should be to your (or your client’s) taste, but remember to follow the general guidelines outlined in tip #2 above for most items. The salon style also works well when you mix and match a variety of wall hangings, from paintings to prints, photographs, prints and wall art!

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Our final salon-style tip: Use parchment paper and duct tape to draw the layout on the wall and determine where the nails will be placed. And are you interested in the rug shown above? Well, because you can buy it here.

Don’t have the time or patience for a salon gallery wall? Create different designs and place wall art in unexpected places. Don’t just build walls! Floating wall shelves are the new gallery wall! Try layering multiple pieces to create an interesting and versatile style. And if you have large art, consider hanging it on the wall rather than hanging it for a more casual, modern look.

Another common mistake we see is when the artwork is too small for the space. Large pieces of art can be intimidating (and an investment), but in general, the art you hang should be the same size and style as the space you’re trying to fill (like the image above).

How To Decorate Your Walls With Art

We don’t know about you, but when we’re cooking in the kitchen, the last thing we want to see on the wall is an artistic rendition of fresh, wet asparagus sprinkled with Parmesan. That’s a lot, and let’s face it: works of art will look better than homemade ones (fun fact: fruits and vegetables shot for food photography are often scented with hairspray to give them extra shine).

Large Canvas Wall Art

So what kind of art deserves a place in the kitchen? Depending on the kitchen design, we like classic or modern pieces. Bonus tip: If you want pictures in the kitchen, be careful not to hang them where they could be damaged by water or heat.

Don’t overlook the frame when viewing your artwork, especially in the living room; Always think of the art as an anchor for the wall. Whether you choose a modern style with solid frames or mix and match a variety of vintage frames and picture hangers, your frame can add as much style and personality as the artwork itself.

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Unique Wall Paint Ideas

Choosing a color palette, furniture, accessories, fabrics, paintings, etc. can be a daunting task, especially considering the backdrop you may be imagining. However, no matter how hard you work on the design of your home, be it a small or large space, you often end up with a blank wall that you don’t know what to do with.

This is a very common situation because filling the walls with a lot of decorations can seem overwhelming. You can’t put beds, sofas, TVs and appliances on every wall to make it look complete. However, the complete emptiness of the wall can be depressing. So, here are 25 best wall decor ideas that you can use and make your space more attractive.

The first thing to consider when trying to fill an empty wall is to think of it as an artist’s blank canvas. Think about what makes you happier. Would you like to hang pictures or paint the walls yourself?

How To Decorate Your Walls With Art

A little talent that reflects your taste and maybe even a few hobbies can add sparkle to an empty wall. A full-size painting of your favorite scene or wall art can create the perfect backdrop to complement the ambiance of the room.

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A blank wall is the perfect place to focus on what you’ve created or what you love. This could be a conversation starter or something to inspire you. Wall decor with overhead lighting can look spectacular on a blank wall.

A statement piece, such as an antique or an expensive painting, can be a great addition to blank wall decor ideas. This adds value to the space and enhances its aesthetic appeal. It’s also a great way to start conversations in meetings.

If you have a favorite artist, give them all the space on your wall. This could be the work of your favorite artist, decorative plates such as an Elvis collection, movie collages, or other content. These are great examples of wall hangings that will showcase your favorite pieces.

Arrange photos from one location in multiple frames. There are several options on Amazon, or you can create a custom, handmade design. You can also display multiple posters on a specific topic vertically or horizontally. For example, a direct line of superheroes from the Marvel department with artistic prowess.

Best Wall Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Blank Wall

Reflective surfaces make small spaces appear larger. Using mirrors in different frames or even without frames will not add much value to a blank wall design.