Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr – I really like the gray wall paint. It’s very unique and adds a fresh, clean feel to almost any space. However, I learned that not all grays are created equal. We painted most of the Brooklyn House a gray when we first moved in (Sherwin Williams Lattice to be exact). Although it’s a nice color, I still find it too cold and bland for my taste. This left me searching for a good black paint that wasn’t too obvious but also didn’t fall into the “beige tool” category. This is my current favorite. 🙂

This is the darkest of colors in this post, but I think it would be great in a large space that could use a slightly darker color. This paint color is popular on Pinterest and it’s easy to see why! I think this color works well in combination with thick white pieces and espresso tones. I would be careful not to make the furniture too dark when using this color or the room will look heavy.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

I think this is my favorite so far! It is very light, which is good because we always work with small rooms. It’s a nice warm color, but I think different lighting in the sun would be interesting with this color.

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Well, maybe I’m lying. This is probably my favorite. Also, if Shea McGee says her favorite color is black, it must be pretty. 🙂 Kinda boring, but just fine. I think this paint color is very simple and can look more gray or beige depending on what you mix it with.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

This one is very close to the two above, but looks more like purple beige than gray. This is perfect if you’re looking for a beige that’s soft, light and airy. It’s a beautiful color and looks great in a traditional house or a big beige remodel.

I think this paint color lives up to its name – it’s really beautiful! It’s more gray than beige, which I like. It’s not too dark or too light, and I think it’s great everywhere.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Bohemian Home Color Palette, Behr Interior Paint Palette, Pre Selected Paint Color Palette, Home Paint Color Palette — Moonlit Interiors

To me, the color is closer to beige and almost lighter than Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, which is great if you like color but want something light and not too bold.

It always helps me compare colors when they are next to each other, so here’s a little reference picture. My two favorites are Behr Silver Drop and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Did I miss any other great grays? I’d love to hear what colors you like!

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Want more information on choosing the best paint color? Check out this whole house paint color post (with pictures). Be sure to check out the other painting tutorials below!

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Thanks for coming! I’m Elizabeth – a blogger and DIY remodeler in Raleigh, NC. Click the image above to learn more! Have questions about your favorite Behr paint colors but can’t find answers? I hear you, and I’m here to help.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

While I specialize in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors, I would like to do some work with BEHR, to answer your questions about some of their most popular paint colors, questions like :

Now, I don’t do a BEHR-specific Web Color Chart (only BM and SW) and I don’t know their colors, but this information will definitely help you. And while I’m usually a SAUCY lil’ Ginger, these blog posts will make it easy to get started on your next painting project!

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Behr Dusty Olive (ppu8 20) Paint Color Codes, Similar Paints And Palettes

By the way, I do not use Behr colors and ONLY use pictures from my client ELECTRONIC DESIGN, I don’t have pictures of these colors in action, but to show you the GREAT colors to check out.

The paint samples below are just a selection. Click on the color name shown in red to view it on the Behr website.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

If you are looking for SUPER white – this is your paint color. With an LRV of 94, it’s as close to white as you can get and whiter than Sherwin Williams High Reflective White…which is amazing in my books. Prestige Paints Interior Paint And Primer In One, 1 Gallon, Semi Gloss, Comparable Match Of Behr* Gray Shimmer*

Yes, it’s very simple, but it works best with cool paint because it’s pure white.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

If you are looking for a warm white and more elegant, then Sleek White might be right for you. It is yellow, but a

Of a neutral reason to rest. At an LRV of 92, Sleek White is an off-white color, not as clear, clean or bright as Ultra Pure White.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Behr Back To Nature Paint Color

Personally, I would be careful because yellow can be difficult to combine with other colors, especially in products like marble and white quartz countertops. When it comes to Glossy White, I would think of cool colors if you like a warm/soft play, greener or more energetic ones.

Swiss Coffee has been considered one of Behr’s most popular white paint colors for a long time. In fact, I’ve done it ten times with my Online Color Consultant clients when they want me to work with them.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Swiss Coffee is a warm white with a soft shade to rest on, so it’s warmer/yellower than Sleek White, and it’s PERSONAL, which makes me feel comfortable. And with an LRV of 84, it’s what I consider a ‘mellow warm white’ because it’s not exactly white, but rather soft and light.

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In general, I prefer deep and earthy tones with colors like Swiss Coffee because they have more character. I’m not sure I can be very comfortable with my painting unless I really like the warm/cool contrast of things.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

When it comes to white men like Spun Cotton, I start to get angry(er). Sometimes SONG white is white… until you compare it to a deeper white and a brighter, pure white (like Behr Swiss Coffee or Sleek White) and that’s when you compare the Spun Cotton with those colors. It’s very similar to Sleek White, but it’s a bit deeper and I can see the yellow coming out a bit.

Yes, the color is very warm and I also LOVE warm colors, they have a golden undertone to them. Should I mix it with gray or gray? What happened.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Behr In The Moment (t18 15) Vs Sherwin Williams Still Water (sw 6223) Side By Side Comparison

Well, if you want a cool white, then White will do the job. But just because he’s white doesn’t make him white. In fact, with an LRV of 83, White is a white that has been degraded to a very close to white range. Want to know what that range looks like? Read about it HERE.

In the photo above, the bottom sample is Decorative White – see how the gray looks to the rest?

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

If you mix White with a REAL white border it will show a bit more depth/tone, however, if you paint the walls/decor the same color, like white.

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I LOVE the White Palais! With an LRV of 87, the Palais White is firmly in that spot, the medium between legit WHITE and degraded white. And it has a passive heat to it.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

Why do I like the White Palace? Well, this is the Behr closest to one of my FAVE white paint colors – Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Palais White is the simplest but should not have a typical taste (yellow) or warm tone. I’m interested in dark browns or grays. I avoid anything with green.

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

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Today, I really want to show you a Behr paint that is very similar to one of my FAVORITE FAVORS – Sherwin Williams Pure White, but nothing like it! The closest thing is Behr’s Silky White but it’s a little pink in comparison.

Well, hope this helps you choose the perfect white color for your project! If you are looking for other colors, keep me updated on these blog posts!

Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr


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Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

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Convert Sherwin Williams Color To Behr

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