Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior – This post is in partnership with Sherwin-Williams ® . I am working with Sherwin-Williams this year and getting paid for my work on this project. Products are provided by Sharon Williams and all thoughts, opinions and effort are courtesy of you!*

Hello friends! Thank you so much for the overwhelming love of our backyard shows. The response has been great and we are very happy with our new place…well, we were in our area before this brutal and disgraceful heat wave and now it has been over 106 for a few weeks. You will not be able to stand there. Of course, I can’t wait for it to pass so we can get back to spending time outside. It’s been so hot lately, we actually started feeling the heat before the patio was even finished during the biggest renovation project of all: painting the deck. Luckily I was able to finish it before the real arson got here. Today I will share the process of how I made this project.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

The biggest goal I want for my outdoor space is to make it feel like an extension of our home. I really wanted to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and I knew deck decor would be a big factor in contributing to that end result. As beautiful as natural pine is, I don’t want it to look or feel like regular wood. I love the warm color of wood floors on the interior of my home, and I hope to do the same on the outside.

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Because we use redwood, we have to wait several months after it’s built before we apply any stain or topcoat to it. This allows the wood and oil to dry well, so that it accepts the stain better and gives a good color. Construction was completed in February and we let it dry for 5 months before getting dirty in July. If you’re working with a wood like pine or Douglas fir, you won’t have to wait long (if at all) before staining. Once I had a game plan on how to approach the project, I ordered clips and materials from Sharon Williams.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

I used a brush set, roller, metal washer, spray pump and Sharon Williams Super Deck Cleaner and Stain Remover to complete the project.

As with any painting project, good results start with a clean and carefully prepared surface. I cleaned everything from the boat and started sweeping it. Next I gave it a good scrub. I used SuperDeck Revive Deck and Siding Brightener to clean and sanitize the deck. This formula is exclusively for use on new or uncoated cedar, redwood or pressure-treated wood.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Sherwin Williams Super Deck Water Based Stain Reviews: Is It Any Good?

I had a little help with this project because you have to make sure you don’t let the product dry on the wood during application. Working on a small area, Naomi and I dampened the area and applied Superdeck Revive with a syringe.

After use, he used a polybrush to clean the area. Then we leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off with a hose at high pressure.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Things usually move quickly when we get a track going. After all the cleaning, we let it dry overnight. The next morning the wood looks fresh and young and lush…like it’s new again!

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After the deck was clean and ready for paint, I did one more job with the broom and taped along the house where the deck meets it to protect the exterior paint.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Now it’s time to apply the stain. I chose SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Formula in Semi-solid Color Stain. When choosing a deck stain, you’ll want to consider its maintenance and how often it may need to be repainted. A good rule of thumb is that the deeper the transparency, or the more transparent, the less maintenance. Clear coat and semi-transparent stains require frequent maintenance and reapplication, whereas semi-hard or solid stains can last longer before needing reapplication. Super Deck is great because you can put it on wet wood.

SuperDeck stain has several colors to choose from and I chose Chestnut SW 3524. I wanted a dark brown and when I tested the stain a few months ago, the color was perfect. I look at the small area again.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Behr Deckplus 1 Gal. White Base Solid Color Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain 21101

Now listen guys… your girl is afraid to brush her first teeth. Like being very scared. We’ve been saving up for a long time to build a deck and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin it. This is a project that challenges me to believe in my vision and trust in action. I started by rolling the stain with a short roller and then used a 6 inch brush to gently scrub it. Brush on it to get it out. Always apply with the direction of the fibers.

There is a bit of a learning curve when working with stain because it’s not like using any other stain I’ve used before. You apply it like you would paint and after it sits on the wood for a few minutes just roll/brush the paint on without washing it off. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did it was smooth sailing. I was still working against the heat so I had to move quickly. After the first day I realized that I preferred to apply the stain with a brush so I got out some of my brushes (Purdy’s are my favorite!) and used them throughout the project.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

Every time I get a crazy idea to do a different color, please save me from myself! When I tell you it takes forever!!! I had no idea how big the tire was until I did it. . with the hand. Plate by plate. It was huge and took longer than I expected due to its size. Also, I can only work with it in the early morning and later in the evening when it’s below 90 degrees outside. I recommend doing your paint project in the spring or fall when the weather isn’t too hot or cold…just make sure it’s not raining in the forecast. And don’t even get me started on reviewing each one. Board only

Superdeck® Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Deck Stain

It took a few days, but I finally finished the first layer. I really want to take my time so that I can still get beautiful results when I’m done. Slowly I could see the vision coming together.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

The nice thing about Super Deck paint in a water formula is that it allows for quick drying and overcoating time. You can only apply additional coats after 4 hours, and with a semi-solid surface you may want to apply two thin coats for best results. Depending on the size of your project, this product will help you complete it in a day! After doing the second coat I let it dry overnight before moving on.

After about 48 hours, I did a water test to see how well the stain would hold up against moisture and it was great to see the water immediately and roll off immediately.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

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I think a lot of people were surprised when I told them I was going to paint the ceiling because we use pine in construction and most people like to leave pine in its natural state. It is a high quality wood with all kinds of decay and natural properties / resistant elements. If left untreated or untreated, it turns the air gray overtime. Admittedly, it’s pretty, but I knew I was going to paint it when we first built it. I am very happy with the end result. It looks nice and it really makes the area feel like a resort.

If you are considering a deck staining project, I definitely recommend Sharon Williams Super Deck products. They also come in an oil formula, which I’ll probably try next time I paint a deck. I’m the weird guy who loves working with oil-based products because I love that it gives you more control during application. It dries slower than water stains, (which can be a negative for many) but if you want to take your time and get the application right it still gives you mobility. Gives some freedom.

Sherwin Williams Wood Stain Exterior

You can also find lots of information about deck and other paint and stain solutions, including useful ones.

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