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Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi – Colored nail treatments are all the rage right now. OPI Nail Envy is a very popular nail treatment, so it’s only natural that OPI would release modified versions! I’ve been trying to emphasize properties for a while, but while you wait to hear my thoughts on healing medicine, enjoy the example.

OPI Hawaiian Orchid is a beautiful pink creme with a purple/red undertone. It gives a warm and cozy feeling. I don’t have the color in my regular OPI polishes, but I can see why it’s so popular. It is probably good for most people to use it, but it still has a dark color.

Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi

Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi

This is three light coats. The Hawaiian Orchid was the most pigmented in the Nail Color Treatment. It was a little clear on the first coat, but as you can see it came out pretty well. It had a nice, easy formula.

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Another popular color, OPI Bubble Bath is a bright white color. Give your nails a soft, smooth finish. The darkest shade is an OPI shade, so it’s no surprise that they chose it for this collection.

This is a 3 coat shower gel. I think it might be less clear than the regular version. It is very clear in the first coat and still has VNL in the third coat. But this is part of the appeal of this polish to many people. Applying was easy.

I have been trying to buy the regular version of OPI Samoan Sand for a long time. It seemed like a great loss, and it was. Samoan Sand is a dark beige and cream color. It’s definitely not my Mannequin shade, but it’s a nude nail polish that looks great on my skin. I think it would be an interesting possibility for many people.

This is three light coats. Again, it came off in 1 coat but built up nicely in 3 coats. It was very easy to apply and had a great formula.

Opi® Uk: Shop Our Pink Nail Polish Shades

The fourth color in the collection is OPI Red for Envy. This is an exclusive color to the Nail Envy line (ie not in the regular polish line). It is a transparent shell with a dark brown color. Most nails look good. I think this took 3 coats and my nails looked darker overall. As elsewhere, applying was easy. All four were very pretty and pigmented even without top coat. I did not use any top coat in this swatch. FYI – I believe it contains aldehyde resin if you want to avoid it. I fell in love with baby pink and I wanted to share some of my favorites! Many of my favorite dark shades have been discontinued by Chanel and Dior. Rescue Beauty Lounge also used to make beautiful shades of pink (so sad that they no longer exist!). Here are my current favorites!

Olive and June Dark Sand ($8, available at Olive and June) – This is a very dark, white-based color that requires two light coats for full coverage. (If you’re looking for a product with less of a white base, try Olive and June SE.)

OPI Bubble Bath ($10-$10.50, Target and Ulta) – I rediscovered this product at the beginning of summer, and I remember not liking it at first because I thought it was too pretty and the color was hard to match. I tried it again and I think I can achieve a light pink manicure with 2-3 applications.

Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi

Gucci Beauty Ellen Blush ($30, Nordstrom, Sephora, Gucci) – I just ordered a new nail polish pack from Gucci. This gives full coverage in one way, but I still prefer to apply 2. Ellen Blush is a medium pink that is perfect for me.

Opi Nail Polish Lacquer [pink Set] *special* Set Of 6 * Beauty Talk La *

Essie Fiji ($8.99 at Target) – Available in skin tone or blush shades, this is a deep red with a cool blue undertone for a fuller look. I have a small dryer that I want to update. I think it’s too dark for me.

Essie Muchi Muchi ($8.99 Target) – Muchi Muchi is a dark red for me. It’s not a color like a lot of pink which makes me happy.

Essie Gel Couture Refined and Complete ($11.50, Ulta) – This is my new favorite. It’s a really nice, light neutral warm that gives a flood but isn’t too white. Once you start looking at pink nail polish, you’ll soon realize that the world is seemingly endless with pink nail colors in every finish and color.

The different types of pink nails show that the options are endless, but there are still some special features of pink. Opi Nail Lacquer, Let Me Bayou A Drink, Pink Nail Polish, New Orleans Collection, 0.5 Fl Oz

Every color of the purple rainbow is available, but sometimes just one brand makes the *right* red you want.

OPI, the global nail polish brand that releases countless new colors every year, is one of the brands that creates unique and beautiful pink colors.

We offer a range of nail polish in different styles, finishes (eg natural wear, long wear, deep powder, gel) and tones.

Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi

Below are three sets of OPI Color Shades, with color descriptions below each photo.

Opi® Uk: Racing For Pinks

This is a great collection that any pastel lover should check out. The soft shade includes a pink and purple shade and is available in three coats.

If you like OPI Bubble Bath, this is a similar color. It’s similar to a shower, but it’s a lighter, less opaque version.

Tagus in Selfie! It’s a light pink color that matches Disney Piglet’s skin perfectly. This is a strong neutral red.

2-layer opaque, selfie tags! One of the Lisbon collections. The collection includes dark pink OPI products like Lisbon Wants Moore OPI and Made It On Seventh Mountain!

Opi®: Shop Our Range Of Pink Nail Polish Shades

The shorts, shown in 2 coats, are a warm dark brown. It is clearly visible

Get one of these manicures that will not only enhance your nails but also make them look good.

You can call it Barbie Pink or “Barbiecore” Red. This fun YouTube video is a great idea for watching barbicore. My whole life is dark.

Clear Pink Nail Polish Opi

These are just a few of the pink nail polishes OPI has to offer, from dark reds on the edge of light orange-pinks to warm, deep pinks with lots of pigment.

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