Most Popular White Paint For Walls

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Most Popular White Paint For Walls – Finally having a fresh coat of paint on each of our main living areas. Since the last time we repainted the living room/dining room/hallway

, slats have taken over dogs, vacuum cleaners, furniture, and more

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

I chose a new paint color – yes, still white. 😂 But believe it or not, this is actually a very different white. It’s softer and creamier, it doesn’t look yellow at all, and even though I was very nervous about going with a whole new color for most of the house, I’m very, very happy with what I chose.

Find The Best White Paint For Your Kitchen Cabinets

I took some photos of this beautiful new look in our living room to show the paint color in real life, and I’ll provide all the details of this project below:

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Let’s start with paint color, because I know you’re probably here. I had a few colors of white in mind that I thought would go well with our home, and after lots of online inspiration, I settled on Benjamin Moore White Dove.

No, I did not test them before committing, nor did I try the other colors I recommend if you are painting such a large part of your home.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Most Popular White Paint Colors & Swatching Tips

But my gut just knew that of all the ones I really liked, White Dove was the best fit for what I envisioned. It’s a soft, neutral white that makes rooms feel light and airy, but has enough depth and creaminess to avoid being harsh or cold. Now compared to the color we had before, Du Jour from Valspar, this new dove white color seems to match the age of our 1940’s house much better.

I looked at another very popular color, Swiss Coffee, but knew I wouldn’t like the green and yellow on our walls. White Dove has a slight yellow undertone that gives it a creamy look, but also has a lot more gray that balances out the warmth nicely.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

I was having a hard time deciding what color to paint the trim. Our previous Du Jour color was so close to pure white that it made sense to paint the walls and trim the same color.

Choose Your Favourite White And Neutral Paint Shades

My initial instinct was for the trim to be a bright, clean white that would contrast slightly with the walls. However, I love the interior look of all the walls, trim, and even the doors being painted the same color, and I think trying this look would be a pretty safe bet since we’re only working with white.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Since our ceilings are not very high, we keep the same color from the baseboards to the ceiling, which gives the illusion of extra height. However, I changed the paint formula a bit, from the walls to the door/window casings and base trims…

I painted the walls and trim the same color but with two different sheens, plain and satin.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

The 5 Best Almost Fool Proof White Paint Colours For Your Home

White Dove is a Benjamin Moore color, but I went to Lowe’s and asked them to mix the formula of that color into the base color they carry just for convenience. I went with the following.

We have plaster walls and ever since we added the board and braced almost 7 or 8 years ago, it has always bothered me that you can see a very obvious difference between flat board and tile and the texture of the wall.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

This was one of the most asked questions while documenting this project on Instagram, and you’re right. there’s no point in recoating if the paint color stays pretty much the same.

The Top White Paint Colors

The reason I used a primer was not to hide the previous color, but to help hide the texture and imperfections. A great example of this is all the screw holes and wall anchors I had to fill and paint. No matter how well you sand and smooth the burlap, it still has some variation in texture and porosity. We applied this high primer well to everything (walls, foundations, window/door trim, baseboards and moldings) and I can’t recommend this “method” enough.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Are the walls completely smooth and free of texture? No, but they look 100 times better. The only way to really address our existing texture would be to shoot all the walls, which given the size of this room and working around the baseboards and moldings would be a huge, ugly undertaking. I was hoping to avoid clear coat at all costs and was so thankful to experience the high build finish.

I still have a few small projects to do and some styling to do before I’m ready to photograph the whole space, but in the meantime I wanted to give you this cute little peek. Don’t worry, more details about this massive artwork and lighting will be coming soon. 😊

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Our Favorite White Paint Colors — Lesley W Graham

As always, I really appreciate you shopping through the links I share, which allows me to make a small commission on your purchase if your purchase price is the same. When you use my affiliate links, it makes it easier for me to create content for this blog and support my family, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all I do. Choosing the right white color can seem like a daunting task with the seemingly endless options. In this post, I’ll help you narrow down your search with real examples of the most popular white colors chosen by designers.

The paint colors in this guide are tried-and-true favorites that appear most frequently on design and home magazine lists across the web. Let’s dig in and explore what makes these colors stand out from the rest.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

There are more shades of white than any other paint color, so the first step is to do a little research to narrow them down (this blog post is the perfect place to start.)

The 10 Most Popular Paint Colors, According To Designers

I’ve also found color sets to be very helpful for comparing colors side by side (I bought my Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore sets for under $30).

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Once you’ve settled on a few favorites, order peel-off paint samples to try in person. This is the most important step, don’t skip it. I usually order at least 5-10 colors just to be safe as they always look a little different in person than online.

LRV, or light reflectance value, indicates how light or dark a paint color will be on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (white). The darker the paint color, the lower the LRV number. The lighter the paint color, the higher the LRV number. This number is useful when comparing paint colors, as photos can be misleading.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

The Best White Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a warm, creamy white with yellowish beige undertones. This is my favorite color to use at Hacienda Hideaway and in our home.

Alabaster is considered a lighter white than true white and can range from crisp and bright to slightly yellow in addition to bright white. LRV 82 is on the darker end of the white color spectrum.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Alabaster can be a chameleon depending on the space/time of day/light source, so you’ll definitely want to test it before painting the walls. I personally love the cozy and comfortable feeling it brings to our home.

Popular Paint Colors With Designers And Builders Right Now

Chantilly lace is pure and clean white with minimal undertones. It is Benjamin Moore’s lightest white with an LRV of 90, making it one of the lightest and most neutral whites available. The lack of noticeable hues makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of design styles and color palettes.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

Its clean and neutral look makes it a popular choice for panelling, ceilings and kitchen cabinets. It’s classic, very white, and one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling colors.

Cloud White is a warm, slightly creamy white with a subtle undertone that leans toward the warm spectrum. This shade of warmth makes it soft and balanced in contrast to lighter, cooler whites.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

The 10 Best White Paint Colors (as Chosen By Designers)

Cloud white with LRV 85 is not as bright and reflective as some other whites and can be considered almost white. Extra warmth can make a space inviting and cozy without feeling too stark or clinical.

Decorator’s White is a versatile shade that works well on walls, trim and cabinetry. It is a soft, muted white with a cool gray undertone.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls

When placed next to lighter whites with a higher LRV, Decorator white can appear a little gray. However, it is one of the most popular options for wall and cabinet designers.

Best White Paint Colors According To Our Design Pros

Extra White is one of Sherwin Williams’ purest whites. It is a cool and fresh white color with a hint of blue. It is often used as a decorative color, but it can also work well as a wall color in warm rooms.

Most Popular White Paint For Walls