Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors – I thought I’d update this Exterior Gray post because gray is still a very popular choice for exteriors. I’ve added some new pictures of the gray painted exteriors along with their colors. Entertainment! I’m often asked if I have any good recommendations for exterior gray paint:

Gray outdoors is very popular right now. And rightfully so: gray is a classic color that goes well with all exterior color schemes and combinations. I think gray works best with white accents or a lighter version of the color. When you’re trying to decide which gray to paint, a good place to start is to decide which gray undertone best matches your exterior. blue undertone:

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

* Remember that if you want the exterior walls to be blue, you should choose a teal color so it doesn’t look like baby blue. Gray with green undertones:

The Best Benjamin Moore Neutral Exterior Paint Colors

Via Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray SW 7045 and the finish color is Sherwin Williams Pearl White SW7009.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Don’t forget to try the color day and night! If you need help choosing exterior colors, contact me today at [email protected].

Amherst Grey, ben moore, Ben Moore Smoke Embers, Ben Moore Storm, chelsea grey, paint, edgecomb grey, exterior paint, kendall charcoal, Nantucket Grey, Sag Harbor Grey, Sandy Hook Grey, Stonington Grey153 Comments, The design industry is always changing, but virtual exterior design as a leader, we stay on top of trends so you don’t have to. At the end of each year, we compile a carefully selected list of exterior colors that we predict will be trendy in the coming year and that we intend to use more often in our virtual design. If you’re planning to make a big change to your home’s exterior and need some ideas or inspiration, we hope our list of the best Benjamin Moore exterior colors for 2024 can be a great resource.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Exterior House Paint Color Scheme

Having trouble choosing an exterior color? You are not alone. We help you choose the best colors, lighting, siding materials, shutters and more for your home. We even have the option to just paint! Read more about what we do.

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Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Earth colors were very popular in 2023 and we predict that this trend will continue in 2024. (See the full list of the best Benjamin Moore colors of 2023 here.)

Paint Colors For A Modern House Exterior

Along with greens and other shades inspired by nature, our designers have also embraced the dark side in 2023. We expect this situation to continue in 2024, with a lot of charcoal and almost black colors appearing in our work.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

When we compiled our list of the best Benjamin Moore exterior colors for 2024, we also looked at the colors the company predicts will be trending next year. According to Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends Report, we’re seeing a lot of saturated hues inspired by travel. Some of our tried and true favorites like White Dove and Regent Green are featured in the Benjamin Moore Report.

Are you ready to learn what Benjamin Moore exterior colors we’ll be eyeing in 2024? Read on to find out!

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

Chantilly Lace is a beautiful, bright white that looks great in many home styles, but we think it works especially well in traditional homes. With an LRV of 92.2, it is one of the sharpest whites available and is loved by many for exterior painting projects. (Not sure what LRV means? Here’s everything you need to know, including why it’s important to consider LRV when choosing a color for your home.)

Because it has virtually no undertones, Chantilly Lace is perfect for homes with views in all directions and pairs well with almost any color. This near-pure white is a blank canvas to add color to doors, shutters, trim, and other accents.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Chantilly Lace works well on a variety of exterior materials, including brick, stucco, and Hardie Board siding. If you’re looking for a edgy look and want to stay in the white color family, Chantilly Lace can be a great choice.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations To Try

Cloud White is a warmer, creamier white than Chantilly Lace, but is just as versatile. It is considered off-white because it has a slight yellow undertone. However, its LRV of 87.35 is high enough to see white instead of yellow even in shaded areas.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

We’ve paired Cloud White with many other colors, including Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray and Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray and Pale Oak. Our designers like to use this color both as a central color and as an accent color. Cloud White is just as versatile when it comes to the types of homes it looks good in. We have used the shade in traditional homes, cozy cottages and many other places.

A warm gray with brown and slight green undertones, Cape May Cobblestone is a great option for those who love a rustic tone and want a warm, inviting exterior.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colours: Fall Edition

Cape May Cobblestone works well when used with lighter tones, but we also use it with darker tones to create contrast. Wood elements and copper details complement Cape May Cobblestone beautifully. Cape May Cobblestone has an LRV of 40.14 and is considered truly neutral, although it can feel a little warmer in full sun.


Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Our love for Pale Oak, another gray color with warm undertones, is strong. We have designed many homes where this shade is the room color

Balboa Mist Oc 27: Best White Exterior Color? (more Suggestions Here!)

Pale oak really shines when used on a textured surface such as brick or plaster. We love pairing it with darker colors, but it also looks beautiful as part of a softer look, as seen in the design above.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

It’s time to dip your toes into the dark side of exterior design. With an LRV of 17.12, Amherst Gray is the first dark color on our list.

This medium dark warm gray has slight green undertones that are more noticeable in a lush natural environment. Wood details, copper elements and stone finishes work well with Amherst Grey. It’s a great choice for traditional homes, especially when paired with crisp white trim (I’m looking at you, Chantilly Lace).

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Best Paint Colours To Transform Your Lake House Exterior

A soft gray with a slight blue undertone, the Gray Huskie is extremely sophisticated and highly adaptable. It’s a classic color that stands the test of time, but can also be modern. Stone, wood or black and white accents make this beautiful gray color stand out.

Rockport Gray is a warm neutral that we use repeatedly in all types of applications. It is a warm midtone color with an LRV of 35.65.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Cape Cods, Craftsman-style homes, and traditional homes all look great with Rockport Gray exteriors. Natural stone, white details, copper and wood all work perfectly with Rockport Grey. The shade also works with red brick, a material that is quite difficult to design with.

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Want a dramatic look? Rest assured that Blacktop will deliver. This fine shade has an LRV of 5.94 and is very strong. It has a cool undertone with the board. As seen above, simple highlights work well because Blacktop is already so bold. Monochromatic color palettes are great, but soft white finishes can look just as good in a Craftsman or lakefront home. If you want bezels that draw attention, Blacktop is sure to do the trick.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Slightly lighter than Blacktop with an LRV of 6.89, Cheating Heart is one of our popular black exterior colors. It makes a deep, dramatic and powerful statement.

In a shaded environment, this complex color acquires a more realistic black tone. It may appear more bluish-black in sunlight. Cheating Heart is a color we often consider as an accent color when our clients want us to keep their natural red brick in their design. A beautiful shade of black next to orange or red brick creates a classic look reminiscent of a historic sandstone building.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

Aura® Exterior Paint

Ashwood Moss is a graphite green shade that we love to use in rustic homes, although it looks beautiful in any home style. We paired it with black accents above, but we also love pairing Ashwood Moss with soft whites and light grays like Benjamin Moore’s Baby Fawn for a more traditional style.

Modern yet realistic, classic yet trendy, Desert Twilight does it all. This gorgeous, nature-inspired shade is incredibly versatile and we plan to use it a lot more in 2024.

Benjamin Moore Outdoor Paint Colors

From brick and Hardie Board (both shown above) to stucco, Desert Twilight shines on everything

Our Review Of Soot By Benjamin Moore

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