Accent Wall Colors With Gray

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Gary gets a bad rap. Rather than being dull, boring or too plain, rich colors can be used to add depth and character to a room’s design – depending on the other colors they are paired with. From pale silver to almost black, gray has been popular with interior designers for decades for its chameleon-like versatility. Gray goes well with almost any design style, from farmhouse to traditional and even cottage. The colors that go with gray are just as endless. Pair with light green and sage for a relaxing, spa-like interior, or bold with reddish orange for a statement room.

Accent Wall Colors With Gray

Accent Wall Colors With Gray

Gray has a rare ability to change its state and tone depending on its shades. It can be warm with a lot of red in the base or cool with a lot of cool blue, choosing the right gray can help the room achieve the perfect balance between the two. The best gray also changes with the light throughout the day, giving your eyes depth and appeal.

How To Create A Modern Accent Wall With Box Trim

When choosing what color to pair with gray, think about the goals you have for your room. Whether you want to create a quiet acoustic environment or are looking for furniture that really stands out, gray can be paired with almost any color. Below, we highlight 25 of our favorite shades of gray.

For a nice color, pair a cooler gray with a light cobalt blue, like in this example

New test kitchen. Using it sparingly helps create a color that doesn’t look overwhelming or too saturated.

In this Jeremy Burnett-designed home, cool grays and sage are warmed by velvety terracotta and natural wood accents. It adds just enough color to this office space without distracting from the task at hand.

Mind Blowing Grey Accent Walls Ideas For Your Home

Monochrome can be a great way to beautify the space and create a sense of luxury and relaxation. Change the shades of gray to add visual appeal to the room.

The whole house is 2023, this kitchen has deep gray green flooring on the cabinets. To open up the space, the crown molding and the surrounding walls were painted in bright and warm white.

Channel your English countryside interior by pairing light gray walls with green wardrobes and rugs. Warm wood and patterned tiles tie the whole room together. “We didn’t want anything modern,” says designer Amanda Jacobs.

Accent Wall Colors With Gray

Gray can be both modern and futuristic, so pair it with antique mahogany pieces to bring it up to date. This pantry was designed by Whitney Parkinson

Blue Gray Paint Colors To Inspire Your Next Reno

Philip Smith was looking for a table when “my mother’s friend walked by,” he added. Make me cry.” The blue gray patina looks beautiful next to the chrome chairs and gray green walls.

Dark, black accents and brass fixtures create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere in this living room designed by Ray Attanasio.

We love the jewel tones in the living room designed by Courtney McLeod. Dark shades of marigold and purple are softened by warm gray walls.

The swirling gray clouds in Anne Hepfer’s dining room, covered in Cole & Son Fornasetti prints, look anything but decadent with the addition of royal blue.

Popular Charcoal Paint Colors For A Moody Aesthetic

Gold and coral colors complement the charcoal sofa and soft gray walls in the living room designed by Alison Victoria.

Designed by Nicole Fuller, this office turns work into play with a purple carpet and charcoal cabinets.

Greenery, foliage and ornamental plants make the pale gray office designed by Joe Lucas look like an exotic garden.

Accent Wall Colors With Gray

Benjamin Moore’s nightstand walls and ceiling—almost black—serve as the backdrop for a daybed in Andrew Flesher’s 300-year-old Westchester colonial.

Neutral Paint Ideas

Whole House 2019, Vern Yip Design showed that the depth of golden yellow and brass can add elegance to a gray floor.

Designer Janie Molster’s home in Richmond, Virginia has a light gray background. The antique set is draped with pink Gainsborough Schumacher curtains. Lee Industries chair and antique chandelier.

David Fraser divided the main living room into two separate areas: one for relaxing and visiting and the other for eating and working. Large pendant lights and antiques are the most common building elements, and Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” creates a more interesting effect than plain white.

Jeff Andrews used grays and warm colors to make his living room feel cozy instead of cold.

Grey Accent Wall Ideas For Your Living Room And Bedroom

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40 Mother’s Day Card Ideas The tent roof is back – and the ever-magical Brigitte Muller is here to romanticize your rental Bilal Rahman asks you to have a lot of design power, while some may balk at the idea of ​​using such muted colors. do not like , many do. Gray is the color for interior walls because it’s really versatile. However, if you want to add a unique style to your interior, accent walls are a great choice. These walls are designed to be different from the rest of the walls in the room. For example, it can be a completely different color. Alternatively, the accent wall can be wallpapered while the rest of the room can be painted. Accent walls are ideal for those who want to create a bold look. In addition, there are many color combinations that you can try in your overall interior design. Often people pair neutral colors with darker shades. For example, you can decorate most of the walls in gray. Gray is an incredibly versatile choice. If you choose it, the best accent wall color to pair with is gray.

Accent Wall Colors With Gray

It is very difficult to use yellow color in interior design because its brightness and freshness can be very high. However, it goes well with gray. This is because gray can make yellow lighting more pleasant. So, a yellow accent wall is bright without being overwhelming. Yellow walls also add warmth to a gray room. Although gray is a super neutral color, it can be cold. This is especially true if it has a blue undertone. However, the yellow color makes those cold walls feel more comfortable and attractive. The best shade of yellow to pair with gray depends on how cool the gray is. If it has more blue undertones, a warm yellow like gold, mustard or amber suits you. However, if you don’t want the interior to be too intense, you can pair gray walls with pale yellow wallpaper. Pictured above is our bright yellow removable wallpaper from the yellow wallpaper collection.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Accent Wall Color

Green is also a great choice for accent walls that pair well with gray. In particular, dark green wallpapers such as emerald, forest and pine go well with gray walls. Although you can use light green. One of the reasons why green goes well with gray is because green is associated with life and nature. Thus, a green accent wall brings a sense of life to a gray color that is often considered quite dull. If you’re looking for this color combination, it’s important to find the right color for green and gray – especially from a good selection of green wall designs or green wallpaper. However, if you’re looking for a unique and attractive green wallpaper design, you might like the Green Abstract Oysters wallpaper from the Green Wallpaper collection pictured above.

One of the best things about blue as an accent wall is that there are so many shades to choose from. In the blue wallpaper collection, you can find shades of blue to complement your gray walls and choose from a variety of styles and colors. While a blue accent wall may not be as bold as a yellow or pink wall, blue wallpaper is a popular choice for a reason. It just looks great with gray. Combinations with gray, brown and blue are especially common. This is because the blue color adds silver undertones to the gray, creating a steely blue beauty. If you want to create a cool room, blue walls with cut and blue wallpaper work effectively. And if you want a bold design, bold blue leopard print wallpaper from Blue