Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

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Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling – At this time of year, we look for ways to freshen up our outdoor spaces. A tip to renew your porch quickly, cheaply and easily is to give it a blue color. What is a Hyant Blue sunroof? Read on for a Southern guide to this blue roof in the Southern porch tradition!

As you walk the streets of historic southern towns, you will notice beautiful historic homes with common blue roof themes. Not only is this unique detail pleasing to the eye, but this Southern tradition has a long history.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

This light aqua blue color used on the ceiling actually has a name: it’s called “haint” blue. This tradition of light blue porch roofs has been around for centuries. There are many theories as to why this is a southern tradition: from tricking spiders and wasps into thinking the ceiling is heaven, to blue luck and warding off evil spirits. “Haint” is an old southern term for a ghost or spirit, usually one you don’t want to associate with. That is why the ceilings of the south porch are painted blue to protect against those disturbing spirits.

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Regardless of how this tradition began, there’s no denying that pale blue roofs are pleasing to the eye and the perfect way to add Southern charm to any outdoor space.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

“Clues” is an old southern word for ghost or spirit, a restless spirit that is up to no good. The Lowcountry Gullah culture believed that spirits known as “hants” could not cross water. The Gullah were a group of African-Americans, originally from West Africa, who lived along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. The roof of the south porch is painted blue to ward off those haunting spirits. They used light blue to symbolize water and prevent spirits from entering the houses. That’s why it’s especially common to see this color in historic homes in Savannah and Charleston.

Another theory as to why porch ceilings were painted light blue was to keep spiders and wasps away. The belief is that insects are tricked into believing that light blue is the sky and therefore reluctant to become more welcoming. This theory may have started when Haint Blue contained lime, an ingredient that actually helps prevent stains. Another theory is that pale blue roofs mimic the sky and help make the day a little longer if you enjoy your porch at night.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

Haint Blue” Ceilings….

The thing about Southern traditions is that they are passed down from generation to generation, and since there is no “official” blue, it has many color variations. This breezy blue color can vary from pale to dark blue, and choosing the right one depends on the color scheme of the house. If you want to keep this tradition alive, here are some great porch ceiling paint color options in shades of blue to get you started.

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore, Atmospheric by Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams, Pool Blue by Sherwin Williams or Blue Allure by Benjamin Moore are some great blue color options listed below.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

As you can see in my photos above, I added this detail to our front porch. It really makes me smile when I see it! And for much more inspiration for your blue porch roof, here are my favorite examples of this tradition.

Here’s Why Blue Porch Ceilings Are A Design Trend

Can you go wrong with this blue porch roof update? It keeps “anger” away, repels mistakes and brings good luck. Oh, it looks so good! Now when you step out onto our front porch you will see a hint of blue porch roof detail. There is no clue here!

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

I hope this helps explain why you see this beautiful color on so many south facing porches. And suddenly, I feel like visiting Charleston…

Looking for simpler ideas to decorate your exteriors? Check out this blue bottle tree in my mom’s garden.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

Prettiest Shades Of Haint Blue For Your Front Porch

Blue Bottle Tree Our Perfect Wallpaper, Chandelier and White Paint Ceiling Ferns and Flags: Southern Summer Front Porch 12 Outdoor DIY Projects Blue porch ceilings are a Southern tradition in the US, but they are becoming more popular around the world. Our Milwaukee Remodeling Market. A blue porch roof can be a great color when remodeling the exterior of your home. They can increase curb appeal and create a sophisticated, relaxed entryway.

Piazza blue, or “Hoint” blue, is a soft blue-green color that was recorded in pre-war gardens in the early 19th century. It probably spread quickly to coastal communities in Georgia and South Carolina. Not only the roofs are painted blue, but also the shutters, porches and windows. This Southern staple has inspired designers and homeowners to replicate this tradition. Now it is customary to use many shades of blue to enhance exteriors all over the country. The historical context below will help you consider your brown beaded porch ceiling with a cool blue color.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

Reproducing the perfect “high” blue color can be difficult, and it is wise to try a few colors rather than choosing from a variety of colors. As with any paint color, lighting, sun exposure, substrate, gloss, age of paint, application method, reflection of surrounding landscape and decor can affect the perceived color.

The Perfect Haint Blue For A Porch Ceiling

We suggest trying a few samples on your remodeled porch before choosing a color. Once you’ve chosen a color, it’s important to choose the right sheen. We often see customers choose a satin or eggshell finish, but those with an older home and significant wood defects may choose a flat or matte finish to hide the defects.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

While many of our clients choose to make their ceiling blue as part of a larger project or whole home remodel, the method we use can be used by a careful weekend warrior.

Adding blue exterior accents during your remodeling project can add curb appeal, connect you to American history, or brighten up your outdoor living spaces. If you want to incorporate fun colors into your next exterior remodeling project, contact us to discuss your options. Blue Porch Roof Tip – South Front Porch Remodel – Spring 2020 One Bedroom Challenge – Week 4

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

Dressing Up Your Front Porch

I think you have already understood how much I love old houses. Our house was built in 1926, and Johnny and I decided that we only liked to buy older and older houses for our personal homes. As a child, I dreamed of living in an elaborate antebellum Southern mansion or having my bedroom in a creaky Victorian tower with yellow siding and white gingerbread trim. For me there is something magical about an old house full of decades or centuries of stories in every room. I love the idea that someone who lived here would laugh at me painting our porch floor because they did the same thing fifty years ago when their father was learning to ride a bike in front of the house. The best thing about taking over an old house and refreshing or renovating it is that you can breathe new life into the space by letting them tell you all their secrets and stories.

Our next door neighbor’s parents were the second owners of their house (same builder and built the same year as ours) and she has a lot of knowledge. They told us how our house was doing during the tornado of 1998, the flood of 2010, the tenants, the renovations, being a duplex and having a squatter between renovations. As we’ve done renovations, we’ve discovered stories and sometimes more secrets, like finding yellow siding behind our breaker box when we redid our foyer last fall. I did get my yellow house!

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

This week’s ORC project is painting the porch; If you don’t remember, last week I removed layers of old, peeling paint from the porch floor and front walkway. I decided to paint the floor a nice neutral taupe color that looked like clean concrete and wasn’t too blue like the last color on our porch (below).

Tips For Choosing Beautiful Ceiling Colors

I decided I wanted a Hyant blue porch roof. For non-Sudanese, you may not know what blue touch means. Like the houses I love so much, blue porch roofs tell a story. Its history in the South goes back hundreds of years and is as full of superstitions, ghosts and old wives tales as any good story. There is a lot of speculation behind why a porch ceiling is painted blue, and I’m sure the reasons are as regional as the shades.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

In older South Coast cities like Savannah, GA and Charleston,